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[Resolved] Situation Complaint - Garnascus

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BYOND Key: Lordfeather

Staff BYOND Key: Garnascus

Game ID: Of the round after - bRl-bo3u

Reason for complaint: During the shift end, Flimango delayed the round end to deal with some moderator/admin things. During this time, Garnascus spawned a HONK mech and honked it 3 times (causing most everyone on the ODIN to become stunned). While I understand it's the end of the round, I still like to continue my RP with others, and this really just seemed inappropriate, it broke the immersion and appeared to show a disregard for the players. Garnascus didn't ask any players, nor were they asked to spawn in the mech, they did it of their own accord for seemingly no reason. Even after being asked to stop, they continued to mess around.

Evidence/logs/etc: https://i.gyazo.com/6b7207e27ca63f9bb1449df61e0764b3.png https://gyazo.com/71fc5c659339bf3e58e60e87bc04b7c7

Additional remarks:

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admins are absolutely allowed to adminbus at round end. Its fucking hilarious and one of the perks of the job. Im generally more creative but theres basically no limit to what we can do outside of spawning a shit load of hostile mobs or gibbing people. Maybe next time everyone should get a mech.

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As far as I'm aware, a honk mech honking stuns a person for 5 second, that being done 3 times makes it 15, adding some period in between, Garn couldn't have had people stunned people for more than 20 seconds in total ((Do correct me if I'm wrong.)). The round delay was approximated to be at around 5 minutes, means that Garn took up a very small portion of it.

Staff members are permitted, to goof around a little at round end, so are the players. It's only an issue if people start fighting each other or staff go on a rampage killing/spawning hostile mobs as garn said. This honk mech is one example, but examples in the past is having an ice cream man, BST's duking it out, mass cat spawns and a plethora of other things. The intend it effect of this is a little light hearted fun between everyone, as we understand round delays can be a little frustrating.

I really don't see an issue with this. What course of action would you like to be done?

Edit: It's come to my attention the stun was more around 10 seconds. While a longer period of time, it's still a minor period.

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The mechs do *stun* for that time, but it deafens for about twenty seconds those in a small radius. I just wanted it to be known it was annoying to more than just me, so I had a friend post it for me as I was busy. I didn't really have a problem with it other than that. *shrug*


Not sure what to tell you other than that we'll keep this in mind in the future. We're not really going to stop goofing around at the end of the round, since a good portion of the community does enjoy it.

Are you satisfied with this?

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I didn't have a problem with the goofing around. Playing EOR music, spawning memes, BSTs throwing cats across the room. Nifty, its funny, the mech was also funny, looking back, but at the time it was pretty annoying.

But yeah, I was fine with it after the post was made, and I'd forgotten about it until you brought up staff complaints in PMs. :)

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