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That was me who did that, and it was hilarious.

When we used to run Martial Law events every couple of nights, everyone would complain, but still want to do them a few nights later! Those were amazing!

If I remember correctly, you and I fought over control of it, me aiming for cargo, you aiming for science.

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I remember when I was ATHENA during a rogue AI round, and the AI went SSD minutes from joining. So we had rogue borgs on the station with no clue how to proceed. Also, no admins were on at the time!

I gave the suggestion, ((Ok, this is aggravating. We are powerless to fulfill our objective without an AI. I have a suggestion. Let's threaten to grow the singulo and eat up the station to keep containment. At least it will give the station something to RP with. And don't worry, no, we won't actually release the singulo. Just grow it enough to be big and scary, then shrink it back down. Don't worry, I got this.))

Boy was I wrong.

We went to engiebay, announced our evil plan over the comms. Security grabs Ion rifles, engineers lead them in, and we bots get shot with ion. That was a terrible move, because you know why? I CAN'T INTERFACE THE GENERATOR ANYMORE. I CAN'T STOP THE SINGULO FROM GROWING!!!

Singulo ate the station. Just like we totally didn't plan.

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I remember when Drew and myself, both HoS and HoP respectively, threw a funeral for a dead security officer. I believe FFrances has a post about it somewhere way back when in the general section, twas fun.

(Special mention to Jacboot CMO preparing the body)

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