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Alberyk's coder application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: Alberyk

Position Being Applied For: Coder.

Past Experiences/Knowledge: Very little. I had html classes several years ago, that I do not remember nothing. But, I can understand a bit of code, mostly by ramming my face against it and messing around with dream maker. I am willingly to learn more.

Examples of Past Work:

Bolt action rifles:


Species restrictions to the breacher rig:


Some ports from old code:



Nursie’s custom item idea:


Preferred Mode of Communication: Skype and discord.

Additional Comments: As I said, I am not really experienced and I can’t probably understand a lot of the code by itself, but still I wish to contribute more to aurora with the knowledge and time I have, mostly helping with custom items and simple and smaller things.

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