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I have returned! *fanfare*


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Or, sorta returned. Real life stuff still has me kept away from any real SS13 gameplay, but hey, a little bit is better than nada, nya?

So how is everyone? What lore have I missed?

Lemme get to the main idea: I would love to come back and play with all you awesome people, but I miss my characters Rose and Hawk. I love em, and I sooooo want to bring them back badly. My socially inept security guard and my baddassery split-personality rebel, with all the love and hate of alter ego Rosie Thorns. And considering where I left them off, I dunno. It would be very tricky to bring them back.

An idea for Rose is she finally succumbs to the Syndicate and returns to NT as a sleeper agent, to one day be awaken again. From there, see where it goes. As for Hawk, well, I dunno if the entire bred delta soldiers would still be plausible or if it is too special snowflake. He can always be toned down to the son of an extinguished NT official and trained to join some secret deathsquad. I dunno...

But that stuff aside until I figure it out...How are you all?!

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By the way, in terms of Hawk, lore wise there's no Deathsquads, and no concrete info about "secret" units.

The closest to a military that NT has now is the Internal Security or the "Fleet Security Force" (Does the job of the Navy, in terms of protecting NT Assets.


That might actually make it a lot easier to RP for Hawk. Anything that was delta can be rewritten to that. He would be a normal kid who grew up with rich family. Ooooooor maybe the family added some tweaks in genetics for their special baby boy, like in the movie Gataca...part of his insecurity was that he was a test tube baby, and different from everyone else on the station. Also one of the big reasons he felt connected (I am so sorry Gollee!! Your character's name escapes me right now) the girl that was cloned by the Syndicate. Both born in a lab.

All that's left is to explain his jitters around telescopic batons. Hm...his father could have disciplined him with one? Nah, Jedrick Silverstone is supposed to be a caring man. *shrug*

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