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Vaurca Job Restrictions


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IndentLet's not beat around the bush here. Currently Vaurca are distinguished into two rough categories: Bound and Unbound. In terms of occupational restrictions, Bound are banned from security roles, and from medical and science roles (However they can be lab assistants and orderlies). They have no other restrictions. Unbound have no restrictions whatsoever, command restrictions aside. Some may find this situation satisfactory, some may find the opposite to be true. I propose a change.

IndentThe novel system would follow like this: An Unbound Vaurca character would be barred from any non-intern, non-civilian job initially, allowing them only positions in civilian, or as engineering/medical/research/security interns. This status would not be inexorable: an Unbound Vaurca that proves their merit has the opportunity to promote to an elevated position with the approval of the relevant head of staff and the captain/IAA. CCIA would then be notified, and would mark this down in their read-only part of the the employment records that is apparently in the works. That would be the full extent of their involvement - cursory record-keeping to ensure the system is not being circumvented. That specific character and only that specific character would then be free to be that elevated position in subsequent rounds - any additional characters made by the same player would have to follow the same procedure. Vaurca would still be barred from command roles.

IndentThis system allows for a more organic method of 'realistic' job restrictions for a species that has only been around for a bit over a year and completely defies normal occupation qualifications. It would bridge the dissonance between the lore scenario and the station scenario in a way that is not overly intrusive to either, and as a bonus it would reinforce character development, condemning the creation of 'throw-away' characters and instead rewarding Vaurca that make themselves established and cohesive station personalities.

IndentBound would keep the same restrictions they have now. Bound have no capacity for learning, and thus this system would have no effect on them.

IndentCurrently the system is phrased in such a fashion that it would apply to all Vaurca characters, even those who are in an elevated position before its inception. They would be demoted as a response to some PR flareup, and the system would establish everyone on an equal footing. As a result, I think now is the best time to implement such a system, while there are relatively few Vaurca white-list holders.


Please comment with suggestions, questions, and concerns.

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I would like this, it definitely would help to set the Vaurca apart from other species. I always found it absurd that, despite being discovered a year ago, the Vaurca are somehow able to come onto the station and steal all of our jobs. It's practically complete assimilation without any sort of struggle.

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I do not play vaurca, but...yes. This makes sense.

Not only by what Incog said, but equally that we do not know the true intent of these species. I sense some conspiracy that they have some ulterior motive...wanna give them as many hoops to jump through as possible.

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Yes makes sense.

Regarding the Read Only CCIA Records:

The web part is already implemented (i.e. CCIA can add records to players and players can see their records in the wi)

The serverside part will be merged in a few weeks. (i.e. Allow access to ccia records via the employment record console)

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