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Brig Sentences and the IC Perception of Time


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Throughout my time playing this game, mostly on this server, I have seen numerous comments by players in looc and even IC of how 'short' a person's time behind a cell is when they protest about the validity of their charge. When Officers make an arrest where the detainee could arguably be found innocent were the case able to go to court, the officers often tell them something along the lines of, 'Come on, let's just get this over with. It's only 10 minutes'. To the people with this kind of mentality, let me tell you something you might not know.

In real life people aren't put in a little cell for just 10 minutes when they are arrested for vandalizing a location. Whether the person is innocent or not does not matter; people will spend weeks or months in jail for the silliest things that you often see being done on the station. However, the time ingame is condensed as to allow players to get back into the round instead of holding them until transfer as it would be ICly. This means that security should not try to alleviate their guilt or a person's anger when they protest for their poorly handle detention. Take sentencing times more seriously, and you will become a better sec player.

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If you were arrested unjustly, check if there is an IAA, or call for one over the communications, as an IAA as long as you aren't a fucking idiot screaming 'SHITCURITY', I will acknowledge you and review your case, and most of the time the Head of Security or Captain or Central will listen to an IAA.

If there is no IAA, make contact with the Head of Security, and then Captain if that fails. Both of these individuals have the authority to issue parole and early release.

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