Victory Day Parade Begins After Delays

Victory Day Parade Begins After Delays
Victory Day celebrations began today after four days of delays as reserve units were brought back from the Nraz'i Front. The procession was lead by the Young Patriotic Girl's Commune Nal'Tor Chapter began at the Steeple and proceeded past the People's Congress before ending at the Great War Memorial. They were followed by the Hadii Youth Chapters 1, 29, 84, 102, 170, 268, and 431. After all of the youth organizations, the First and Third Rifle Divisions made a triumphant return as well as the Eightieth Armored Division. Afterwards, the Twenty-Third Motor Rifle Division and the Seventh Mechanized Infantry Division which were pulled from the Nraz'i Front reserves made their debut in the People's Square.

After the parade was finished and a number of patriotic pieces were played by the Presidential Band, however Yasmin Piaf was not in attendance this year. Following the Presidential Band performance, the crowd roared and cheered for nearly thirty minutes before President Hadii appeared on the balcony of the Steeple and asked them to be quiet before giving his speech.

"Fellow Tajaran," he began using his famous words from last year's speech, "Though it has been a whole year since we have driven the enemy away from Nal'tor, though air raids on our capital are a relic of the past, the war continues in full. Though our neighborhoods are safe, many around the People's Republic are still attacked, destroyed, and burnt to the ground by the savage traitors of Nated and the extremist regressive rebels of Kaltir. Make no mistake, they will continue until either we are all put under the brutal dictatorship of Nated, or enslaved by the bloodthirsty Azunja.

But although they fight, we fight harder. The People's Republic of Adhomai is not only strong but also the sole and legitimate government of not only all of Adhomai but of all Tajara. You saw here today that the youth organizations who will one day inherit our Republic and take it proudly into the future. They were here in place of the strong young men and women of today who are on the frontlines right now securing that future for the young to inherit. Never give up, never surrender. Just as my brother Rhagrrhuzau was iron-willed in his resolve to make a better Adhomai, so too must we strive unending."

The speech was followed by another thunderous applause with many cheers as President Hadii walked to the diplomatic section of the balcony to shake hands with representatives from the Republic of Biesel, The Nralakk Federation, and the Hegemony. A representative from NanoTrasen was also there whom the President also shook hands with, afterwards finally reaching the Sol Alliance ambassador for the last handshake.

Following the parade and celebrations, the Ministry of Defense announced that the New Kingdom of Adhomai offensive on the Harr'masir continent was halted by Republican Army units based out of Olska who reinforced the driven back Dymtris units.

Video of Dancing PRA Officer Goes Viral

Video of Dancing PRA Officer Goes Viral
A human soldier re-enacting the ending of the titular dance, one of many spin-offs following its popularity.
Five days ago on "SpaceTube", a popular video streaming website on the galactic internet, Lieutenant Nrrazhul Mrravorich's now famous dance video was posted from the front line outside of Orul. Since then the video has accumulated over a billion views and has spawned many popular spinoffs. The dance is comprised of Lt. Mrravorich performing a traditional Tajaran Mlazkov dance before pirouetting and grabbing at himself while reaching into the air.

The "Tajara Dance" has become a sensation in human space with personalities such as famous urban musician "Two Ceti" featuring his own rendition of the dance in a music video released yesterday. Social media websites have likewise taken to it. Minister of External Affairs, Akmed Hrrajalturr, has since come out in support of the dance's popularity. His recent press release states, "Since 'The Tajara Dance' has gained widespread popularity, maybe now humans will see that the People's Republic is not the cold and grim place that foreign media paints it out to be. Tajara can laugh and have fun too." Recent polls have shown that approval of President Hadii by humans in Sol has raised to nearly 62%. President Hadii's approval rating at home has raised from 86% to 93%.

The dance is not without controversy however, as many have been quick to point out the problematic nature of the grabbing portion at the end- the very part which seems to entertain foreigners the most. One concerned citizen, Grreta Vlrarorr, voiced her concerns to the Chronicle. "She just doesn't think this is the type of thing their children should be seeing when they browse the internet," she said. "The Ministry of Internal Affairs should do better to control the content her children may see, or else they could become humanized, or worse, a homosexual." The Minister of Interior Affairs with President Hadii's blessing has extended the reach of Adhomai's firewall, however the "Tajara Dance" itself has been left available for users in Tajaran space to view.

Pressure Mounts During Inflation Investigation

Pressure Mounts During Inflation Investigation

Officials from the Sol Alliance have arrived in Nal'Tor in order to audit the Nal'Tor mint following allegations of currency manipulation by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The claims came to light following an incendiary publication by the Sol Alliance News Network, which published the story following a biased report by Sol Goliath Intragalactic Banking. The article included racist comments from the chairman of Sol Goliath which painted Tajara as thieves and claimed the Tajara should not have the leasing rights to print Sol Alliance Credits. Officials of the Ministry of Economic Affairs were quick to notice business ties between Sol Goliath and Hephaestus Industries. It is now believed that these fraudulent allegations were made in order to advance Hephaestus Industries' market share against NanoTrasen, the largest foreign investor in Adhomai's economy.

Rhazjugaliy Hyzarrgo, prominent Ministry of Economic Affairs economist, offered her views to the Chronicle during an interview.

"The decision of Sol Goliath Intragalactic Banking to increase its position by directly targeting the developing economy of the People's Republic is clear in both motivation and effect. While the old nobility clearly abused their lease to the Nal'Tor mint for the six years prior to the formation of the People's Republic, the government struggles as is and would not be willing to perform such a reckless act to endanger its position. When investigations like this happen, it directly curtails investment into our economy. While it might increase their profits, its clear who the victims here are- the Tajaran people."

Other pundits have been quick to speculate that rebel counterfeit operations could exist which might contribute to the dubious claim of inflation in the Adhomai economy. The People's Strategic Intelligence Service has announced following the investigation that it is seeking to find and eliminate a possible counterfeit ring which they believe to be in operation.

Underground Counterfeit Ring Discovered

Underground Counterfeit Ring Discovered

The People's Strategic Intelligence Service has informed the Adhomai Chronicle staff today that a rogue counterfeit operation for Sol Alliance Credits run by Adhomai Liberation Army Rebels has been discovered in Nal'Tor.

Amidst allegations of inflating the presence of Sol Alliance Credits in the developing economy of the People's Republic some months ago, the PSIS began its intensive investigation in major cities through the People's Republic. They gained a big lead last month when an informant notified them about the delivery of black briefcases to known business fronts of rebel operations within the city. After making undercover purchases, agents discovered the banknotes they received as change were counterfeit. The agents then staked out the locations until they found the couriers bringing the briefcases of illegitimate credits, and followed them back to the industrial district of the city. In the basement of a leather works factory, the insidious printing operation was uncovered, which was shut down in a law enforcement raid this morning. The ring leaders, however, managed to escape.

President Hadii released a statement congratulating the agents of the PSIS for their efforts, personally awarding the agent in charge of the investigation with the Award for Tajaran Excellence- the highest civilian honor in the People's Republic.

The closing of this large operation is a great service to our young Republic, which requires a stable currency such as the Sol Alliance Credit for international trade. Despite the speed and vigor of the government's initiative to curb the inflation of credits on the planet, the Sol Alliance Central Bank has declined to close their investigation into allegations of wrongdoing in the Nal'Tor Mint.

Hro'zamal Colony Founded

Hro'zamal Colony Founded

An outpost of the Grand People's Navy has recently been upgraded to colony status by the Ministry of Internal Affairs today following an application by the 15,000 non-military inhabitants.

Formerly known as Nrrahrahul One system, or Outpost One, the new colony has long been the only out of system outpost held by the People's Republic. The outpost was originally constructed in 2445 for anti-piracy operations. Under the new colony status, it has been renamed Hro'zamal under Ministry of Internal Affairs appointed Governor Arrleef Pondiskarr. The position of the system has proven helpful for its location between the frontier and the S'rand'marr system.

The colony itself is on a planet which is barely habitable to Tajara for its exceptional heat. Lush jungles cover most of the planet, and hostile xenofauna create a hostile environment. Only small settlements exist planet side around the poles, and most colonials live aboard the naval station in orbit. The planet is simply named "Hro'zamal Two" for its placement away from the system's star. Applications for state funded settlement on the new colony are already open. Currently Governor Pondiskarr plans on building a capital city, Muldhir, within the next two years planetside using state of the art HVAC technology with housing.

Despite being the first interstellar colony of the Tajara, Hro'zamal Two is far inferior to Adhomai in terms of natural resources with few helpful metals surveyed in its crust. The inhospitable environment is also a challenge going forward, as officials are highly concerned about heat related deaths to Tajara who emigrate there. Despite these factors, the planet has become a topic of exceptional interest by xenobiologists who have been exploring the jungles on expeditions to learn about the local plant and wildlife.

In her press release announcing that colonization applications were now open, Governor Pondiskarr stated, "She sees no gods up here."

Hadii Approves Great Tajara Rights Advance

Hadii Approves Great Tajara Rights Advance

Today the People's Congress congregated in the Steeple to vote on emergency legislation pertaining to Tajara rights issues raised by the international community. The "Tajara Rights Act of 2459" passed with a mere 52% of the vote following three hours of heated debate in the People's Congress. Representatives from both NanoTrasen and the Sol Alliance were present and voiced strong support for the act. Among the items proposed in the bill are improved conditions in work camps, better medical relief efforts for refugees from areas of conflict, and a reduction of homosexuality to a misdemeanor. The bill was rushed to President Hadii's office after passing in the People's Congress and signed into law effective immediately.

The Tajara Rights Act of 2459 is noteworthy for being the only legislation in the history of the People's Republic to not have passed with at least 80% of the vote, however this ultimately turned out to be due to insidious corruption which had seeped into the People's Congress. In the hours following the vote, agents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs took many of the congressmen into custody following the discovery of scandals connecting many of them to radical elements with rebel ties. While many of them were taken into custody, at least seven of them have escaped with the help of rebels, leaving behind manifestos condemning our enlightened government.

After the situation was settled, the Sol Alliance confirmed their investigation into inflation from the Nal'Tor Mint has been closed, following conclusive evidence of rebel counterfeiting operations among the files found in the various congressmens' offices during the Ministry of Internal Affairs arrests.


Adhomai Social Media Officially Censors 'Violent' Ma'ta'ke Ideology For Disrupting Social Harmony

The Ministry of Civil Affairs has today recieved approval from President Hadii to officially use their powers to combat social disorder and disunity within Tajara society on social media. The Ministry has completed a year-long examination of users of extranet sites such as HisFriends, ChatterBox, and FamilyChat. Officials within the ministry found a disturbing trend among a particular sect of social media users. The investigation eventually uncovered an alarming and deeply disturbing trend of worshipers of Ma'ta'ke to encourage, promote, or wish violence on fellow Tajara, sometimes in graphic detail.

Sub-Committee Deputy Vice-Chairman of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Akzjaurh'aziura Do'zairu, provided a statement of the Department's findings.

"We provided multiple transcripts to law enforcement agencies, psychologists, and political leaders within the Party. All involved parties expressed grave concern about the level of religiously-motivated calls to violence from this demographic. Followers of Ma'ta'ke were found to be inciting hate speech and because of this the Party has agreed to censor all related material. Ma'ta'ke worship does not express proper Tajara values."

The Ministry has released some examples of social media posts on HisFriends that lead to the original investigation. Many of them are too graphic and visceral to be allowed in print.
3.1.2458 - [REDACTED]
He knows that when Ma'ta'ke descends from the heavens he will destroy the TRUE enemies of the republic. you better pray to him or you will be one of those put to the sword!!!
1.12.2459 - [REDACTED]
So called "friends" of his have been lying for years. he goes out with them but theyre smiles are al fake. he knows ma'ta'ke will striked own trhe sinners and leave only the pure behind like this one. it will be a good age where he does not feel the need to spit on fake friends.
6.20.2459 - [REDACTED]
9.4.2459 - [REDACTED]
Matake kill litterers, people who cut him off in traffic, and the zhan. There, he said it.
1.11.2460 - [REDACTED]
There will come the day ma'ta'ke turns back towards Adhomai and unsheathes his blade and he will use it to smite all the enemies of the faith. the suns themselvse will split open and burn all but the TRUE holders of virtue. even the xenos wil not be spared because his sword is long enough to slice the entire universe in half. remember that next time you want to interrupt a preacher with loud and rude laughing.
3.1.2460 - [REDACTED]
hadii better watch it or ma'ta'ke will get him.
These excerpts are only six out of the thousands of flagged posts on social media from a variety of individuals. Akzjaurh'aziura Do'zairu explained the new rules for social media.

"All posts regarding Ma'ta'ke are going to be automatically deleted when found. Users on any of these social media websites will be banned if they try to circumvent the censorship or otherwise disrupt social harmony, and those who invoke Ma'ta'ke in general will be flagged. Law enforcement has been notified of posts of concern and the users will be treated as inciters of violence."

The three permitted social media companies on Adhomai have agreed to hand over all personal information on flagged users.

"We will make sure proper values are enforced." Akzjaurh'aziura Do'zairu concluded in his statement.


Father Walid Al’qat announces the 45th holy council of Sana Sahira

After yesterday's morning service, Father Walid Al'qat, the leader of the parivara, has made an announcement from his seat in the city of the Suns. The 45th Holy Council of Sana Sahira has been scheduled on the 14th day of this month. This is the first religious council to happen since the ending of the great revolution. The church of S'rand'marr has stated that they plan to discuss the theological role of Raskara, the further canonization of more holy scrolls and the standardization of Virr Henhati's prayers.

President Hadii has agreed with the plan which allows priests from all across Adhomai to safely enter Republican territory. Priests may only enter Republican territory in order to attend the assembly. The ceasefire will create a minimum of 24 hours of ceasefire between the armies out of respect for the church and the noble traditions of the Tajaran people.

The government of the New Kingdom of Adhomai has accepted the cease-fire, allowing the free and safe pass of clerymen to the Republic’s territory through the Vlrralkhzazhul line. The representatives of the territories occupied by the rebels forces are still to answer Hadii’s most generous proposal.
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