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Telescience App - calculating/saving


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Hello there,

I have account just few minutes, but I play on Aurora for about one and half year. (Not in a row)

I am interested in telescience and I have done an application for calculating everything, which you need for science in telescience lab. It is still debug version. I am going to release open source license for NSS Aurora players, but before I need releasable version.


  • Calculating both offsets (power, bearing)
  • Calculating bearing and elevation
  • Saving/Loading locations to/from table
  • Exporting/Importing location file (*.csv)
  • Claculating approximately next calibration and manualy decrease or increase number


Known bugs:

  1. (In offset calculating) When I set a certain values, it will calculate wrong bearing offset. (-90) It happend just onec with unknown values.
  2. Approximately next calibration is on start app 30 and then 15.


Version: 1.0b

I want to ask you to write me a feedback there and help me in development of app. If you find bugs or have an idea, write it there. I would add all meaningful ideas. :) Thank you.

EXE: Download here

SOURCE: Download here

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Well, the file /looks/ clean:



I'd prefer to see the source code for this before I even think of actually running and 'testing' it, though. A self contained .exe posted by someone who I've never seen before on a forum for an /open source/ game raises so many red flags for me.

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Yeah I understand you. Right now I can't post the source, because I am on another PC.

For make you sure, there is a screen of app. It run on .Net so it is running on wine on mac (Not perfectly): http://imgur.com/3BtjCCF

or you can ask Skull132, he already test app yesterday.

If you are not sure, you have to wait on Thurstday.

That's all what I can do for you now.

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I glanced through it, and in my (awful) knowledge of code it appears it won't give your computer e-herpes. That being said! I am probably the worst coder alive, so I might not know virus code if it bit me in the posterior. Please do not let this .exe file bite me in the posterior.

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Well, this was bound to happen one day.

Now every idiot can do telesci.

But anyways. Thanks for the effort.


uh.. I dont know how it`s going, but I thought, if somebody wants to do telescience, he probably have to know, how to do tele science research. And the app is just helpful tool for people with knowledge.

However I saw a topic with problem in tele science (http://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=6064), so if you want I will delete the link.

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