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"A simple emetic, favoured by dumb children and image-conscious supermodels. Induces vomiting in the patient, emptying stomach contents"

Formula: 1 part Dylovene, 1 part Ethanol, 1 part Hydrogen

Medical is lacking a good way to deal with ingested toxins. All we can really do is pump them full of dylovene until it passes through, and hope whatever they ate doesn't cause organ damage.

So i present Ipecac, a simple real-world drug (we already have a few others, like tramadol) designed to induce vomiting.

It would be ingested orally, metabolise at twice the normal rate, and be handled in a special affect_ingest function.

At a dose of >= 2, it would start to give the patient messages "You feeel nauseous", along with a temporary dizziness effect.

At a dose of 5, it would cause the patient to vomit violently, emptying their stomach completely, setting the dose back to 0, dealing some minor brute damage to the lower body. (like 5, easily healable with natural regen), and making the patient rather hungry, since they just threw up their lunch.

If injected into the blood instead, it would simply metabolise directly into toxin damage, because you did it wrong.

When properly dispensed by a doctor who knows what they're doing, ipecac would act as a simple, logical treatment for the assistant who just ate a diona nymph, or swallowed 10 amanita mushrooms.

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Dont we have dialyisis or whatever in the sleeper? Or doea that not work till its in the blood stream?


My understanding from days of poking though the code (correct me if i'm wrong here) is:

Ingested toxins never actually go 'into' the blood. The blood and the stomach are two seperate reagent containers, and chemicals are absorbed from both of them, into the body, which increases the internal dose of that drug

All dialysis does, is removes all reagents except 'blood', from the blood (the reagent container). Since things in the stomach get absorbed directly into the body without entering the blood, dialysis will have no effect.

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Guest Complete Garbage

So if you inject poison, dialysis works, but if you eat it, it doesn't? That's actually pretty cool. Anyway, I like the idea of having a way to get rid of stomach toxins. +1.

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I feel like this is a neat idea. Not to go in depth, but a stomach pumping machine would also be functional for this. As a medical nerd, I want to say ipecac should cause respiratory damage if they're unconscious (due to aspiration). I considered active charcoal as an alternative title after reading this, but AC can't get rid of all toxins.

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I feel like this is a neat idea. Not to go in depth, but a stomach pumping machine would also be functional for this.


I was already thinking of making a seperate thread for exactly that. I like that medical has both chemical and surgical means to resolve various situations and i'd like to continue that

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