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Change Cult rune drawing adminlogs


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Currently, whenever a cultist makes any rune in any location all mods/admins with logs on get


[John Smith]/(furryman1124) has made an armor rune at Psych Office


This is just too much meta info a man doesn't need when they aren't investigating an issue, Hell I can't think of an issue where you will need to know whether john smith made a rune or not popping up often.

this needlessly takes away the fun in cult rounds and OOC mystery and immersion from mods/admins playing, and this isn't about acting on metaknowledge either. it's easy to ignore that the guy you are looking for in maintenance is actually in the captain's office, but when you know your investigation is fruitless from the start your OOC drive to play just plummets and you burn out fast.

I suggest we keep these logged in variables, and only have certain runes like EMP, bloodboil and stun show up like


[John Smith]/(Furryman1124) has used blood boil rune (JMP)


Showing up only when used, and not displaying where exactly it is used.

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