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BLANK-BOT's picture of R.U.R

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BYOND Key: Skaterboybob

Character name: BLANK-BOT

Item name: A picture of R.U.R

Why is your character carrying said item to work? It's a picture of his 'Girlfriend' (can robots even love?). Of course he'll be taking this to work! They've been dating for a while and are quite fond of eachother.

Item function(s): Nothing. Purely cosmetic and RP-based

Item description: "A picture of R.U.R giving what looks like a peace sign. At the bottom, scribbled in permanent marker is 'For Blank'. It's slightly creased. Only slightly."

Item appearance: A regular polaroid picture sprite, Maybe with some black scribbles at the bottom for the permanent marker.

Additional comments: Sorry I couldnt sprite this myself. I'm bad at spriting.

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Question: Why should an IPC take a picture of his girlfriend to work? To brag about! Rather leaving it at home? Or more of those cliches the WW2 & Vietnam military uses to look at their loved ones before dying?

pretty much both of those yeah.

plus so when hes lonely he actually has an item to hold instead of /me'ing it.

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