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  1. Hepatica was coordinated by a member of security, Pulsar, in robot speak. There was a definite shutdown but you can't expect people to not try and take a hostage from you if they have an effective means to, which they evidently had.
  2. Let's not get carried away here. You're missing the important stuff... subnautica? the ship is called the Aurora.... Half life? The borealis.. Starsector? That has a ship called the Aurora too.. Obviously we need to write the angry emails.
  3. I have to say I enjoy the majority of it a lot, however, there are some discussed problems with medical and I think it's down to a few things. This section looks fine in my opinion and I think it all blends together relatively well, excuse the stinky med-mains but at least that gives a sprite contrast to the tiles. Here is where I think problems start to arise, when you have three to four colours clashing and the contrast of the reception office tiles. The red creates a weird out of place colour clash and the orange is just sort of splashed around a little randomly and the reception tiles really just don't merge too well. It all sort of creates a bit too much for us smooth brains to comprehend at once and hurts the eyes a bit. You can also see how the reception tiles create something of a depth of field effect almost with their contrast of sharpness. This also isn't very pleasant on the eyes. As someone said, it feels a lot like taking your glasses off. As I said before I really like the majority of the change but medical is a difficult mix match of colours and focuses.
  4. Bruh. I'm hoping this is just a meme. The stunbaton has already been nerfed greatly and takes twice as many hits to bring anyone down, it's supposed to be a non lethal alternative. Harmbatoning is not a real issue and if becomes common practice it'll be sorted by mods like ourselves : p The only thing replacing it with telebatons does is give sec less chances to do anything but engage in brute combat as apposed to just stunning. It will not change how people react to being hit other than likely making them become even more aggressive as you're physically damaging them, not just stunning them.
  5. Oh, I was looking at the pic wezzy posted. - ohhhh whoopsies.
  6. Gonna have to say I really dislike having the dots on every wall, that part is very ugly in my own opinion. But I like the floor sprites still.
  7. +1 Hepatica is super modest about their roleplaying abilities, I've seen them massively change between personalities for different characters and they're totally capable of maintaining a believable and interesting IPC character.
  8. ooooh how did i not see these before? As a filthy med main i like the life added from Brain man's sprites.
  9. The first thing i ever noticed when joining the server was how Windows XP all the textures looked. Feel like this would help clear that up pretty well.
  10. Shiny, look good. Extra variation is nice too.
  11. Please God yes, oh God please remove wiz from secret. There's much less to gain from wizard being secret in comparison to something like malf ai as that's supposed to be built as a secret. For me at least wizard is quite dispised and it's the only type of round I've been willing to cryo in just from being fed up of dealing with the same damned gimmicks over and over and over again. I dislike constantly having to RP that i've never seen someone teleport before when really it's reaching the 50th time until they inevitably either fireball me to death, turn me into a statue or turn someone into a farwa. Same tricks, different pony. I generally feel the mode would fair much better if it was always voted on as that might entail someone actually having a worthwhile gimmick.
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