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Make Wizards Immune to Magic Missile


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I think the issue is that magic missile is not a good spell to give apprentices. If we like the spell where it is right now it is at it's strongest when a wizard is by themselves and they need to buy more time for their escape option. Apprentices will be in groups of wizards... and therefore should be given spells that are simple and straightforward. Knock and Ethereal Jaunt do this well, as they are both straight forward movement options and allow them to provide utility to their master.

Either A.) change the behavior of magic missile so that it is a single target. This brings it in line with how EVERY OTHER GAME DOES MAGIC MISSILE. A volley of three or so unerring magic shots that doesn't do a lot of damage but can't miss. This way the wizkids can be useful and they have no spells that can potentially harm fellow wizards or normal people that they don't want to accidently hurt and cause the HoS to get pissy.


B.) Give them a new spell entirely that is offensive but new player friendly and leave magic missile to the professionals.

Giving wizards a blanket immunity to certain spells closes out design space for if you want to do some interesting events or antag gimmicks like wizard battles

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