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[Resolved] Arrow 768 - Head of Personnel Adler

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BYOND Key: XanderDox

Game ID: bRc-dk4I (or l)

Player Byond Key: Arrow768 (I believe)

Staff involved: I ahelped I believe, I'm fairly sure it was IGNORED because I do not remember any response, update, or 'dibsed'

Reason for complaint:

Arrow's HoP Adler responded to Cargo during an active Raider invasion, multiple crew had been shot, an officer was severely injured/dead, there WAS still one active intruder visible in the area, but Adler refused to leave the area when ordered by my Head of Security for his safety, saying he was giving my officer's access (HoS has some cargo access to use), as I have been bwoinked for being in non-combat roles such as HoP/Captain and going near conflict, I think it only fair this matter be addressed, and since my ahelp was ignored, or did not send - I am bringing it here.

There was no reason at that moment for him to be present at an active fire-fight where he was easily in the line of fire for both Security and an intruder.

Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? I believe I did, almost 100% sure, but I do not remember any response of any kind.

Approximate Date/Time: October 30th, 2017

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Doc and I will be handling this complaint, I've already requested the round's logs and we will be contacting everyone involved to get clearer details of the incident.

edit; also, you can send your ahelp more than once if it's not dibbed, staff could have missed it or were busy and assumed someone else grabbed it.

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Well, about the firefight.

I arrived at cargo, after two of three reported raiders have been killed or arrested.

The officers were standing outside of the door and could not get in.

So I opened them the way to the cargo breakroom.

A single hostile was in the area between mining and the break room.

Security fired a stun beam and the hostile threw a flashbang that remained in the small room between mining and the break room and ran off into maint.

After the hostile ran off the HoS told me to get out of cargo.

I was always behind the two officers I let in, had the helmet and armor vest on, so I was never in any danger at all.

After the HoS left the cargo area, cargo personnel returned to work as there was no threat anymore and the "hostile" was somewhere in maint

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The intruder was still very close by, and very easily could have ran back in.

I was a full reinforced wallset away from a shooting as captain once dragging injured back from the scene and I got a verbal warning for it (and probably a note), so it only seems fair other people get punished for the same conduct.

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Sorry for the late reply, I intended to finish this twice, losing both replies.

Doc and I investigated the logs, and asked one of the raiders who was in cargo, we come to the conclusion that the HoP did not shove himself in any real danger that breaks OOC rules.

he had a reason to go there, and continue being there, he had to check on his department and employees, and to allow security access. he was informed the threat was mostly over when he attempted to go there and it wasn't like there was a full blown lethal shoot out right next to him.

As far as I know, the HoS has no authority over the HoP, in his department no less, and even if he had some justification it would be considered an IC issue.

We however came to unearth some validhunting incident that was not reported at the time, of some cargo crew who attacked the raiders.

I arrived at cargo, after two of three reported raiders have been killed or arrested.

The officers were standing outside of the door and could not get in.


We will leave this thread open for 24hours unless other evidence is brought up, and will continue our investigation into the valid hunting incident.

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