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[Denied] nursie's tajaran whitelist

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BYOND Key: NursieKitty

Character Names: Phoebe Essel, Oceoyl'Fedas Wruorv'hxeo, Kazuo Kurosawa, some others.

Species you are applying to play: Tajaran

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): A light brown hharar.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

Aside from being fluffy wuffy cat people, tajara have this interesting universe surrounding them, not unlike fifties era Russia. While nowhere near as fun in real life, the theme of the overbearing, shady government definitely provides some interesting interactions and possibilities for tajara. I'm also used to playing far more liberal characters (such as phoebe "you can't be racist to humans" essel) and the more conservative nature of tajara will force me to stretch in a direction I haven't before, which I welcome.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Tajara have a moderate amount of fur and blubber more suitable to the fierce, freezing climate on Adhomai, which makes life a little bit more uncomfortable if they're anywhere else. There's also the language barrier and the education, while it's improved massively over the years, isn't up to human/skrell standards thanks to good ol' NT. Their government has also almost always been embroiled in some kind of civil war (and still is) which is fun for absolutely nobody.


Character Name: Alissa Kihrbusihr

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

In 2442, a couple fled Adhomai with a litter of three in tow stating "to find work" as the reason they were immigrating to Biesel, while in truth, they were escaping the violent, tumultuous society Adhomai had once again become. They and their three kits settled down in a little place in Little Adhomai, trying to lessen the culture-shock on their kits and themselves by living with their people, but not with their government.

Alissa was the runt of the litter. She and her siblings left Adhomai just a few years after they were born, and barely remember anything of it if they do at all now. They grew up in a cramped apartment, helping their family manage the market underneath it. Because of this, she and her siblings didn't have the opportunity to be diligent in regards to their studies, and college isn't an option - unless they earn the money themselves.

What do you like about this character?

She's an underdog working herself up from nothing. She immigrated to a different galaxy when she was very young, grew up a in a small space with her parents and two other kits, and more than likely have to deal with racist backlash from humans on Biesel. She's trying to grow up and spread her wings, find her own way, and it won't be easy for her. I also, admittedly, have a soft spot for young characters.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? Others tend to rate me highly. I like trying new directions with roleplay, and going places I haven't gone before with it, which usually leads to a bit of cockiness on my side. I have experimented with a few things that didn't work out, but that's part of the fun.


i am the nursie kitty

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The catbeast is a commoner Hharar simpleton with a seemingly average life, so already this is better than a lot of the snowflakey Tajarans. I like the whole being a refugee thing, as well as the tenement life. It's nice to see proper homage paid to the lore. What jobs are Alissa going to do? +1 By the way, I'm grateful for the "Arrkitty" nickname for my peasant catbeast.

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I swear I thought you were already kittybeast! I'm more than delighted to have my support for this, you're an excellent roleplayer and my interactions with your characters have always been memorable. As well, you're a very memorable person OOC and you're trustworthy (plus you're a mod). So totally +1.

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Undeniably and indisputably one of the best players on the server and a good roleplayer, to boot. IDK what I'd be doing if I wasn't supporting this application. That being said, +1.

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Would you say she leans more towards apathy in regards to the civil war on Adhomai?


She's grown up in an area that's mostly tajara, and her own parents left Adhomai because of state it was in. It's safe to say she's probably known people that were drafted back and the civil war was somewhat like a shadow looming over her. She's a legal citizen on Biesel, but you can't help the fear.


Would you say she is mostly human in behavior due to her upbringing?


No. While I'm sure she had some human peers in her life, she's grown up in an area that was highly populated by Tajara, and that's the majority of what's shaped her.

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I'm less than ecstatic that we're seeing another application so soon with very little time taken to flesh out or present this player's newly-written Skrell on the station. This is not necessarily damnable form on Nursiekitty's part, but it is not exactly commendable either.

I'm avoiding posting too much harsh stuff in here at the moment because I've been quite thorough, if not somewhat severe, in my feedback as of late.

For the same reason, I'm skipping the incredibly drawn out post style on this one.

I can not say I hate the character design because NK asked for clarification on one or two themes present in this application before posting and actually asked around to be sure certain details made sense. If nothing else, I can say she did her homework on this. It does have its potential flaws, but it appears that both Hive and the player are at least aware of them.

I can also say with some certainly that this application will likely pass regardless of anything I post here. The player is not considered to be grossly incompetent and has a history that is typically described as "pretty good" among the playerbase.

I've addressed or will address any gripes or criticism and encourage anyone else to do the same.

Maybe I'll do the longer response style later, but for now it just seems like it would be unnecessary effort.

The application not bad, but it is not stellar.

Mediocre means average.

In regards to actually playing characters: NK obviously does better portraying them through play than through summary. With as much as people seem to love Phoebe, I doubt a two paragraph blurb would sell them on her. What got her any amount of renown was being on the station and interacting with crew.

To sum it up, the application is fine, but not crazy good. The player is good. The design is alright and had some effort put into it. We won't know how it'll work out until we see it in action, but it doesn't seem like it'll be regrettable.

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I'm gonna throw this here because there's really no subtle way to put it; I no longer feel like it's a good idea to accept applications who have backstories consisting of "(s)he left Adhomai because war is bad, now lives on Biesel and does cheap work to go to school". It's terribly overused and basically means "haha I don't have to follow the developing Adhomai conflict because my character's not from there, I have aids, etc," where what we're looking for in these apps is clear cut conflict characters (see the two apps I've accepted - they're both at least somewhat involved or about to be involved in the conflict), where instead on this app I see almost nothing about Adhomai.

Feel free to make a new app literally whenever you want, just be sure to include a backstory that includes some form of involvement in Adhomai affairs or politics or anything of the sort, either through active participation in some faction or an obvious hint that the character will get involved as they further develop as a character. I accept either (and you literally don't even have to play this character lmao, I just need to see an official presentation of how you can talk about all the different shit going on on Adhomai regardless if you plan to get involved - but I hope you do!).

This application is denied, please try again whenever you can. I'd be excited to let you in but for formality's sake I need you to go through the same trial by fire as everyone joining this (awful) race.

PS: Unless you were speaking figuratively, Adhomai is not from another galaxy.

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