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New Gamemode: Assassination/VIP


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Dunno how hard new gamemodes are to code and how much of a priority it is, but Scopes said it was doable. Anyway, proof of concept for now.

Assassination. Super simple. Basically, a person is selected to be a VIP at the start of the round. They get a little area with costumes and a bunch of equipment, pick a name, some sort of background, and get to make a command report announcing their arrival on the station.

At the same time, several people are chosen from the crew, and given the objective to assassinate the VIP. VIP creates roleplay, acts interesting, and the antags are antags. Crew wins if they secure the VIP, antags win if they kill it. Or everyone wins either way because RP is created and we're all having fun.


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Make it so that the Assassins are also independent antagonists and can kill each other to prevent them from stealing their target's "bounty".


I think this is brilliant. We don't have an antag mode where antags are opposed to each other, really. Sometimes if you're a ling with moron compatriots you might want to kill them, but otherwise, no.

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Rename the game to Bounty Hunter. To make it more RP-friendly, a bounty has been placed on ----'s head, only the bounty hunters know. They have the option of either killing said person and claiming the bounty, or extorting the bounty money off said person to stop them from killing them at that moment. Possibly. I don't know.

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