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  1. I don't know about this as a requirement, but having been on the receiving end of being new to an antag role and having to ahelp the shit out of mistakes on several occasions, It would be nice to see some scaling. Because carrying the antag side for an entire round of higher pop by yourself is intimidating af to me. That said, I am fairly newb and unrobust, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.
  2. I like the idea behind this mechanic, but without a whole lot of coding knowledge I dunno how the heck it would work. But despite the OOC reasoning behind clearing up "Visitor", the IC reasoning doesn't change much? Like, sure, you are now an off-duty engineer or whatever, but you're still here when you don't need to be? The visitor thing almost makes more sense because why would they want you to have clearance and permissions when you're not on duty? I could def see it working if you were "tappable" as being pulled on-duty in emergencies and your Head of Staff could basically toggle you to "on duty", but I dunno how realistic a thought that is.
  3. BYOND Key: IndyCooper Character Names: Mackenzie Jenkins, Katherine Marchaire, Grace Johansen(retired), Rebekah Wright(retired), Stephanie Matsushita(retired?), Bolla San-kohl(died) Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Wheat (RGB 205, 186, 150) or something as close as I can get. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Been reading it over the past week or so. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I thought a LOT about which species I wanted as my first white-list. While I'm comfortable with roleplaying in GENERAL, roleplaying on SS13 is significantly harder for me because I am, even now with six months under my belt, learning bunches about how the game is even played, mechanically. As such, I didn't want my first whitelist to be something even more challenging to play than was necessary (ie: a non-mammal). Tajara feels like an okay middle ground for me to start exploring non-human play while sticking closer to my comfort zone and still expanding on my RP abilities. They feel like something I can RP without messing up, excepting the “getting experienced” mistakes I am bound to make. Aside from the above, I really like several aspects of the Tajara, including the obvious conflicts that can arise with competing ideologies inside the race. I tend to play very nice, welcoming characters, so this will be a departure for me and I look forward to having a non-contrived reason to have IC conflicts. Other aspects include the speech pattern in third person, which I accidentally start using irl upon seeing it often, and the community of players who play Tajara regularly seem excellent, as well, though my OOC interactions with people are admittedly limited in scope. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: There are the obvious biological differences, of course, including the sleep-cycle and evolutionary climate, all of which lead to subtle differences. Body language, also, is going to be extremely different, and if I am being honest probably going to be my weakest part until I get used to it. The extremity of recent civil war is also going to be pressing on any character's mind, and it kind of necessitates an avoidance of middle-ground thinking. Between revolution and religious doctrine, Tajara seem much more black-and-white in their views of right and wrong, and less compromising about them as well. Character Name: Zariyah Al'Khouri Please provide a short backstory for this character The last of three siblings, Zariyah's family was located for generations in a small town on the southern shores of the Al'manqrra Sea, M'sai serving the Zatushka Kingdom. But when the arrival of aliens first broke news on Adhomai, and the subsequent unrest began, her grandfather and his three sons swiftly decided that they would support the rebels if they could. As the Hadii turned coats, so did her family, and soon enough they were embroiled in war. Her grandfather fell within a month, and her two uncles were dead in fields by the end of the First Revolution. But her father managed to survive through the end of the war, and not only that, had found a wife, a medic in the army, who he married in 2432. While he had never been all that religious, Zariyah's mother was extremely devout in the ways of the Ma'ta'ke. They had two boys before her, but when Zariyah was born in early 2437, she was immediately the apple of both her parents eyes. This of course led to some strife with her brothers, several years older than her, but with the looming troubles in their childhood, nothing was ever serious. Like her mother, Zariyah grew up with a predilection to say her prayers to Marryam, but a noted fondness for stories about the Tajani and Paspitami'rran wound through her too much for her to ever become truly devout, unlike her family. She grew into a love of stories in general, and took up writing and reading as soon as she could, despite the teasing she got from her brothers and father, and developed a passion for poetry and the written word that she saw as sorely lacking. That, however, changed when she was just fourteen, preparing for job training and supporting the government however she could, with the death of the president in 2451. The entire family, shaken by the news, sat for days arguing. Finally, after a fierce fight, Zariyah's father and two brothers left to volunteer to fight the rebels that threatened the future of Adhomai. To the tears of her mother, Zariyah also joined to fight off threats to the only way of life she had ever known. She served well and honourably for years, though she went down to wounds shortly before the retaking of B'urr. During the months leading up to the retaking of B'urr, the lives of her father and elder brother were taken, while her younger brother was listed missing and presumed to be dead. By the time she had left the hospital, Zariyah had lost all taste for fighting, and returned home. While still vehemently pro-government, she tired of killing, instead opting to join the factory workers and help supply the front lines. Her noted intelligence and care for her comrades both in and out of military service earned her several commendations and an invitation to go to Trizar Medical School in 2460. Before she could complete her first round of education, however, with ALA forces threatening the city, she was shuttled with many other students and residents to complete her education off of Adhomai. Nanotrasen picked up her contract in a lottery draw and she has been sent to Tau Ceti to work aboard the Aurora as an intern. What do you like about this character? She is not JUST a soldier, not JUST another PRA member, she has empathy for others and a worry about her home. While she HATES the ALA, individuals might still be brought back to see Hadii's grace once again, Marryam willing. She is, however, a battle-hardened veteran and should have lots of fun tories I will eventually write further upon to both horrify and entertain her co-workers in equal measure, plus while she is CAPABLE of killing, she icly won't valid-hunt without EXTREME cause, as her ideals have changed significantly over her life. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Um. Good enough in other formats. Unsure about SS13. I know I don't LRP and I like to THINK I am capable of making my characters be realistic people. Notes: I super welcome criticism but I have really bad stagefright about this please be gentle. I DO learn.
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