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Zilosnish Szu's Exotic Clothing

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BYOND Key: Sleepy Wolf

Character name: Zilosnish Szu

Item name: Exotic Purple Robe, Exotic Mantle, Golden Pen

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Szu lives in general luxury, one of the higher-class Unathi. A Master of Coin for the Lord of S'th and a Quartermaster of Supplies during the war, he has found ways to bring funds to grow the city which his Lord commands. His clan, a recently made one, rose to power through loyalty to the Lords of S'th, and his help in supplying food and work to the city. Szu has enjoyed every luxury he could aquire - Gold-plated armor, silver spears to go fishing with, elegant wines, and a friendship with one of the masters of the Guild of Hunters. This friendship lets him get not only fine hides from Moghes and Ouerea, but recently to multiple alien planets with their own wild beasts - with even more exotic hides and materials.

The robe is made in a half-traditional and half-progressive way, with human and skrell influences in the design, but was made by honest Sinta with Mohegian cloths.

The exotic red mantle is a beast which was killed in the Frontier, imported to Moghes, tanned in Skalamar, tailored to Szu's liking by a high-quality new-age tailor, and then final touches of his clan insignia added.

Szu also has a golden pen - which he wields to sign papers with the highest of extravagance. It has the gold and jade of his clan's colours, which he wears around arrogantly.


Item function(s): Exotic Purple Robe - Uniform slot Exotic Mantle - Suit slot Golden Pen - Item

Item description:

Exotic Purple Robe - An extravagant display of wealth, hand-tailored with Unathi craftmanship. There are intricate designs of hammers, cactus flowers, and coins etched into the cloth.


Exotic Mantle - A red hide with a gold and jade insignia pin to keep it on a wearers shoulders. The hide is thick, like rhino skin.


Golden Pen - A pen plated in gold. It has black ink.

Item appearance:




How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? Look at how fucking stupid this shit looks, for real. It is a fashion statement, and this rich ass Unathi motherfucker is going to be like 'Respect this, I am both traditional and progressive. And I am rich.'

Peasant Unathi will likely recognize him as a rich man, and respect him more - or trust him. Szu is low-key a coward, and needs to have the real warriors defend him when it comes down to it.

Additional comments:

The clothing looks blends much better with Szu's actual scale-colour and golden horns.

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