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  1. I've seen one or three characters that have a genuine interest in Aurora from a statistical standpoint. The irregular, anomalous ups and downs of the station through even canonical rounds must be fascinating and attract a few gazes or rumors around the system, I'm sure. I enjoy this character's outlook on actively seeking to better those around her, while maintaining that, "I will do this, the best that I can." attitude. Very wrbl, such frog. I give this a +1, but I would really try to make the understanding that Skrell do not share the same social environment other races do, particularly Unathi or Humans, who may have a much more anxious societal air. You'll have to work with the lack of facial muscles to really get the most out of your character, and this can lead to a lot of points in writing where, if you were human, you'd simply facially express to the other human and the message would be conveyed. Now, you have to treat everyone as though they're blind to the "expressions" you're trying to give off. It's a delicate balance, but I think you can do it. Good luck!
  2. -1, not creative enough reeeeeeee +1, duh.
  3. It can use boats, but it needs an anode/cathode arrangement. The point was that in saltwater, the electrical resistance of highly conductive salted water has a much lower resistance than people do, unless you're making direct contact with something. ie, being hit, or hitting something with your baton. While the numbers are vague, I think the answer lies in "Dont toaster bathtub" in much of the same way, but not the same result.
  4. I didn't think this information would ever actually be useful in my lifetime, but here it is: https://what-if.xkcd.com/156/
  5. These'd be nice. I like them. Seems like a more reasonable, less.. Idunno, unique approach to uniforms.
  6. It's hard to rival Pred's roleplaying expertise when it comes to his in-character choices, and how his gameplay really reflects how deep he gets into his characters. I feel he can play the dirty synths IPCs well enough to convince any Turing test. Godspeed, +1 .
  7. I played a surgeon IPC for a while with a hankering for mouthing off at people. A lot of the best roleplay I'd had was with Moira, whether she was an antag or not, she always aimed to exploit the exploitable in a creative fashion, and go for grand-stand experiences that involved more than one player / department at a time. I had good experiences with Moira, and I feel like they have what it takes to join the Wrbl cult. That being said, I'd like to see them branch out with a few more characters. While of course, we all get attached to our favorites, the biggest part about playing another species is that you are in fact not human. There's different queues, responses, body languages, and social norms that need to be taken into account when playing these races, and Skrell being one of the more.. Odd race behaviors, takes a lot of premeditation to play. Incidentally, this is also my personal favorite species aboard the Aurora, which indites a certain bias into people playing them, as I want to see them played well. I +1 this app, if only to see this player widen their horizon of play.
  8. While a man with few characters, I'd normally expect people going for whitelists to have at least a few more than 2, but I'd say at the very least that Malcolm Reeves is a solid character, and that I could see PredatoryInstincts playing a head of security at the least. From what I've gleaned from his personality OOC, it seems that he puts a good number of thoughts and premonitions into how Reeves reacts to each situation. While not always translated the best into writing, he makes a character that you can get to know, and even associate with if you have the right background. +1
  9. Definitely a player that's responsible with their power, and one that you can expect, antag or not, to have good roleplay, and a thought process behind what she does. +1 for sure, with a thumbs up just for her attitude towards the game. Never seen her get angry at an antag round.
  10. BYOND Key: ClearThoughtsGame ID: bX2-cbM0Player Byond Key: Lichfield Agathus' Ckey is memescopemcgee Samuel Sandford's Ckey is riqpleydagasdStaff involved: Tbear13 . They stated they handled it in game after I asked if it would be better handled there. They responded to me saying they handled it. I did not feel however they were learning much of anything, and this is not to the detriment of Tbear13, but that I would like to make a further complaint to remove the detective from the security role, and to let the EMT know they aren't exactly representing the best interests of IAC. Reason for complaint: Poor handling of an IC situation, bad judgment, and altogether failure to assess character traits over scenario. Explanation below: It started at the beginning of the round in the bar, as usual. I was playing Joseph Ward, freelance journalist. With nothing to report on, the man turns to the sauce. Tipsy enough, I pick up the cake hat and begin swapping the hair flower pin of Valerie Aquila ( ShesTrying ckey ) . Valerie begins arguing with Joseph. The Quartermaster, Sophia Cynthai, walks in to the scene. Valerie calls her to aid. Joseph puts his hands up, saying that he's not looking for a fight, but verbally antagonizes Sophia anyway. The jackets come off and the fight ensues, ending with Joseph pinning Sophia to a table and breaking her ribs, damaging her heart and lungs as a result. Sophia is hauled away to surgery, and the singular security officer issues Joseph a verbal warning. He hands Valerie the hairpin back, and the situation is settled. Turns out Sophia was an antagonist of the traitorous variety, and came back around half an hour later, killing Joseph with a semi-automatic rifle. Honestly, great roleplay. Loved the whole scene. However, this is where things..Went downhill. Sophia drags Joseph's corpse into the surface level cargo lobby. Cornered, the AI locks all the doors. At this time, the detective, alone, is trying to mediate the situation. His fear of her rifle was well played. Right up until he decided to walk face first towards her and stand three steps away while she was defiling the corpse of the late Joe Ward with a tactical knife, breaking the knife and then grabbing a Shuriken, trying to decapitate the corpse. The detective made no attempt to detain her, even with a security borg on site, and the AI on their side. Simply watching, commenting about the nicety of her rifle choice, making bets on the caliber, the psychopath, well played by the way, bartered the following: She would desist and come peacefully if the detective would get her something to decapitate the corpse with. The EMT, a fervent IAC representative, offered their circular saw from surgery. Accepting the deal, they stood and watched while Sophia emptied her rifle magazine onto the floor, reloading it one by one while another EMT went to grab the saw. The saw was then handed to Sophia by another security officer that showed up, all of which standing three squares away from this psychopath, providing her with a roller bed as well. Sophia then explained that she killed him "Because people like him deserve to die". The EMT automatically assumes the man must have been a child molester, see "Kiddie diddler", to no comment from Sophia, and responds with "good riddance.", assisting her in de-limbing the corpse and spreading his remains across the room by giving her all the tools necessary, and standing by as she did, watching. After the situation continued for, a good thirty minutes, the crew cleared out and the detective walked with the heavily armed individual calmly back to security, where he said "Well i cant process you, I dont have the authority", giving her a shower, where she, once again, disarmed herself and showered. The detective, standing by, idled time, rambling on about how he was "Different than other security officers" until she got out of the showers, and the two walked to the shuttle. The two even sat beside one another on the ride home, sharing smokes. The detective even offered to see her in prison during her sentence, calling her his friend. All the while the IAC EMT, states to everyone that can hear, "Yeah he was a kiddie-fiddler, good riddance" to anyone that asked about the scenario. AAAAAAAAA These snapshots might be out of order. The round ended with the detective saying : I'm not sure which I hate the most either, buddy And all in all, I had given her the flower pin back. So I'd like to say Thank you, Sophia, you gave great roleplay and poached a great scenario, giving the blufor multiple chances to come and take thee. I liked my murder. I thought it was well played and the roleplay was on point. I just wish the reactive roleplay was better. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? I did ahelp it. However, I am still making a report. Tbear13 handled the concern post-round with the two, but I do not believe that summarized just how bad it was, and would like to put it in paper.Approximate Date/Time: 27DEC2018 , morning (CST)
  11. Thankya! That's alright. These past few months have been really hectic to me RL, so my desire to play games in general has been diminishing. My place on Aurora has resided in Discord for a while now, with most of my (SS13 at least) roleplay taking present in discord PMs, but if attendance is an issue, I do not at all mind taking extra time to divert to playing a few more rounds, as now I have the ability to do so.
  12. Well, the idea sprung from the mechanic that they do in fact "Eat" as nymphs, consuming blood, veggies, food, literally anything that scrambles across their path (mice) to eventually produce other nymphs and form a gestalt. This is core proof and reinforcement of the fact that dionaea don't just feed off of "radiation and light", which would both take forever and not allow them to "grow" in any meaningful rate, which has to lead to these individual nymphs intaking some sort of matter to produce more nymphs. Their extra-atmospheric orbits would have to seek out some form of dust, gas, or radical particles to consume and turn into usable nymph-matter. Filtering gas via being a walking scrubber would make them both super valuable on station (Not that engineering doesn't love them enough already), but would give an extra incentive to play the plant people. For the relation of plants to diona, they're.. Well, they aren't plants, nor animals. Under normal classification, they don't fall under any, but their appearance would lean towards plant-like, or even fungal. I'd like to change their physiology to better reflect this, and show that they share something much in common with earth sharks: apex. They've reached their evolutionary peak. There is no predator (known) that would threaten diona, nor a reason for them to change their bodies at all. They already are "perfect" for their environment. Relating back to the colossi, I'd like to provide two notes: 1. Colossi regularly jettison "rogue" nymphs that don't add to the chorus of voices. The nymphs that, for whatever reason, do not agree with the majority of the colossus and do not work to help the colossus in any way are jettisoned. Diona are not known for cannibalism (eating nymphs doesn't count, since its technically "stacking" nymphs.), but there is a clear notation that they are capable of consuming other sentient beings (see: Weirun Tup), rather, their bodies. I don't see why it wouldn't be a good idea that gestalts are actually collectives of "rogue" nymphs which could symbolize that their gestalt is not a collective of nymphs that represented the qualities of nymphs from a certain colossus, but in fact the inversion of those qualities, because if the nymphs were truly at home and in synch with their greater gestalt, why would they ever leave? 2. Nymph harvesting/poaching. NT has nymph pod seeds. This is known. It is also known that NT grows nymphs and researches them, claiming ownership as long as they remain in nymph form (non-gestalt). This can play into a hand of "NT is acquiring diona for labor work as they are cheap and can be fed on nothing more than radiation and light to survive. Strap a headlight to one and throw it a mop, bam, a cheap janitor." The colossi-born gestalts, however, will hold a moan of resentment of NT for this. A quirk of personality that they do not appreciate NT abusing the eon-long replication cycles of colossi and gestalt alike to produce more nymphs, and attempting to turn their species into cattle, self-preservation standing up and throwing its chair onto the stage. As for likability.. That's difficult. Diona aren't HR. They never have been, and I wouldn't want them to be. They aren't exactly kind, nor malevolent. They're just...biological computers? That's the way I think of them, anyhow. The enigmatic personalities of the diona have always been difficult to roleplay in a "Diverse" manner that wouldn't breach the image of a shambling, slow-talking image of a seven foot tree-fungus-root-animal-critter monster that wanders through the halls chanting in some dialect only my grandmother's fern could decipher. While i'm all for increasing the diversity of their playability, I would have to put a foot down and say that they aren't dogs nor cats, they're sentient, ancient stellar creatures with a purpose unknown to anyone outside of a diona, and most of the time not even the diona itself. And upon that note, I will have to brainstorm a bit to expand on their "purpose", but to answer your question: People like the tree-people, even if they aren't very likable.. . Hard to answer, but the answer is in there. I'd definitely say that they're Valuable as a better descriptive for their role on the station than "likable".
  13. Colossi are referred to as the size of (at the time) interstellar ships, and being durable enough to retain structure while exposed to the upper atmosphere of stars and the lower atmosphere of gas giants, should be quite well able to contain enough gas and apply pressure to the gas in an exertion to create thrust. This thrust wouldn't get them off any 1.0G planet, but it can certainly get them to interstellar drift. I guess the largest area that I'd like to expand on is their travel itself, perhaps why I'm so centered on it. Figuring out how they travel can create quite a bit of lore for dionaea gestalt origin. Knowing where your character came from, where that colossi drifted from, and what (initial) contact that larger form had with the other races can create a basis of culture for the player to rely on.
  14. Ckey/BYOND Username: ClearThoughts Position Being Applied For (coder, mapper, spriter): Diona Past Experiences/Knowledge: For lore? I've been roleplaying for over a decade now, been on Aurora for about a year and a half, and have a general love for realistic sci-fi such as SS13, Star Citizen, Elite:Dangerous, Star Trek, etc. I was definitely infatuated from a young age with space and extraterrestrial environments. Examples of Past Work: My discord has a list of my characters, as does any application for species whitelists that I've made. I have every whitelist now except for Tajaran and Vaurca. While I don't have much on hand in the way of written paragraphs, I can give some information on one of the characters I had made by the name of James Beckett (HoS). Preferred Mode of Communication (Skype, Steam, etc.): Discord ( Testopringo#9976 ) Additional Comments: What would I do for the diona? I'd like to expand on the amount of clusters and origins that the diona currently have. I don't feel as though there's enough information to make a solid character other than "huggy peaceful tree". It'd be interesting to reinforce the species-wide suspicion that other races have of them. Mechanically? I think diona are pretty solid as is, but technically when in space, they should be fine as they can collect radiation and starlight to survive, without the need for a flashlight. A flashlight is only really needed indoors where they are cut off from both the cosmic rads and the starlight. The notation "Weakness to fire" doesn't make any godforsaken sense either, as these creatures thrive orbiting stars. They're exposed to thousands of degrees of heat and can replicate from the mass intake of energy. A simple welder-fire incident shouldn't even harm them by the current lore standards. As for the rest of the colossi, I'd like to introduce a few more diona satellites, and provide some more lore on the "Dead Planet", hoping to make it a viable character base for anyone looking to make a shambling bush originating from the dead world. As for how diona "travel" through space to populate new areas, I'd like to add the scroll compression idea. It'd make a lot of sense that this would be the most organic method of travel, unless we start delving into how "diona are actually bluespace" in terms of how they move about. It'd come down to that whenever a colossus nears a cloud of gas, whether it be a star's exosphere, a nebula, a gas giant or other source of gas, it would use groups of nymphs to pocket this gas, compress it, and eject it from the rear, effectively "pushing" itself with a jetstream of gas behind it to navigate. This can mean a variety of things: 1. Colossi travel. We could even have an event in which a colossus nears Tau Ceti and begins to drift near the Aurora II, prompting more research into diona physiology, sociology, and biology, as well as a possible threat of a reoccurance "Organic Craft Incident" should no craft be on standby with technology to interact with the colossus or Shell. 2. Reverse-Vaurca. Diona could very possibly leak oxygen, having compressed it inside of them. This could work as a game mechanic, making them moving atmospheric processors, however adding the necessity for oxygen to thrive would make most of their existence useless, but a fun concept nonetheless. 3. Tracking Colossi. Skrell have an adoration for Dionaea, having been the discoverers of the species, as well as the first to make contact with them. Each new Shell is brought to conversation by the Skrell, and it would make sense that for the compressor propulsion to work, it would leave trails of residual gas from their propulsion. The Skrell could very well track these "snail trails" to find new colossi much like "warp trails" in many other science fiction lorebases.
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