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Adjusting Hunger values, your thoughts needed


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This topic has come up plenty of times before, especially among staff. Opinions were divided. I'd like to gather more feedback before i submit a PR for changes here.

I propose the following three changes:

1. Hunger gain will progress 50% faster than it does now

2. All foods will give about a 33% less nutrition, so you need to eat a larger amount to fill up

3. Characters will spawn with a slightly randomised amount of nutrition (I'm thinking a random value from 50-100%, rather than always spawning at full)

This would probably be implemented alongside this http://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=6312

I believe this would encourage more social gatherings in the diner, more RP with the chef, make the chef role more interesting, and give people a reason to meet up instead of sitting in their department all shift. In shifts without a chef, it will encourage greater participation in other means of aquring food (garden, xenobotany, chemistry, cargo, monkey cubes, hunting, raiding security for donuts)

I want opinions here.

First of all, answer this question with a yes or no only. Do you think characters should eat more often?

Secondly, do you agree with my proposed values? If not, suggest your own

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I think people should eat more, but I think it could and should be done through only a few of options you gave. Being able to start off hungry is good, I like that. Food giving less is good too, because how it is now is ridiculous where you have to try to actually eat one whole food item the chef made, but getting hungrier faster doesn't seen necessary, it just seems like something that's going to be annoying, the speed at which we get hungry now is, or at least it feels, how it's always been, and it's fine how it is.

Also, no on the vending machine nerfs. No one was interested in them before, and I doubt they'll be now, especially since were talking about buffing hunger here, which is majorly annoying since it saps your speed.

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No. People are not fat fucks. They don't need to eat every 30-60 minutes. I'm fully against anything that will make the hunger system even more annoying, and the only change I could suggest to help the situation without it being immediately annoying would be the following.

Bolded = Important

Remove the nutriment limit, remove the slowdown from hunger, keep the replenishment of blood from nutriment and loss of nutriment from vomiting, tie your base regeneration to nutriment. Make it more of a light health-based fluff chemical, instead of "Oh for fuck's sake I'll be at a literal snail's pace because I didn't eat for 2 hours". If you don't instantly fill off 2 slices of pizza anymore then perhaps the chef will see visitation.

No matter what anyone says, the Chef will always be a fluff role. You have to accept it will be less popular than the bar, just like the librarian and chaplain accepted long ago. Forcing annoying code changes will not do a damned thing. I will eat sugar pills if I don't want to visit the chef. People do not eat every 2 hours unless they want to end up overweight or they're constantly fucking exercising at a gym.


To clarify, I understand the pain of chefs. I've played chef on and off for the past 5 years, it was my favourite role at some points, but no matter what it would always have periods of noone visiting you. It's simply a matter of people being busy, and making nutriment annoying won't change that, it will just piss people off immensely. The chef's main customers will always be bored assistants and other assorted people who have nothing to do and happen to pass by the diner.

You want the chef to get more visitation? Merge the bar and kitchen counter, go the classic goon mapping route. People can have food and drink together.


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I agree with it all Nanako because as Carver said, you only need to eat one meal once every round and you're golden....and that's mega shit. You might as well take away food completely at that rate. I only ever have needed to eat like twice in recent memory. Every other time was just for kicks and made my character a chubby fuck because lel candy.

I put it to you Carver that literally no one will give two fucks maybe one and it will just encourage people to actually eat. Also we're going for that realism angle again I see? People don't work two hour shifts either in which they jog constantly (just two amongst the many MANY unrealistic IG things which, if taken away, would make the game shitter).

However, pls also(as stated):

Remove the nutriment limit.

Remove the slowdown from hunger.

Tie your base regeneration to nutriment.

Remove the stupid "you are now chubby" effect.

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