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  1. image.png.408cd8792831d8c477886c1c02c4a897.pngsometimes. It really be like that.

    1. geeves


      take the shot

  2. Not a Yae nor a Nae but a few points, The new modmail system announced by arrow should be sufficient for urgent questions and issues but that don't address general learning/mentoring. You could as of now use the serious discussions channel but then again that can be flooded by other topics covering any questions as well. I think if the serious discussions channel is deemed debunk then this could be a potential replacement. Otherwise *shrug.
  3. Oh man. I just joined to take a look around myself. It's real nice. Lemme know if you'd like a hand, I'd love to help!
  4. Time for shoved in +1 :B:illian person good. Good with RP and very complacent in their abilities, their character arc with Brett Feufer post cloning really shows they're capable of adapting their RP to roles like synthetic.
  5. In terms of in a whole, it was a mass of the fruits with radiation and acid and thiiings thrown at everyone and everything and security was unable to do anything due to constant radium injections, when I was operating on one of the engineers they busted out the OR window and attacked patient and I with a hatchet whilst security was still chasing them.
  6. +1 for mel, good egg. I think you'd do well on a trial, just hope it doesn't burn you out.
  7. i need to sneeze hlp

  8. There were no words exchanged with the engineers in medical or after sedation because they were all asleep. As the CMO of the round, from what i know there was no words to medical either.
  9. i think dogs have legs

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