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  1. Trying is lying, not handling as I am involved. :classic_sad:

    Speaking of I only have a few comments to make:

    I (the IPC Drug-Bot) was visibly lightly armed and decently armoured - @stev was not. It was communicated that I was working as a chemist/bodyguard for Big Farrim and never really drew my weapon on anyone to begin with. I don't know why it's been explained as us both coming in like mercs and intending to do damage. In fact, our first communication was with medical/the CMO and we just wanted to use their pharmacy. We even agreed to make some medical chems for them as payment as they were missing a proper chemist at the time.

    No hostilities were expressed at this time and things were going somewhat okay. We ended up running away and eventually were caught by security again. The next time we see them they are fully kitted out in the heaviest arms and armour that they can get from the armoury. They told us to stop but we kept on running, not really intending to get into a firefight as we just wanted our maint-drugs darn it.

    What I found weird was the sudden decision to go to lethals from this. We were pretty much gunned down in the shuttle with security firing first, with the only damage so far being an ioned IPC that engaged us. Security forced us into a situation where we either surrendered or died without any other options, effectively ending the round.

    I'm not sure why the Head of Security didn't issue out an Ion (from what I saw) to disable the bodyguard IPC if they believed me to be a serious threat and some carbines to tase Big Farram. Gunning us down in the shuttle with rifles seemed extremely bloodthirsty for the events that had transpired in round. I was debating ahelping it, but was so tired I just disconnected and went to bed.

    Farram wasn't in thicc armour, just in some casual clothes befitting of a stoner-cat.
    The robot was armed and armoured, but less-lethal measures like the Ion were not employed. (I'd argue lightly armed as tbh the Icelance gets three shots before you are done bud. No other weapons were on display.)
    We were not openly hostile with the station, but were firing-squadded in the shuttle for trying to get away. Not sure why that was needed and is the main reason I am commenting.
    The only person hurt was an ioned IPC, which happened because they shot at us.

    Additionally: Even if the Head of Security did not give the express order to have us shot, I would still give them a fair share of the responsibility. They are the one who permitted security to arm up with the heaviest kit which lead to them gunning down the antags. 

  2. Hello!

    After a careful review from @ShesTrying and myself we decided that no OOC action is needed in this case. Everything appears to be roleplayed out within the rules and followed appropriate escalation as we would expect.

    I will add that in the future if you believe something to be a rule violation during the round it is normally in everyone's best interests if you ahelp staff then and there. Doing so on the forums can make it a longer process and won't change the punishment that would/wouldn't have been issued.

    Closing this within 24 hours unless anyone has anything else to say.

  3. Appeal accepted.

    Please make the most of it, double check the rules and ahelp if you have any questions about potentially risky actions before carrying them out. We as staff are here to help the playerbase; last thing we want to be doing is banning people most of the time.

    Welcome back comrade.

  4. I will address the two points raised briefly, but only briefly because I think you are pretty spot on here.

    I was attempting to get interaction going, just not specifically with me. I wanted to get all the departments doing things that didn't require my direct involvement because I am but one person (as basic as engineering doing engineering work, medical doing medical work etc). My narrative was extremely weak because the mine situation was a key accident that threw the round out of control. It gave me no time to develop my idea leaving it barebones.

    I have been and likely will be taking a break from antag to figure things out for now. When I come back it'll be narrative focused and hopefully more enjoyable to all involved.

    Ultimately, I am sorry this round happened on being given time to reflect on it.

  5. "What was the purpose behind the medical incursion?"

    It's hard to remember past the time now, but thinking back I believe I wanted to go and confront the captain as I remember hearing something about him being shot. Whatever the reason, I believed him to be in medical. The plan there was to make some general demands, possibly throw up some on-the-fly story elements about being subverted but it was quickly thrown awry by the EMT I had at gunpoint simply shutting the door on me. I had to blow my way in with C4 and that obviously started a skirmish there. I believe I wanted to demand his access as well - I only had so many blocks of C4 after all!

    "From what I see, there was little communication behind it."

    I planned to work alone from the start, so Markos joining in with me kinda just happened. I planned to portray a story through actions rather than words but clearly it just turned into a shootout rather quickly. Unity wasn't doing much grand talking over comms because it didn't make sense at the time; she was just trying to get a number of personal objectives completed.

    "Additionally, what was the general idea behind sabotage? I've not seen much in terms of tangible or direct goals."

    It was just the usual autotraitor stuff. Rip up some bloodbags, maybe dump some medication so medical would have to remake / reorder things. Nothing so severe to make them impossible to operate. I considered doing a few things like disabling shields, possibly disrupting the power grid to further the idea that the goal was to cause disruption and issues to the station at large. That was the reason Unity had been subverted.

  6. Okay, very simple suggestion. Make it so nobody in security can be an antag.

    I'm guilty of playing antag sec every once in a while and I always make the round kind of miserable for the station, even if it isn't my intention. Nobody has fun when sec gets torn apart from the inside and an inevitable ERT has to be called because security get ruined by people they are supposed to be able to trust. People outside of sec are forced to do what the antag wants or get owned, which again isn't massively fun.

    It should have been obvious, but it took me a while to figure out. At the very least the warden should not be able to, but I believe this should extend to the entire department. Even investigations. 


     Hi, I play as Z.I. Unity and will be explaining my actions. I'll try to cover you points bit by bit and hopefully address some of the concerns you raised.

    "HoS killed immediately and an antagonist warden fighting off all of security, as they controlled the armoury."

    This was unfortunate. I did not intend for the HoS to die or even find the landmine I laid there that early. I was planning to set it, go and do some general low tier sabotage like hiding some of medical's stuff and cutting some cables until a firefight would likely happen. That is when I wanted the mine to go off. If I wanted to gank them I would have killed the HoS after they spoke with me shortly after the explosion. It was pure bad luck that he ran into the armoury immediately after I left.

    Yes, I had control of the armoury. I was the warden at the time and security had firearms drawn on me immediately outside of the main weapon's supply. Of course I am going to use it.

    "ZI Unity and ZI Markos, cooperating together, roamed the station indiscriminately attacking people with zero justification"

    Us working together was completely unplanned. I actually shot him a few times until Markos told me to stop and that he was on my side. This can be found in the logs. We weren't randomly shooting people, we shot people who didn't co-operate, were fighting back or were security as security were (rightfully) engaging us.

    "they briefly spoke with security after the HoS was killed, and essentially refused to surrender, claiming what they did was "protocol"."

    Yes I was going for a hacked/malfunctioning IPC. We weren't going to stand down especially when the advantage was had icly.

    "This round, I feel, was an extremely egregious example of poor antag play"

    I don't agree. I can see how it looks like this, but the round kind of went that way due to the Head of Security rushing into the armoury immediately after I left it. I thought he wouldn't due to having a warden but I was clearly wrong.

    "(who have, in my opinion, a substantial history of poor antag play)"

    I don't really think this is needed, i've never been given feedback in that sphere apart from one round (which I was rightly warned for) where it was kinda LRP because as burglars we stole minor items like shoes and food. I can't improve unless people tell me they don't like the rounds I am setting up.

    "they successfully halted all roleplay until an ERT arrived and killed them."

    Roleplay isn't just sitting and talking to each other. We made the station feel like it was under a desperate attack by two hacked synthetics - you didn't have the go-to armoury option and instead had to handle it a different way (like the SMGs you ordered). I'm not sure what you wanted us to do, give an elaborate speech or constantly talk? Let you one-shot ion us and leave us in the brig for the rest of the round with very little interaction? My goal as an antag is normally to drag people out of their comfort zones and get them to deal with issues a different way, which you did. I thought the interaction from the FSF was really cool as well.

    I believe that covers the main points and I can answer any further questions.

    Regardless of the outcome, I believe I will be disabling antag for a while/for good after this is resolved. If people generally do not like the rounds I antag in I wish they told me sooner.

    Anyway. You didn't have to keep on pushing someone who was heavily armed from the armoury with nothing but a disruptor. Cargo and science was completely available to you, amongst other options. I also didn't make the ion totally unreachable, just changed which locker it was in.

  8. The short answer is there isn't anything to fix. As you described if antags go super loud security should be ass blasting them.

    The long answer is it depends on the situation. If antags are killing for the sake of killing without any rp motivation or reason then that is actually against the rules. Ahelp it. If they decide to kill based on their gimmick and have built up to it then as stated above, security should be dealing with this.

    High lethality means people actually have to think about their actions. Nobody wants to get killed and removed from the round, so people tend to rp more imo. Back during old-med people would just charge into combat and disarm spam etc because there was a good chance you'd come out fine.

    Ultimately, be the change you want to see. Come to the station with interesting gimmicks that don't involve murderising (but for the love of god don't just walk around the station as an advanced assistant, looking at peacewiz here).

  9. Not much else to say that hasn't already been said. As it stands today I don't really see any major issues with any department, that includes security. I think adding in antags that focus less on combat is the best solution, shifting the focus to research or engineering - possibly others depending on creativity. What I dislike however is antags that just try to be assistant+, doing nothing but walking around the station and chatting to people.

    SS13 is at its best, in my opinion, when there are problems to solve in creative ways and that require teamwork. 

    3 hours ago, Doxxmedearly said:

    I'll finally be able to add in fun features without having to run every idea through the filter of "How will security and the types of players who gravitate towards it take this and abuse it?"

    If a feature can be abused, it probably will. Doesn't matter if it's by sec or by the janitor :)

  10. Sorry about the delay, I am British and you posted this while I slept.

    Okay - my concern about unbanning you is that it has not been very long since you have received your perma. You were banned on the 2021-01-22 (about two weeks ago) for getting a bunch of notes in a short amount of time. I am willing to unban you, but not this soon. I suggest you get familiar with the rules, consider if you will be able to stick to them and then re-appeal on the 20/02/2021 (just under a month in total) if you believe you've improved in that short span of time.

    Post below letting me know if you agree with this. If so, I will close this appeal and will expect you to re-appeal on the aforementioned date (or anytime after).


  11. Hi Schev, those were some excellent points and as usual your detail was top notch. I agree I should have made more of an effort in engaging with you after Blondie was arrested but at this point I was going off two things.

    Firstly, I had told you to stop before and you did not (Void hadn’t worked out you were an IPC due to their dumb player) and was concerned you’d charge into security with Blondie where they couldn’t follow. I’m not faulting you here, I’d keep running if a merc was trying to taze me as an ipc too!

    Secondly, you were right outside of security and my team was in the bar. Void was super concerned that the rest of sec would come charging out and that would be half the team gone instead of just one. Time was extremely short, meaning that action had to be taken instead of Words.

    Absolutely agree that communication wasn’t fantastic across the board and everyone suffered because of it.

  12. Hi, Voidcrawler here. I want to clear a few things up.

    I did not know the ERT at all, they said something about recognising my character so I went along with it.
    You did surrender, but by that point we were in combat with security and we are not obligated to accept your surrender. This is not the UN and my Skrell did not have a blue helmet.
    The HoS I think was caused by an aiming problem (person activates aim intent and forgets to deactivate move, talk etc) and after one started shooting the rest joined in CM style (I am not innocent).
    The ERT decided that me giving them cash then and there was better than command maybe paying them after the fact.

    I do not believe I gunned down anyone unarmed or any civilians. I cannot speak for my team as I do not control their actions. I killed one security officer because while I was detaining them near the start they decided to not surrender to armed gunmen and ran away.

    Happy to answer any questions, round was hectic so I apologise if I get any details wrong/unaware of them.

    EDIT: Recalling I did shoot at a couple of unarmed individuals, but they were told to stop before this happened. They refused to stop so they got shot at - situation in engineering is a good example of this.

  13. Title says it all, but will elaborate my reasonings here. During the round 606-draT I ended up being an antag in research. Decided to mess around with some chems and made smoke-poly grenades using the below recipe:


    40 potassium, 40 phosphorus, 40 hydrochloric acid in one beaker
    40 potassium, 40 sugar, 40 sulfuric acid in the other beaker
    large chemical grenade

    The resulting concoction took out @ReadThisNamePlz and @Yonnimer characters fairly quickly, killing them even though medical got right on them. Nothing could be done to save them (I am sure the pair tagged can provide their point of view). I am sure there are more chem grenades like this in research that could use some adjustments but I am highlighting this one specifically due to how easy it is to make and its power.

    I am uncertain on how devs could balance this, but I would suggest toning the damage done to internal organs and making the main feature its melty properties.

    PS: This did happen during the chem testmerge - no idea how much it effected things!

  14. Hi @Caelphon, those are some really great questions and definitely provoke some more thought into my character. Allow me to answer them one by one in a quoted format below:

    2 hours ago, Caelphon said:

    1) What of Ziyy's Quya? Do they have any left? How did they feel about their departure to human space? Do they have any other profound relationships:
    To answer this, I will bring up the obvious one which would be the Qu'Draa of their twin. They would have spent a lot of time together growing up, only really splitting after their aspirations took them in different directions. Their twin would have likely validated that it is okay to be fairly antisocial when it comes to other Skrell as Ziyy is a bright shining star of potential when it came to their research instead.

    During college a Lu'Poxii would form between themselves and someone working in their same field. They would hit it off to start with, becoming quite close and having the potential to develop into a Qu'Poxxi, that is until after the field trip that sparked Ziyys great interest into alien life. The previous adored friend couldn't understand their interest and constantly made points that Ziyy felt encouraged to disprove and dispute. This debate raged back and forth until Ziyy finally left their studies and entered the workplace, determined that she would integrate with alien life some day and prove their partner wrong. 

    2) Aliose is known for their tightly packed cities far beneath its surface. Does this have an affect your Skrell's personality? Do they have issues adapting to the massive cities on Biesel?
    Good question. I would like to add a slight paleness to Ziyy if this is appropriate and potentially write in an affinity for darker spaces instead of bright, sunlit ones. They will probably prefer an Odin apartment to base their research from and avoid the bigger cities when possible. Artificial light is of course, preferable to natural light as it hurts their eyes less.

    3) You mention that Ziyy specialised in Interstellar Travel. Do they have any experience on spacecraft? If they do which one, and how has it affected them today?
    Ziyy would have gotten a chance to work upon and do their studies from a Jarqo-Class ship to better understand and learn from the low-tier warp drives onboard. Sadly their adventure did not take them planet side to meet any alien life in their natural habitats but Ziyy did get to board a few stations to stock up on supplies.

    They would of had a chance to meet a few humans from the station around Silversun during one longer adventure and thankfully they were pretty nice to Ziyy, only getting slightly annoyed from the countless questions they asked. This would of added fuel to their biggest interest.

    4) What species does Ziyy like the most? Which do they relate with the most, besides other Skrell? Is Ziyy have a hobby for studying their culture and history to better befriend them?
    I would say that the species Ziyy likes the most are Humans, but this is just because they have the most experience with them. Their field trip would have taken them to New Hai Phong the first time and the second time would have taken them to Silversun (at least its orbit). Just seeing the sheer difference in human culture from two human planets would spark great interest for Ziyy. How many different 'kinds' of humans were there, what dreams and aspirations did they have...etc. Ziyy would love to have some alien friends and believes their research can help this, having friends would also feedback into their research! Everyone wins!

    The question of who Ziyy relates most with is hard, as Ziyy wouldn't have much experience with alien races outside of humans and even their human knowledge would be limited. This is a question that some time on the station would hopefully answer as it is a bit too early for me to say just yet.

    5) What does Ziyy think about the Jargon Federation? Are they loyal to them, or do they harbour sympathies for the rebellious factions under the Resistance?
    In all honesty Ziyy wouldn't of had to think about this too much. Their caretaker would have looked after them and kept them focused on their studies before kindergarten and once enrolled in kindergarten and finally college the would be so focused on developing their understanding of alien races, physics and chemistry that precious little time or desire would be left for thinking about the Federation. They are content with how things are and believe that the Grand Council are to thank for this.

    Perhaps this could be something that develops on the Aurora? If Ziyy ends up working alongside other Skrell perhaps they may attempt to open their eyes to the forceful control the Federation imposes and instead encourage them to look at the 'good' that the Plurqh'Quq are doing (or other groups).

    6) Ziyy worked at institutions in the Federation. Which ones? Did they enjoy their brief period whilst there?
    The enterprise Ziyy worked for after finishing their education would have been Xomor, with the focus on looking into how military vessels could more efficiently travel across the stars and the trials of different fuels engine systems could use. Phoron did remain vastly superior to many other fuels available to the Federation, at least in Ziyy's studies. They did manage a minor breakthrough on the bluespace drives used on military classes of ships, correcting a rounding error in the math to allow for a 0.00034% fuel efficiency gain. 

    Ziyy did enjoy their work while they were there, but ultimately their hobby nagged away as they toiled each day. They wanted to be surrounded by aliens, not surrounded by fellow Skrell. After signing a few books worth of NDAs on the military designs they had worked on they would finally get a shot at their dream - hopefully it would be all it's cracked up to be.

    If I made any mistakes or you have any other questions let me know!!

  15. BYOND Key: Rushodan

    Character Names:  


    Species you are applying to play: Skrell

    What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A yellowy-blue

    Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes I have


    Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

    Why do you wish to play this specific race: Recently I wanted to expand both my OOC understanding and my options when it came to the other races as currently I have only humans and IPCs at my disposal. I do have ideas for a Unathi character and a Tajara, but what interests me most is the potential within the Skrell race itself. I love their place in the universe, being race that has been allied to humanity the longest and also being the most technologically advanced. This is somewhat due to their desire to learn and fully explore topics instead of being content at degree level and also due to their cyclical brain expansion; reaching mental 'growth spurts' where their potential suddenly grows. They are able to think about projects on a much longer-term scale than humans would ever be capable of due to an increase in memory from the expansion, as well as processing capacity. I also very much enjoy the information provided on the wake and the dream; the implied thought field on which all skrell connect is just super exciting. Ultimately it all fuels my excitement to create a Skrell scientist-type that works in general research on the Aurora.

    Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

    Firsty, lets cover social interaction. When interacting with other races the Skrell can come across as cold, emotionless and heartless - which isn't the case. The reason for this is many of the tones a Skrell can use are outside what is perceivable by any race that isn't Skrell. They would never respond to petty insults directly in public as doing so is seen as improper and showing that you are of low intelligence. A human in-contrast could start a screaming match over a colleague disliking their hair. Skrell humour is also vastly different, taking on the most basic form with reacting to unexpected situations with a fuzzy feeling in the mind. Similarly fear hits them in a similar way that humour does, provoking the similar reaction of a chirrup. 

    The most important difference is lifespan however, with Skrell being able to live up to 500 years of age with current medical technology. This allows them to show little care or worry for consequences that last less time than a decade, such as a small insult or a personal rejection. While humans may get stressed and worried over these  small things Skrell are typically resiliant to the stresses of everyday life, however this comes with the caveat of stress being harder to release for Skrell as well. They are also more vulnerable to events that happen over longer periods.

    Character Name: Ziyy Qyu-Nioh

    Please provide a short backstory for this character:

    Ziyy was born on Aliose in 2383 with one twin sibling and no complications. They had a fairly normal and standard upbringing where they were able to stay close and learn from their caretakers, resulting in a perfectly normal and happy child with well developed communication skills. They went through Kindergarden and began to show an affinity for scientific research, not doing so well in other subjects like galactic history. Upon going through their first college studying combined Chemistry and Physics Ziyy was able to go on a field trip to Biesel space, allowing them to witness the difference races in the galaxy for the first time ever.

    This meeting fostered a desire to learn and know more about the other races in the galaxy, leading the young Skrell to know that they would want to work outside of the Federation when they had finished with formal education. The next few years involved Ziyy getting schooling credits in Chemistry and Physics, Advanced Physics with Chemistry and finally specialising into Interstellar Travel, which included extensive research into Bluespace Travel and Phoron. They worked in some Federation institutions to gain experience, but finally the call of the different races left Ziyy with wanderlust. They were snapped up by NanoTrasen's Research department and assigned to the NSS Aurora as a Researcher in 2464.

    What do you like about this character? 

    Ziyy Qyu-Nioh I think will be interesting due to how they will at first interact with the different races and species of the Aurora, as well as them being plenty young in comparison to Skrell ages. They will be comparatively happy and outgoing compared to your everyday Skrell and I believe will hopefully be interesting for the other crew to interact with. They will have difficulty communicating their enthusiasm to other races though, due to what was explained in the differences section earlier.

    How would you rate your role-playing ability?

    Give me a 6/10 due to how easily I get distracted!


    no buli

  16. I mentioned this ages ago and am pleasantly surprised someone chucked it on the forums.

    Yes there are downsides to this, but in my opinion they are pretty niche and small compared to the problem this fixes. Doing the funny B O R E R (or something similar) in chat, having a bunch of people vote for a good wee chuckle and then having 3 out of like 20 people play the round with the rest going afk for two hours massacres player pop. Turning a server from decent pop to deadpop for your meme votes isn't fair on the people that actually want to play and enjoy the game.

    The main issue I can see with this is wanting to check who's in which department before actually playing after voting. I like to play engineering if there aren't many engineers for example, but I imagine this could be fixed by giving voters 5 minutes to join before the admemes get the 'this user isn't being a good boi' message.

    Ultimately I think this is a good half measure - if it was my decision alone i'd just force secret every time and then let the players decide if they want to play while not knowing the round. I understand why this isn't a good solution for everyone however.

  17. Hi Alexanderself1,

    I banned you due to repeatedly ghosting and leaving without attempting to use cryo and not informing staff, typically on single slot roles too (like detective).

    It appears in this instance there was a bit of miscommunication as you asked if you could leave due to what I expected was your traitor role. I said it was fine for you to go and believed you would enter cryo. A little later you asked if you could ghost, to which I responded that instead you should use cryo. I do not believe you saw my last message as it was sent a few milliseconds before you ghosted and left the server.

    In this case I am totally willing to unban you due to the issues above but it comes with a caveat; you agree that next time if you need to leave urgently you will tell staff that you need to go and that you do not have time to make it to cryo. Failing to do so in the future will result in a re-applying of this ban.

    Please reply that you agree with the above statement, or disagree if you have anything you want to raise.

  18. First and foremost I want my taser back. I would love to have a traditional taser that only works on un-armoured targets and the prongs stick in to zap you, but i'll take the magic light balls any day.

    Secondly - I really dislike the mini-rubbers. I will have to double check, but I believe trials were done in the past with NATO 5.56 rubbers and they deemed them too small to be effective. You either crank the velocity up and become in danger of killing someone, or they are a mild annoyance at best. Shotguns fill this role presently anyway.

    Finally - it's tricky. Everyone has their thoughts on whether security should start off with lethals or not and there are pros and cons for both sides. Personally I would rather just have a .45 lethal with two magazines on my officer as I think it works for the setting best. Alternatively, a blaster pistol that doesn't go through windows. I dislike the wombo-combo smart gun that would be a legal nightmare and would never be adopted in the first place.

  19. 8 hours ago, Aboshedab said:

    Doesn't it need a command ID to even use? So you'd still need to find a command level ID to use.

    Unless I’m wrong, Fax is a level of access that can be toggled on like any other kind of access via the HoP/Captain.

    Command, Consular and Corporate Rep get it.

    If this gets pushed through, it may be worth looking into anyone being able to submit a fax but the machine stamping your ID details on the footer of the message sent to punish misuse of the fax machine and to keep a paper trail.

    Possibly have a check to see if the ID used is valid by ensuring the fingerprint and dna hash are not null.

    Just spitballing ideas!


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