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Mocheeze unban request

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BYOND Key: Mocheeze

Total Ban Length: Permanent (Twice retroactive)

Banning staff member's Key: AimlessAnalyst

Reason of Ban: TnnxcW.png

Reason for Appeal: I multi-keyed as a different account in 2014 or early 2015. I later became a developer as a mapper with Aurora. I was later retroactively banned because they found out I multi-keyed very much later after being a dev for a good while. I just want to play on a decent roleplay server again. Water under a bridge, no? I'm not here to cause trouble.

Below is the transcript of my conversation with AimlessAnalyst. I am not lying about mapping here, sorry.


[secondary Admin PM] AimlessAnalyst: Hi there! Are you aware that you have been permanently banned from this server? We don't se a note regarding the unbanning thereof. If you've appealed and we simply forgot to note it, please send us a link to the appeal. Else, I'm going to have to re-apply the ban now.

to AimlessAnalyst: Could you talk to Skull about it? I was on earlier today and he acknowledged me being here without reapplying a ban.

to AimlessAnalyst: My original ban was a retroactive ban when I multikeyed about a year ago.

[secondary Admin PM] AimlessAnalyst: At the time, Skull seems to be asleep. If you haven't appealed, the fact is, you really can't be here.

to AimlessAnalyst: I'm not causing trouble. I haven't then. I was a dev before I got banned retroactively :v

[secondary Admin PM] AimlessAnalyst: Please don't lie to staff. I've been part of this server for over two years and do not recognize your name in the slightest as having ever been part of dev staff.

[secondary Admin PM] AimlessAnalyst: You can go and stay go until you appeal. Ta ta.

to AimlessAnalyst: Mocheeze, mapper. I promise you I'm not lying.

You have been banned by aimlessanalyst.

Reason: Please appeal your ban on the server forums. You are not allowed to be here..

This is a permanent ban.

To try to resolve this matter head to https://aurorastation.org/forums/viewforum.php?f=38

Connection died.

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We found out afterwards that you had briefly been on the mapping team. I quote, from FFrances: "Well, the full story behind that is that our original layout (which idk where it's from) was remapped by Mocheeze, which ended up being a complete failure. (Like, there were five AI holopads in one area, rooms shaped like curse words, a L-shaped table in the middle of the main hallway, and the chemistry's scrubbers weren't connected to anything.) "

...So we can all see where that went.

But the fact remains that you should not have been on server without appealing your ban. To do so otherwise is ban evasion, which is what got you here in the first place.

If I may ask, what is the original CKey you were banned on?

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I wasn't on there "briefly," but this doesn't pertain to the ban itself and the staff may be a little biased against me because I left on a bad note due to a retroactive ban. I genuinely just want to return and roleplay. I don't have any aspiration to join the staff or dev team again, I just find that Aurora is a calmer server and I want to play here again. I'm not a hellraiser.

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I multi-keyed on my first visit, and got banned on that first account. They didn't find out until a later date because I used two separate PCs. They applied the ban a good while later which is why I refer to it as a retroactive ban. I'm here to both appeal that and generally appeal to the staff so I can return to roleplaying here, should the staff be so kind.

My mentality about the game has changed in the sense that I'm not going to commit to causing trouble or anything because I recognize how it feels as an administrator to the whole shebang.

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