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Dea Tacita

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Because honestly, walking into a fire with only a suit and no protection for your face is idiotic



Direction sprites for Variant 1



Direction sprites for Variant 2



Item Sprite Variant 1



Item Sprite Variant 2



South Facing Variant 1



North Facing Variant 1



East Facing Variant 1



West Facing Variant 1



South Facing Variant 2



North Facing Variant 2



East Facing Variant 2



West Facing Variant 2

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Neat-o sprites, very nice. But would the old red Firefighter hard-hats be retired to Engineering? They've always been the nicest colour of hard hat, losing them entirely would be a shame.


Lies! Blue is best hardhat. :D

Ehhh, Nice sprites and I can see the point of having them.

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These icons look shiny and all, but the firefighting gear isn't really used on account of being useless.

If you try to actually fight a fire while wearing a firesuit, you're going to die a horrible, painful death.

Hardsuits are the only safe way to go about handling them, as things are currently.

It's the same deal with using an EOD suit for handling/disarming explosives. In theory, it works, but again, a hardsuit is far more practical, because it cushions you from the blast, and will protect you from the vacuum caused in the beach.

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Actually... does anyone fight fires at all? I know they happen, but not often, and it usually ends with venting the room rather than sending people in.


Venting is the best course of action. Fire extinguishers in space are used for just about everything but extinguishing fires.

That being said, I like the icons.

Feel free to implement them, as you've already done the work, and they look pretty awesome.

What I'm saying is, this won't make them anymore useful mechanics wise.

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I usually see firesuits used for surviving an extended trip through heated areas, instead of actually combating fires. They might see use more often if they made it so the wearer cannot catch on fire, and had a moderate amount of high pressure resistance, if that's even a thing.

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I always wondered if they firesuits have pressure resistance. At the least, are airtight, due to the nature of fire and how having a suit with holes in it means that it's not gonna protect diddle.

But these helmets. I like them, even if they remind me of the Recon helmet from Halo.

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firesuits have a specific threshold against both ends of temperature, but they can still reach certain extremes and still function properly.

Basically, they're meant to delay the inevitable. If a fire hasn't broken out yet and temperature is high, a firesuit will halt temperature damage for a short while.

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