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  1. Disclaimer: I have a rant about rootbeer. Please don't take it too seriously. Please do not get your feelings hurt about my rootbeer rant.

    >add rootbeer to have spice of life, some variety. clarify that i want it to be available only in vending machines as it is a terran soda
    >call it R&D Root Beer based off of A&W rootbeer, make my own sprite etc. based off the drink. Even add new flavor, anise etc.
    >eventually want to make rootbeer floats and soda floats, but icecream code is completely different not even using units really
    >a year or so passes
    >wheezy updates sprites, kinda simplifies on the logo which copied A&W's logo design. makes it more of a simple circle instead of a whirlwind kinda shape
    >people add rootbeer to chem dispenser and bartender dispenser, available like every other drink

    : (

    >be yesterday
    >Hey, rootbeer isnt properly able to dispense from chem dispensers for some reason
    >it's the ampersand, let's remove it and make it RnD Rootbeer. PR passes no problem from people who dont get the reference

    >design reference soda, with specific sprite, to be unique to vending machines as it is a regional terran drink imported by Get'More

    >today, be generic soda available everywhere, generic sprite not matching reference, reference name is completely lost and no longer resembles original idea

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      Comment under this comment when rootbeer PR is reverted to remind me to come back?

    4. Zelmana
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