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[Gamemode: 1 Dismissal] Tantrum Spiral/HULK! (Extended Event, Gamemode)


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Like extended, but with a hulk. Start off the spiral by making someone RANDOMLY become hulk sometime after round start with little filler suggestions until they peak with a transformation. They must destroy or maim, and if they do not within a certain timeframe they will return to normal. If someone dies as a result of their outbursts, all normal crewmembers witnessing the killing or death will go hulk as well and become a part of a HULK ANGER squad, causing widespread chaos.

Filler examples. Just ideas.

  • (onset)"You're really in a lousy mood right now."
  • (beginning)"Your blood begins to boil..."
  • (moderate)"You're going to LOSE it, if this keeps up."
  • (prior to transformation)"THAT'S ENOUGH!!"
  • (post transformation) Urist McSpace roars, "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!"

and then you describe their body bulking out and so on.

Security is immune to this effect, and have to stop the spread by imprisoning all inflamed crew members until they revert to normal. After they settle down, they're cured.

Think this is a dumb reference and wouldn't be fun? Then call it something else. Like "HULK." Hulks don't really have much of a purpose or any feature causing them, other than maybe vampire. They're pretty rare, so throwing them into mixed secret without the tantrum spread would be a blast, or giving them their very own gamemode!


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Sorry, but no.

This would just become "Greytide, the gamemode. Now with hulk powers. Because normal greytide is not bad enough"

Therefore voting for dismissal.


Just saw your note in the title.

I could see this happen as a one off event that might happen once

(But even then, there might be better event ideas)

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Agreeing with Arrow. At worst, security cannot contain it due to the sheer amount of people witnessing random killings in a public space, completely screwing over absolutely everyone as the station devolves into a free-for-all deathmatch, devoid of any RP besides "RAAAWR."

Regardless of server population, that would be the likely result. Security would also have a hard time quarantining patient zero as they wouldn't have a good reason to besides minor infractions like battery, which get worse over time, no doubt.

Two hulks are already a massive problem for your average security team. Making a hulk that basically spreads at will is sheer madness to deal and is nay impossible if the guy is illusive about it, throwing his little temper tantrum without making big moves until moderate or so and then evading security and randomly killing bystanders to continue their ragefest.

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