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[Withdrawn] Canon35's Vaurca App 3: Return of the Indians

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Ckey/BYOND Username: Canon35

Position Being Applied For Vaurca Lore Dev

Past Experiences/Knowledge:

-Already on the lore dev team.

-Was CCIA for a year or so, was one of the first ones

-been on the server for awhile now, came along a couple months after it began.

-Some knowledge on the idea of hiveminds in science fiction.

-Done world building before in other fiction series and some in our lore.

Do you play Vaurca extensively? Why? When I played, yes. the reason why is because I feel that Vaurcae are some of the most interesting xenos we have. Former hives that lived as great superpowers, almost unchallenged, but forced onto arkships and flung 2000 years away from home and stuck in a galaxy that sees them as pests. They've gone from being powerful to almost powerless, while at the same time barely adjusting to the new world around them.

If you were chosen for Lore Developer, what would your plans be for Vaurca?

-expand on the colonies made by Vaurca.

-write up laws and rights for Vaurcae in biesel

-do a few arcs involving vaurca interacting with the galaxy.

-MAYBE bring more arkships in. This is more of a long term idea.

-Revert lore back to pre Chev and tabbit.

Would you embark on major or minor rewrites of Vaurca lore? If yes, why is your rewrite worth it? as I said before, I want to revert lore back to pre chev and tabbit changes. The reason why is because it rubbed almost everyone the wrong way, was disliked by most of the vaurca players, and alienated people who played the species before as most rewrites do. Fowl's idea was a spooky insectoid species that everyone kept down out of fear. Chev's was warrior poets and people who worshipped a generic mother goddess.

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Given that the last two Vaurca loredevs left in a less-than-ideal manner and both of them were relatively new to the present community (chev dropped off the radar for the longest time before applying after all) and neither(?) of them even had Vaurca whitelists before becoming loredev, I'd much rather we take a safe choice rather than any wildcards this time around.

Canon is already a loredev, already has a Vaurca whitelist and played one too, I'd be happy if he gets a go.

Although I would prefer Canon scrutinized whatever changes tabbit made before discarding them, I won't pretend I read any of them but I haven't seen any wild backlash around it unlike for chev's stuff.

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I've got to say, regardless of the platform here, which I did support previously. Your inactivity in general, being that you haven't logged in approximately 4 months is a deal breaker for me here along with the content delivered by your current position which has lately been lacking. It is my firm belief that staff should be somewhat active on the server, this is doubly important for members of the lore team as they shape the whole player base, not just the species they run, they need a perspective on the player base.

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