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Mount and Blade RP - Who's interested?

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Hey it's me, Hivefleetchicken, back from the void.

I'm running a little discord RP group for mount and blade currently, similar to Bokaza's elder scrolls RP, which did swimmingly well.

Characters will take the form of mercenaries currently operating out of the run down town of Dhirim, but your service can expand to the conquests of other factions and even your own warband if you want.

Yes, it will be possible to play as a lord and lead an army. Yeah, you can marry thicc bitches. Yeah, you can burn down Shariz and piss on muslim peasants and make entire factions war against one another based on your provocation.

Post if you're interested in joining the others. We set sail sometime this week.

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It's gonna' require you to be active.

Since all the events are taking place simultaneously you need to be on track with everyone else. Falling behind a lot may force me to kill you off or something and resolve the plot normally.

Looking for maybe one more player.

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