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~Social Screeching~ (IC Shoutbox/Twitter)

Guest XanderDox

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You type in gww.Socialscreeching.net, and your screen flicks alive with the iconic owl symbol


Welcome to Social Screeching! We are a social networking site, that encourages the sharing of opinions and thoughts that present themselves throughout the workday! We are happy to announce that we will be soon expanding to another form of social networking, stay posted for details! ~ CEO, Arthur Curring

Trending #Tags (Updated JAN/3/12:15EST)






Please note, by using our service you agree not to use excessive racial and/or speciesist language or context in your screeches. Such screeches will be review and removed by Social Screeching Staff

Please enter your screech below, in 140 characters or less




In your screech, you must include an ~@InsertScreechUserName~ as your first line, then your content. The end of your Screech should be the IC Character of yours that is screechings IC name in bold, this isnt a part of the screech, just so we know what character is saying what. Feel free to use hashtags, if certain ones catch on, they will be added to the trending list.

Example Screech:

~@GodswoodSoGood~ Can't believe what is happening on Adhomai right now, smh #TajaranLivesMatter


Photos may be used but please put them inside spoiler tags.

It'd be nice if everyones first screech could be an introduction, and please limit your use of this to only two of your IC characters, to keep things orderly :P

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Notice: NanoTrasen snack dispensers must have their golden wire cut to activate Syndi-Cake dispensing.




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