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Proceedings against James Watson

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BYOND Key: ForgottenTraveller

Player Byond Key: Lonetophat/James Watson

Reason for complaint: After arriving on to the station a Eliza to people complaining to me from every direction about the captain failing and outright refusing to do his job. [Doing no paperwork when requested a simple signing. Getting drunk, not even considering preparation for emergencies in the future.] I sent a Fax to the Odin about the issue and a request for a formal order so we could study his loyalty chip being faulty. When ordering him into the full body scanner he grabbed Eliza's ass and said "Alright babe, whatever you say." His implant was subsequently removed and replaced with a new one and arrested on sexual harassment charges. Whilst being taken to the brig he tried to rally the crew to mutiny against the arrest and the Central orders by claiming that Eliza and Constantine were attempting a coup and that sexual harassment was not illegal by NT guidelines. The crew thankfully sided with NT on the issue. On awaiting a psychiatric evaluation the report of his deeds so far were given to the Odin again. This got a reply to demote him immediately. At this point he was moving freely among the crew without his ID. When ordered to report for demotion by official orders he subsequently refused. Stripped naked dropping valuable and dangerous items left an right and streaked over to the bar where he was later found [Possibly SSD at this time. I am not sure.] During this and the clean up of the fall out from a loyalty chipped [TWICE] captain, the entire station fell into a state of decline with no one doing their jobs to the point an entire squad of Central troopers were brought aboard to assist in reclaiming the sorry state of the station to a working form.

I would like Lonetophat to defend his actions as a loyalty implanted Head of staff. While not looking for a ban but an IC repercussion as a possible result for these actions.

I am missing the logs but I have pics of all faxes bar the first. And the Odin replies:

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I have to agree here that there needs to be some consequences. In previous rounds he told all the crew to put their suit sensors to full or face brig time while on green alert.

In this round in question, he used his captain's desk announcement panel to make a public request for sex, asking people to que up for auditions or whatever. Trying to get him to sign a paper for his request to release security equipment to robotics had him threaten me, and he immediately said he "couldn't handle life" IC'ly and soon after went SSD and I think he just quit the round.

He acts like he barely has any idea of how to play Captain. I can't remember him ever following procedures without being prodded. He still RP's out his incompetence, so if it's an IC thing then maybe he needs to be reminded of how a captain should act outside RP-Rev. If this is just genuine ignorance of SoP and what-have-you, he should have to demonstrate basic knowledge in it before being allowed to play that role again. Being a misogynistic ass grabbing drunkard is fine - as long as you do a good enough job for NT to barely tolerate you.

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Throughout my short play time on this server, James Watson (my main character) has sexually harassed several players in game. Strangely enough, this was used as a reason why I -should- get whitelist, by one player or two players. I do create hilarity and controversy during times of intense boredom, such as extended rounds. However, I have proven myself a competent Captain in the eyes of my many peers on teamspeak during times of crisis. I understand that without proper context to my jokes, they may be taken as insults, or worse, personally. I do apologize if this was the case. Jackboot is biased on this account, as we (teamspeak folks) have discussed the many opportunities we could have filed valid complaints against his behavior, such as when he murdered the botanist in cold blood on the Bridge, after he was told that broke Space Law (ie: Loyalty Implant offence).

I suppose we should discuss what a loyalty implant does and does not do now. The loyalty implant makes sure I don't knowingly subvert NT procedures and laws. Due to me using an out of date wiki (which I explained OOC'ly, after the issue) I legitimately thought the heads were arresting me for "no good reason". This explains the apparent "mutiny incitement" which isn't how I'd put it, but sure. Loyalty implants do not change IC behavior or eccentricities like alcoholism or being a pig. Which, frankly, James Watson was built to be throughout the past week of IC interactions. I do love comic relief. It was 3 AM by the time I went SSD, as I badly needed sleep and knew folks weren't "reveling in the hilarity" :P Also, this issue was dealt with in the correct way IC'ly, with my immediate arrest and later brigging, so hats off to the CMO and HoS who did the right thing in the situation of an incompetent Captain.

I am not saying I have not made mistakes this past week, on the contrary, I have learned a lot from BlueSpacer and other admin members about the way roleplay is done on Aurora server. I believe, however, that I have been an engaging and enjoyable character through out the duration of this week. I apologize if this one extended round, at 3 AM in the morning, after I'd had a few iRL drinks, led to some hurt feelings or irritation. Clearly what I can take from this is that I cannot be incompetent, ever. I included flaws in my character, as opposed to the seemingly perfect other heads of staff I've met. Frankly, I like it better that way, being human, being prone to mistakes, having real roleplay situations arise due to strife and controversy. Not all of life is clear cut or black and white. Not everyone in command will be appropriate and competent at all times.

Due to this being dealt with IC'ly in an appropriate fashion, I do not see this as an issue for the public forums. If you have a personal issue with me in the future, please feel free to privately contact me so we can discuss it maturely. My character's eccentricities are not grounds for whitelist removal, in my personal opinion.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

My mistakes don't justify other people making mistakes, nor does it suppress my ability to point out mistakes others have made. But your explanation is good - I too understand how RP can decline at the late/early hours of the morning.

I'll withdraw my (added, not OP) complaint, and just see if this is a consistent issue outside the two instances.

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Loremaster here, Loyalty implants force the receiver to follow all NT regulations and operating procedure, and to do nothing to impede NT's operations or profit gathering capability, within reason, so no signing all your property over to NT when you are implanted, and no following every minor procedure during an emergency, or when it would severely limit the capabilities of the station, like the only engineer getting arrested for a minor crime before the engine can be set up.

That would also entail that leading the station into a downward tantrum spiral would conflict with the implant as it is damaging NT's interests and wasting their resources.

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I would like to point out, that even though a loyalty implant does not override your natural habits, such as sexually harassing the crew or getting drunk, it is the duty of the captain to avoid these to an extent. It may have been an extended round, but that does not mean you could not take it seriously, you are the captain, after all.

From an observer standpoint, one would see the captain as a player using his position for the benefits and not for the responsibilities, such as inviting people to your office for what one would presume to be sex, or for "threatening" someone for trying to get a simple signature (Paperwork is the hallmark of a good head. And in some cases, it will be necessary).

I understand, you are entitled to make mistakes. No one has ever said that your character had to be a perfect head. But your head must follow SoP, must display competence to the crew, and certainly, if you have to get numerous complaints filed against you to CC about your captainship, I believe you might be doing something wrong. We had to send an ERT led by an NT inspector because the station completely fell apart structure-wise. A good captain would have prevented this from happening to the best of his abilities, not been the root of them.

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Considering I left the round before any signs of instability occurred, pretty surprised a Dwarf Fortress inspired tantrum spiral occurred. Somehow it makes me wonder what the Heads of Staff were doing, after my demotion. Considering Dea wasn't present during the situation, I don't really think they have the context to make such a suggestion in a complaint thread.

That said, I will certainly review my actions and act accordingly in the future, as I have been during in this most recent round, where I'm learning to how to fax things and do paperwork and such. I think the root of last night's shenanigans, which is what they were, is if I have the predilection to learn from my mistakes and continue on in an improved fashion. I do. I will continue to prove my competency in rounds, as I have these past few days. I will continue to learn from, listen to, and report to the admin teams.

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Even from all these responses and his justifications. I see nothing redeeming in this.

Still recommending we remove his white-list.


Short answer: no.

Long answer: no one is going to get slam-dunked and lynched for a single mistake. For the period of time that Lonetophat has played on our server as a whitelisted Captain, he has shown a degree of competency very few others have in that position. And he fucked up once. Really? I'm sorry, I'm not going to remove someone who has shown a lot of what we ask from a whitelisted player because they decided to do something dumb/risque once.

If this becomes repeat behaviour, and another report runs through, then action will be taken accordingly.

Topic currently left open so FT could add any notes, or comments, or simply inform us that he is satisfied with the discussion here.

Also, take note that LTH actually added a note of sexual harassment to his character's sec records.

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My only note are with the fact that playing a few more rounds with tophat things have improved. And happy for things to carry on with only a warning. But I also want this to stand as a warning about how loyalty implanted characters can act for others. Being a lecherous perv Excellent.

Breaking the law and sexually harassing on the verge of what now days could also get you an assault charge in many countries. Bad. Very bad.

And when you are demoted as you are /still/ chipped at this point tossing high risk items left and right and then going streaking. Another two criminal acts they should not easily be able to do without great reasoning cause is also very very bad.

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