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Bullets.dm and armor.dm

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Let's take a quick look at the current code for ballistics. We'll skip straight to the good stuff but here's reading material for reference: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/blob/master/code/modules/projectiles/projectile/bullets.dm


/obj/item/projectile/bullet/shotgun/beanbag		//because beanbags are not bullets
name = "beanbag"
check_armour = "melee"
damage = 20
agony = 60
embed = 0
sharp = 0


First off, let's calc this real fast. This is effectively 80 halloss per shot (as brute damage also increases halloss by the same amount). You're slowed down, you scream real loud, you're going to be in paincrit and motionless shortly. Double this with a double-barreled shotgun which has the ability to toggle both barrels for firing, you can get hit by a whopping 160 halloss which puts you into unconsciousness for several minutes wondering if your character is gonna be permagone or not. Beanbags are OP, you heard it here first.


damage = 30
penetrating = 1

damage = 80
stun = 3
weaken = 3
penetrating = 5
hitscan = 1 //so the PTR isn't useless as a sniper weapon

damage = 40
penetrating = 1


The 1st and 3rd bullet types come from the STS and the Bulldog, respectively. The STS comes loaded with 20 rounds, the bulldog comes loaded with 10. 600 brute damage potential with the STS, 400 with the bulldog. You can easily put 5 rounds with each and kill a person. Might I also add, the penetrating variable. These both go through walls. Meaning if you had thermals, you can shoot anybody through walls with either of these. Heisters get thermals for free. Traitors can get thermals. Nuke ops can get thermals, too. You can also shoot through airlocks for the full bullet damage. No range or damage drop-off is noted in the code, nothing. Also, they all ignore armor (suits with bullet over 40 have a very high chance of blocking or absorbing it regardless, though). FUN.

Now let's discuss the one thing that makes me fairly hesitant to enjoy. The 14.5mm anti-material rifle, not only is it an 80 brute armor-ignoring long-range weapon, it's HITSCAN. This is an interesting term in FPS games and is the definition of "laser gun". That means no projectile animation. This gun is instant like the LWAP and it hits like a truck. This is the one gun in the game that can and will directly kill instantly. Load a second 14.5mm round in, you say? That means it's a guaranteed kill if you land the second shot, which is doubtful you will miss unless you're at the edge of your zoom screen trying to hit someone. If you land a headshot, you can headgore people instantly. Skill and careful prediction is not required (in spite of the fact that you are wielding a large caliber sniper rifle and not a stetchkin that fits in your pocket) as this is effectively a better, bonebreaking-limbgoring-pretend ballistic LWAP.

Here's also armor.dm for giggles. Compare tac armor with the other armors. Look up the rigs in the same repository if you know how, as well, just for reference.


Lemme know what you think.

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If we havent increased the TCs traitors get or reduced the 14.5's cost, it would take all your TCs, leaving you with a bulky rifle with only one bullet,

you would either have to work with another agent for ammo or kill them since the autolathe doesnt print proper ammo

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I believe it prints the proper ammo when the autolathe is hacked. You only get one at a time and the cost is hefty. 14.5mm, right?


Nope, the hacked autolathe can't print 14.55mm. The autolathe can print any other kind of ammunition used by traitors and security gear, but, not a single 14.5mm which the only source is a syndicate uplink.

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I actually convinced myself that tactical armor is not overpowered. It is a broad armor type, providing more-than-basic protection against most types of damage. Basically, it's for when you don't know what you're going to be fighting, or you're fighting a combination threat. The specialized armors? They're actually specialized. Ablative, 80 laser protection. Bulletproof, 80 bullet. Riot, 80 melee. Tactical armor? 60 for all three of those. The normally issued officer's vest has 50 melee, 15 bullet, and 50 laser. Two of those are only 10 units less than the tactical armor. Remember what I said about generalized armor?

If we're going to talk about how beanbags are overpowered for the amount of agony they deal, we cannot forget that slugs do the same amount but in real damage. A single slug is enough to kill someone. One and done. Perhaps not instantly, but if they get hit and it sticks? They're fugged. I'm actually okay with that, though. Shotguns should be powerful. Unless you're using hotkeys, they're a weapon you actually have to manage. Once you run out, you have to load one shell at a time. That's not happening in the middle of combat. Meanwhile, with an AR or pistol, you can just pop a new mag in and you're ready to cap some assistants.

The 5.56's, though, shouldn't be as strong. Especially if they're armor piercing.

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Of course tactical armour isn't overpowered, none of them are. The most effective weapon in the game is space exposure and hull breaching. Any armour that isn't EVA suitable is underpowered. Heck, i wouldn't even consider it much problem if tactical armour made you literally 100% invincible against everything but space

I may be exaggerating a little, but space is a serious issue. Armour that isn't voidsuits are kind of rarely used, breaching walls is so easy and effective. For an antag it instantly and massively reduces the number of security personnel that are capable of facing you

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