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Insane security

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Reporting Personnel: Edward Carpenter

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Security Officer

Personnel Involved: Offender(s): Security Officer Apophis, head of security Kahlifa Akram, and the warden Houssam Jawdat

Time of Incident:

Location of Incident: Security, Cargo

Nature of Incident: Excessive use of force, favoritism, unfair demotion, blatantly ignoring a situation

Overview of the Incident: I stepped onto the shuttle and lost my PDA. Another officer found it, and Apophis attempted to keep it from me. That was cleared up quickly. Afterward I was killed by a suspect, but the admin brought me back due to the circumstances, and a little complaining on my end. Afterward my assailant was called for arrest. I went to assist in cargo but couldn't get past the door. The person on the other side wouldn't allow it. I was talking with her, and gave her a stern warning of what might be if she didn't cooperate. (enter Apophis)

him: That's rude

I tried to ignore it

him: go away

keeping in mind this is my problem, my situation and I was dealing with it. I told him fuck you. I made no further remarks, I didn't attempt to resist when suddenly he hit me with a stun baton cuffed me, and hauled me to lock up. I was released and over the better part of the game afterward tried to talk to the head of security, and even the warden neither would respond. After a while in an RP sense I placed my stuff on the floor with a note that said "I quit" I was hanging in the bar mulling my decision over when I got a message. I'd forgotten to take my ear piece out. I told the HOS I had quit. I started to go back when here comes HOS, and Apophis armed and chasing me. I was arrested again, slapped with a demotion, drug around and then locked in a cell. They left me there the rest of the game.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? I contacted heads of security, and even admins and nothing was done. My PDA stopped working at some point so I couldn't send messages.

Additional notes: All of this could have been talked about. I know I made a mistake, and I won't deny it. The way it was handled was mean, brutal, and completely unnecessary. I really enjoy this game, but security is out of hand. Especially Apophis I'm had other similar run ins with him before.

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That round was a massive clusterfuck, and my first time playing Head of Security, so I apologize for any mistakes I made.

I will try to clear some things up though.

" I placed my stuff on the floor with a note that said "I quit"" - From what I know, your character signs a contract, meaning you cannot drop your stuff and walk off without any repercussions.

" and then locked in a cell. They left me there the rest of the game." You were first put into the holding cell because there were larger issues at the time, and I intended to return to you after clearing it up, but problem after problem started popping up. When I finally got a free moment to try and help you, nobody had answered my questions, both in Security channel and Command channel, about the location of your ID. I had planned to get you an Assistants ID and let you go.

Im aware of the mistake I made, and I apologize for doing so and will try to avoid doing the same in the future.

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Kiwi, in your opinion, was the conduct of Apophis appropriate for the situation or not? From what I understand, he was not acting under orders from you to arrest a fellow security officer, instead he elected to do so of his own initiative. Obviously, do correct me if I am wrong.

For clarification: I'm not really interested in the excessively long brigging, as circumstances can, and I do believe did, waive that. What I am interested, however, is the potentially uncalled for arrest of a fellow officer, while enacting the order of a commanding officer.

Oh, and of course, I'm curious as to what Kingmatt9, the player of Apophis, has to say about the whole deal.

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Can I just add that, at one time Apophis was a officer that I thought "Wow, he doesn't suck at his job". At this point, I have lost all respect for Apophis, and the fact that he gets HOS so often when we don't have a HOS (( While I know its thanks to Houssam more then likely)), is ridiculous. In the past few weeks, Apophis has shot me and multiple other officers, tried to have us arrested, and tried to act like a HOS when we have one.

Apophis is someone I actually dread seeing on the register at this point, and after yesterday when Apophis approached my character and said "You look like a faggot", I had to ask Matt "Do you even take RP seriously anymore" to which he replied "Sometimes".

Let me just make a small list of why I don't think Apophis should be a sec officer, let alone HOS:

Shot multiple officers with weapons, me in the face twice, one with with my own pistol and once with his laser rifle. I get that everyone occassionally makes mistakes, fuck I even set a EMP off in the brig by mistake once, but I heard its been happening to at least 4 other officers on multiple occassions.

Now, this is something IC But he does try to act as HOS when he is officer often, trying to give me and multiple other officers orders and threatening to brig us or take our headsets for small things such as language. That being said, this is a IC issue and should be handled IC, Im just adding it.

I have small counts of meta gaming too, such as when my character put on a Captain's swat helmet he found in the break room, me and a fellow officer were talking when King matt said in LOOC "Thats the captain's helmet, take it from him" and not even a few seconds later the officer pointed out it was the captains helmet and told me to take it off. I didn't Ahelp it because it wasn't a big deal but at this point, Kingmatt is truly just abusing his power as a Sec officer.

ALL THAT BEING SAID. I am a big supporter of handling IC issues ((Such as this imo)) IC. Which I have been doing for a few weeks now, so I am just kindly asking that while this round was rather bad, I believe my method of handling things (( Which will be shown to the entire server via the forums in give or take a week, well part 1 at least)) is more suited towards this task. While I was rather harsh on matt, I have seen him RP and he is not as bad as I made him sound, and he can be skilled when he cares, so I kindly ask we wait judgement on Apophis for at least a week while I work on my things IC and present them by...this friday?

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of course, my memory is not the best, but I do believe it has been twice. But the evidence that makes me say that is because its brought up often and I could have sworn I saw it at least twice. Of course, I could be wrong, if this is true then just change it to once.

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If we all also want to add onto how terrible this character is, I remember during a wizard round (yours truly as the wondrous practioner of spess magic), as soon as an intruder was confirmed on the station, Apophis armed himself up with security armor and a helmet and hunted yours truly alone in the maintenance tunnels.

This went on for another 20 twenty minutes of repeatedly failures, thanks to Magic Missile being on such a short cooldown and thanks to the fact it's also an instant, unavoidable, heatseeking stun. He still kept picking himself back up and still tried over and over again to bumrush me/gank me in maintenance.

You wanna know how many stun batons I took from him? 3.

Because of how blatantly annoying he was being, I was actually considering murder that round. You'd think that after five consecutive times of being knocked down for tunneling so hard onto a hostile, they would get some bloody sense and call for help.

Nope, pretty sure King logged off and went to cryo after the fifth time I left him helpless and alone.

From an IC perspective, Apophis' actions made no sense whatsoever and he acted like a horrid manchild when he couldn't detain the one guy on the station with teleportation and ranged stun projectiles.

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No offence matt but, "I was tired" thats the best reasoning you have?

Come on guys, this is NOT a get out clause for every time you screw up (Not saying you've used it before, just that EVERYONE uses it.)


Well, yeah, I suck so badly when I'm tired and it's usualy the prime reason I screw up... but in my case it comes down to just sucking, as in incompetant. I don't turn my characters into rabid dogs when I'm tired.

Apophis has so many reports piled around him, he should've been fired by now. I guess the reason for that is Houssam covering his ass all the time, since NT can't be entirely void of corruption.

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Once while I was Miaze, I climbed the table beside cell one to look through the window at my friend, and Apophis came out, grabbed me, threw me across the lobby into the wall, and when I walked up and put a grab on him, he peppersprayed and batoned me, cuffed me. And sakd "You need jesus" he then set me to wanted, dragged me to beepsky, allowed beepsky to stun me twice and start swearing at me, before finally dragging me to the Chapel, and leaving me in there handcuffed

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