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Player Complaint: Metagaming Detective

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BYOND Key: mirkoloio

Player Byond Key: LeEbinSpessman,

Reason for complaint:


In todays Nuke round at around 15:30 German time ((dunno the timezone)) the Detective played by LeEbinSpessman metagamed me to Oblivion and back. He's been identifying my antag Items as I infiltrated like He'd own them, I.e. Identified my Military belt as Syndie belt and my Swat gloves, wich are technically only black gloves as "evil". He also dragged me bucklecuffed around literally yelling "He Isn't one of us!" "He has foreign guns. Must be bad. Perma him"

He continued to meta even after the admins told him to stop.

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As a captain that round, I have to admit it was really stupid. I would've most likely ordered him searched anyway because of my screw up when I gave weapons to the civies. I ordered all of the weapons brought back. Zhis meant that some of them had to be searched either way. But having an SMG or other stuff on him could've also meant he found them somewhere since the antags left equipment around the station.

I'll note that the borg had reported mirkoloio's character for trying to tamper with it and mentioned that he wasn't on the crew manifest. It would've most likely ended with him being detained either way, but with more RP.

But in any case, we all know Nuke isn't picked for RP, so anyone who voted it was just asking for bullshit.

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I was the Borg that round.

As far as Nuke rounds go, I enjoy the 'subtle infiltration' method the best. You have to make your arrivals announcement appear completely genuine though, and not get caught breaking in through airlocks. A better place to hide your stuff is probably advised too. I noticed there were errors in your announcement, but I let them slide because I saw what you were trying to achieve. You have to be prepared for the myriad of responses you may get if someone realizes you're not on the manifest, though. You might be able to convince the Captain/HoP it was an error and get yourself added. More likely you will end up detained while someone contacts Centcom. A borg/AI may just robust you because you aren't defined as 'crew', which is technically completely acceptable.

While some items are outright cause for detainment, like weapons, and some are heavily suspicious, like the EMAG, SWAT gloves and a Military Belt shouldn't be what gets you caught. Nobody knows enough about the Syndicate to be yelling 'he has syndie items'. as LeEbinSpessman was doing.

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Taking all of this information into account, I am more than willing to have a talk with this player on why their actions were wrong, and to ensure they understand. If and when I see them active on the server. I'll keep this marked on my computer, and bring this complaint to their notice in the case that they do not have an account on the forums.

Also, for once.... I agree with Rusty. Regardless of the round type, you are here to roleplay. Just because the round is Nuclear or Wizard does not mean that RP, player knowledge, etc. is to be forgotten post-haste in favor of winning.

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