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Notable Unathi Animals

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Not that I'm jealous or anything but I saw how well Hivefleet's thread on Tajara animals went so I'm making one for Moghes and Ourea.

Like his, if you have an idea for an animal native to Moghes or Ourea post it here with:

-Moghean or Ourean

-a reference photo

-a biological description

-its natural purpose on Moghes/Ourea (predator, scavenger, herbivore, pest)

And there's a chance that it will be included on the Moghes' or Ourean page.

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A large, barbed centipede-like creature found in the scant jungles on Moghes, and successfully transplanted on Ouere. The chacres are territorial insects that grow as large and think as the average unathi's arm. They're often confused for vines crawling on trees due to their dull brown shells, and unsuspecting hunters who grab them for stability invite a nasty surprise - the venomous stinger hanging from the end of it. The venom of a chacres has hallucinogenic properties, and is sometimes used by shamans, but can mean the end of a a reckless forest wanderer.

don't click the spoiler if you hate bugs




Moderately-sized hump-backed creatures that roam Moghes. The zanzeri are thick, slow animals covered head to toe in dark spiny fur. They lumber about on two thick legs with vestigial forelegs. They're herbivorous animals despite their intimidating appearance, with horned faces and clawed toes, but can put up a terrifying fight when confronted by hunters, especially since the zanseri are pack creatures. The zanseri are useless and difficult to care for as pets and generally end up being hunted for hides, horns, and meat. They can be found traversing the wastelands, albeit rarely.




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Plain-Tyrants are giant reptilian carnivores, reaching around six meters of height. They are well known due to their aggressive nature and for preying any kind of animal, even warmounts, but it is also reported that they feast upon carrions in time of need. Plain-Tyrants are lonely predators, only meeting with others member of their own when it is mating season, where they lay eggs and the female is left alone by the male to take care of the hatchlings by her own. Those creatures are also endangered, mostly due to the growing wasteland and hunting promoted by the third hegemony’s society.

Plain-Tyrants are a prized hunting trophy in the traditional unathi society, killing one is an act of great courage and martial prowess. Their bones and meat are rumored to give those who consume them the same viciousness of those predators. While it is theorized that the Plain-Tyrants may disappear in less than two decades, the hegemony has done nothing to prevent such, but some groups from Ourea are trying to introduce those animals, without much success, to their planet in hope to save them from extinction.

A rare picture of two plain-tyrants meeting during the mating season:


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Large, insectoids they were confined to the warmer regions of Moghes before the nuclear holocaust of their land. Now with much more hot, desert like terrain, once isolated pockets of these creatures, and their 'family' of symbiotic workers are beginning to explode in the wastelands, far away from civilizations where their nests have yet to be burned.

These are the largest of the three, said to grow as large as Yodha Shel, or maybe even larger, they're much the same. They both share their armoured design, however the larger, armoured outside is actually the creature's skeleton, made of thick chitin, known to be able to stop small caliber bullets, and even thwart lasers. That, combined with their ripper blade like jaws makes them a powerful foe to even modern survivours who reside in the wastelands.





One of the creatures to stay with the Yaksaya, these are meant to be the defenders of the hives. The Yaksaya are known to fight off Unathi, and these too, on the rarest of occasions, these are meant to fight off other wildlife, away from the young and their supply of insect muck food, and bring supplies to the hive when needed.

The size of small lambs, to use terms humans can understand, these have pincer like, snapping jaws that are made to clamp down on creatures, trapping them in place so they can be jabbed with their poisonous tail spike. However, while poisonous, they won't wait for them to die of what they inject, instead, they've been observed stabbing things to death with the spike.





The very last of the insectoid 'family' roaming Mohes' wasteland. These are very small creatures, typically not even as large as the typical Unathi's skull, snoot not included. These are the food suppliers of the hives. They take meat brought to the hive from the Paskat, and eat it, breaking it down for the nutrients IT needs, and then expelling and rich paste, with surrounded by an organic sack composed of thick slime produced is the Waskah's stomach. The slime and the slurry paste provide enjoyable nutrients to the Yaksaya and Paskat. The odd slurry and goop has even been described as 'oddly satisfying' by some Unathi.






A type of wild grain, also know as 'Spear Wheat' because of the spikes that protect the grains from animals who would otherwise seek to eat it. While effective against animals, Unathi are widely undeterred, comparing the plant to to Terra rye.



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