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Khalil Sheets - coolfire0907

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BYOND Key: Jboy2000000

Player Byond Key: coolfire0907

Staff involved: None apperantly, but I thought this handled by staff back than.

Reason for complaint: A long while back, Khalil Sheets was playing as a psychiatrist, and since I went there as one of my characters. A few minutes into the psych sessions, she forced my character into a straight jacket, stole books from him, and started yelling out confidential information from what they were talking about over the public radio. There was a Diona RD in the round who, I am fairly sure, is played by Jen/Aimless, who was involved in telling Sheets to let my character go or be arrested. Eventually it came to the point where she did need to be arrested, and the RD came down to help rescue my character. As soon as Sheets was arrested, they left, and I never saw them again, so I just assumed they went the way of Old Grayler and got banned or didn't like being told they couldn't play like that and left, so I never brought it up again. Since that doesn't seem to be the case and Khalil Sheets is in the game right now as a psychiatrist again, I want to bring it up.

Approximate Date/Time: This was months ago.

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I think I was here for this, or if not, I know for sure my roommate MagnificentMelkior was and I was watching of not playing. It was either in April or May, and I remember my roommate and I getting a good laugh out of the situation, but we thought at the time that he was probably going to get a stern talking to, or banned, being the insane bald psych that he was. So, all in all, Joy's retelling of the events are true to my memory of it.

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Wait...you just presumed they got banned? Well its gonna be pretty much impossible for me to get logs without a date and time. I see that the player in question has two warnings on their account a few months back about bad roleplay and none since. Might be possible they where a new player adjusting to the RP climate?

Seriously though, please ahelp.

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