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  1. I am one of the few people that play a Trauma Physician on this station, so I obviously don't like this change. So we have: EMT & Paramedic Intern & Resident Pharmacist & Chemist Psychiatrist & Psychologist But Trauma Physician was the "bloat" that needed to be taken out? With no Viro, why even have a Chemist role? With all the medical changes, why have two titles for a mental health role that is almost never used on station as traumas are now almost impossible to get? This station needs to bump up the age for its surgeons, but entertains both Intern & Resident programs? This isn't a medical school. Trauma Physicians make a great deal of sense for the station. They are emergency medical doctors, primarily providing "emergency room" like treatment to patients. Which is what this station should be expecting to provide to its crew members: a doctor specialized in advanced boo-boos.
  2. It has a 30u overdose line and treats all kinds of damage. You can administer it, without risk, prior to any diagnosis. Its ability to treat brute damage can help prevent the "bone too damaged to repair" problem that trips up even experienced surgeons. The ability to treat burns, and the ability to administer it so early, basically eliminates the usefulness of Dermaline. The ability to treat toxins means it can even buy you time in an organ failure situation. Tricord is the first medicine that should go in because it is guaranteed to be helpful.
  3. You can refill the standard auto-inhalers and that fact is actually a key fact in my chem-making process. Dexalin is an absolute lynchpin as it is the base for Dexplus, it is the precursor for the CryoMixes, and Clonexadone that is used in making Peridaxon are all derived from Dexalin. I deliberately take the two oxy-kits from the medical storage, dump the combined 40 units of Dexalin into a beaker, and make 120 units of Dexplus from it. With that I can refill all 8 autoinhalers with Dexplus 5 units * 8 autoinhalers = 40 units), and still have enough left over for one bottle of Dexplus for the fridge (60 units) and the Dexplus needed to make a bottle of Adrenaline (20 units). With that simple move, you can provide medical with 8 autoinhalers of kickass breathing meds, provide a bottle to the fridge of that same med, AND start on your production of Adrenaline. And you only used 40 units of Carbon and 40 units of Iron to do it from your chem-machines. Pneumalin is an absolute game-changer. It is an organ repairing medicine that can be made very cheaply, as it doesn't consume any phoron to make and isn't reliant on the Dexalin pathway. The Pharmacy has a closet with a box of empty autoinhalers and I put 6 of them full of 5 units of Pneumalin right after I do the above Dexalin to Dexplus recipe above. Sadly, the least important of the "Basics" is Dermaline. Because Tricord is so good at repairing burn damage, Dermaline is almost never given on its own. And it is far down the triage response of drugs to administer. For almost all heavily injured characters, the order of operations for most doctors is: Tricord - Because it is good at everything Dexplus - Get the possibility of re-oxygenating the brain going BLOOD - You have to replace what was lost, all the rest means nothing if they lack the blood to care the oxygen If you don't have a surgeon, this is where you start to consider the Bicard OD as a way to treat an arterial break. If you have a surgeon, or a trauma physician who can repair an AB, you don't want to do the OD because you want to work the rest of this list to get them stable enough for surgery Norepinephrine/Adrenaline - Stabilize or Restart the heart, minor pain killer Pneumalin - Repair the damage to the lungs, if any, to get that oxy flowing again Peridaxon - You have to repair the heart to get that oxygenation up too! And this also helps slow any brain damage from oxy loss Alkysine - If you have put in all of the above, you are probably above 85% Blood Oxygenation, so this drug will start to fix the brain damage caused by the Oxygen Loss (DRUG TO TREAT SPECIFIC DAMAGE) - Bullets or beaten? Bicardine. Lasers? Dermaline. Posion? Dylovene. If you look at that list, you could give an EMT/PARAMEDIC a beaker of tricord to carry (They make it themselves), an autoinhaler of dexplus, an autoinhaler of pneumalin, an autoinjector of adrenaline, and a rolling bed that has a built in IV drip for blood, and every patient coming in the door is now stable enough to start pushing the Peridaxon and prepping for AB/Bone repair surgery. Because of that triage list, the easily most important drugs for a chemist to make are Dexplus, Pneumalin, Peridaxon. The next most important are Adrenaline and Alkysine. Everything else is tied after that because of how rarely useful they are in stabilizing and treating patient. Even radiation can be treated by just giving a patient enough Dylovene to let the liver process it out.
  4. Wanted to put together one spot for all the characters I play. The list below is from most to least played: Robert Barcus, Pharmacist Conner Mab, Trauma Physician Alfred Siegrist, Station Engineer Alexei Zadovsky, Phoron Researcher Chad Zisa, Idris Contractor, Hydroponticist Joel Carter, Hephaestus Contractor, Shaft Miner/Drill Technician Gregor Simali, Scientist And these ones I very rarely play: Cynthia Megaclite, Roboticist Cameron Triton, Bartender Braxton Davidsen, Chef (Newest character) Pablo Chavez, Security Officer (My first character, but haven't played in months and months) I know lots of people have had some pretty good stories and learned a little bit about the "hidden" backstories of some of these characters. Good, bad, indifferent, let me know what you think of them!
  5. I like this, lorewise, I hate the Necro-Dominia-Security combo for reasons I went into at length on the Discord. But, them being security is a thing I didn't hate. I can imagine Necro using its security services as a way to advertise its weapons. Like embedded salespeople. I want Necro as a company to be changed more, lorewise, than removing Necro as a security contractor option. Ehhh, I think of Idris as a supplier of service industry drones. Need a warm body to do a thing at rock bottom prices? It makes sense to have Idris in Civilian and Supply as those are the lowest paid, "lowest skill" job on the station. Civ and Supply are paid at the same rates, literally the lowest besides the intern positions. I would rather Necro keep Security and one other and Idris keep Civilian and Supply.
  6. Since I haven't seen this point brought up yet: This will absolutely upend HoS play and ruin it. So, I'm a HoS with little staff under my direct control, most have no reason to leave the Brig unless we have an emergency... but if I flip this itty bitty switch over here from Green to Blue, I get my entire department back and free run of the Station. Blue lets the armory open and the warrants be damned, all Officers report to the Brig for briefing and gats! If it is easier to go to Blue than get a warrant, every HoS is either going to hit that button at the absolute first sign of anything no matter how minor. And if they do it, powergaming and validhunting. And if they don't? Bet they have to deal with Security staff yelling at them to go nuts. Not to even mention the resistance this gets from other staff. Imagine a shift with just a HoS and CE. Some Engineer fucks around, does something dumb, but HoS doesn't have anything concrete to get a warrant and the CE is holding firm to "Green and Warrant, or kick sand". The HoS then just walks to their office, flips it to Blue, and tells the CE to get fucked. If the proposed change is to keep an officer under the departments control till non-Green and to take away the radios until non-Green, you will see HoS's use anything as an excuse to elevate the security status. And that is something they can do unilaterally. This would make it easier to get around warrants than issue them in the first place and encourages Command staff to dismantle Dep-Sec as soon as they can. Real Talk: Because the station goes to Blue and stays there most rounds with antags. Once it goes up it never goes back down. So they don't need warrants. The only rounds that tend to stay at Green or even return to Green are Extended or ones that have plenty of Command staff on station. And, let's not forget, the extremely easy excuse for a Dep-Sec officers to say, "I don't need a warrant to search an area I have access too". Dep-Sec eliminated warrant complaints because it gave each Dep-Sec officer a standing search warrant for their department. So by either elevating to a status that doesn't need a warrant or having officers in a department acts as a warrant, Dep-Sec also does away with warrants and rights against unwarranted search at large. And if your answer to my concerns about "Players shouldn't play that way", you are dropping back into a policy and SOP argument. I think the entire Dep-Sec pursuit is misguided and should be abandoned whole cloth. Absolutely nothing proposed by anyone addresses the fact that a HoS can push a single button, undo all of Dep-Sec, and keep Officers with increased access on their ID cards in their pocket. No one has any idea how to make that happen without a big change I haven't heard from anyone: It's time to QM the HoS and they aren't Command anymore. And to be clear, I DO NOT want that. True, but if every time you try to, you know, play an antag and learn you have a 5-man team of Armory Equipped trigger-men come at you as soon as they sniff a whiff... If antag roles take skill, and I agree they do, don't bash antag players who find themselves never getting any practice because they are beaten into the ground quickly. You know how people like to complain that some antags don't "escalate" appropriately? Keep that in mind when everyone, mods included, accept that Security defaults to a response of "Blue and Gear Up" as soon as they see anything or hear about anything. Try to remember that the Security response escalation is allowed to go "1.) Ask them to leave, 2.) Make them leave with non-lethals and perma-brigging, 3.) Make them leave with lethals" and that can happen in the span of a single "Leave. No. Stun baton. .45 goes brrr" Does this surprise you that you have most antags playing sneaky? Why would so many people play sneaky antag if they WEREN'T afraid of the obvious, we-all-acknowledge-it Sec-hammer?
  7. I totally like that. Just change his death age to 144 and problem solved. I mean, it makes NT look much more impressive. And then you said: You bring up my point perfectly. You are talking about how you see Zeng-Hu as the "Leader of BioTech/Medicine/Pharmaceuticals" but the Zeng-Hu page specifically says they are not the leader anymore. I want the Zeng-Hu page to match up with people's vision of them. Whatever reason that needs to be cooked up, but make it so that Zeng-Hu is never losing out to NT. Talk about how they got that fucking sweet Skrell Tech and passed NT, hence why NT is pivoting to Bluespace, Phoron, and Tesla engines. It's not a bad idea to say "NT was the biotech megagod, then Zeng got that gooey Skrell tech, passed them up, good thing NT had that Bluespace Ace" No man! Warp is great for all the reasons Marlon had. It shows the progress, and also how NT is kicking Einsteins ass. My primary issue with it is that the pricing difference between warp and Bluespace seems off. Warp should actually still be popular amongst private citizens and the like, because it can be used for short trips, maybe just intra-stellar travel. And people would only use Bluespace for issues of speed and distance. Like the difference between a roadtrip and getting a plane flight. Make the gates much more expensive, talk about how Bluespace Liners are a thing that are saving Einstein because they are licensing drives from NT, so they are still a major shipbuilder. Lots of room to have Warp and Bluespace in the same universe, it just doesn't make economic sense right now because in a universe with Bluespace, warp is the cheap technology But they aren't dough. IRL it is 12 LY, but on the starmap it looks like about 9LY. If the Arrivals shuttle drive is typical, and my assumption about the Aurora being on an asteroid in the far reaches of Tau Ceti, it would take 9-14 days to get between Sol and Tau Ceti using a Bluespace drive. But if I could go Tau Ceti-Konyang and Konyang-Sol through the marked gates on the map in maybe just 4-5 hours, I would never make a direct trip via Bluespace Drive when the Gates are faster. But, why would there be a gate to Konyang and not one to Tau Ceti? Tau Ceti and Eridani were and are too important for the Sol Alliance to not have a gate pair between them. Konyang is new, Tau Ceti is one of the oldest human colonies, Konyang's own page on the wiki is about how its basically been a pain in the ass for the Sol Alliance to hang on to. If there was a Bluespace gate between Sol and Konyang, shouldn't it read "And with the development of the Bluespace gate system, the Sol Alliance military tightened its grasp on the far reaches of its domain, now able to deploy fleets with an incredible swiftness. The Coalition of Colonies fear that this brings the Sol Alliance to their very doorstep, re-igniting the possibility of open warfare to claim what the Sol Alliance sees as its own."? Hey, even creates a situation around the Coalition resisting the development of Bluespace gates in their territory, backdoor traitor systems trying to get NT to build one on the downlow for them, Coalition resisters openly funded more terrorism against NT to try and stop this. Man, that could make all kinds of cool events and stories to be played on the station.
  8. Yeah, sorry about that, I just didn't want to add anything to the lore stuff cause it looked like people pitching new stuff and mine is mostly me nitpicking. But yeah, glad to have found this stuff. I just was going through everything story wise and found my head getting scratched too often.
  9. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Timeline "2346: NanoTrasen is officially founded by Xavier Trasen, who is at the time 47 years old." And then a few lines later: "2443: Xavier Trasen dies at the age of 97, and his daughter Miranda Trasen takes over as the new CEO of NanoTrasen at 30 years of age." So, the issue is that it is 97 years between the founding of NT and Xavier's death. Which would make him 144 years old at the time of his death... and Miranda conceived when he was 114! Future medicine aside, this probably needs to be re-worked. Maybe have Miranda be an heir to an heir between Xavier and her? Jeff Trasen? Billy? I don't care, but it seems more likely to make Miranda his granddaughter. And while this is the issue I want to highlight the most, overall the timelines have some major problems when compared with the other pages: "2346: ... It has a net worth rivalling that of Einstein Engines, the original 'mega-corporation', as it has developed advanced medical technology." NT starts off as a fantastically wealthy firm by creating incredible medical technology. It rivals the only major interstellar manufacturer through medical tech. Zeng-Hu? More like Zeng-Who. Zeng got a 314 year head start on NT, and NT launches into besting them AND rivaling the most powerful company around at the time? Maybe this can be re-worked into a believable ascent for Zeng-Hu into the "Medical Technology Leader" most people consider them as? Hard to believe people would think that if they have spent all of NT's existence playing second-fiddle. "2425: NanoTrasen wins a contract with the Sol Alliance to construct the first "Bluespace Gates", which quickly replace Warp Gates and allow travel between entire star systems in a matter of minutes or hours... NanoTrasen becomes the leader in both medical research, and a titan of energy." Seems like Zeng, even with all that cooperation, still not the leader in medical tech. Canonwise, per the Starmap, there are only 4 pairs of Bluespace gates in existence. The wording here implies they are all over the Orion Spur. The statement on how this adjusts the speed is... quite odd. There isn't a clearly defined speed for warp, bluespace drives, and bluespace gates. But the in-game minutes between Odin and Aurora of the various shuttles seems to imply that the bluespace gates are hundreds of times faster than the bluespace drives. If Odin and Aurora were as far apart as Sol and Pluto, that is 4-6 light hours. The arrivals shuttle takes 60 seconds to get to the Aurora. That puts the drives of the shuttle at 240-340 times lightspeed. The scale on the Starmap suggests that Sol and Konyang are 17 lightyears apart. I'll save you all the math, but that means the arrivals shuttle could make that distance in 17-26 days. The longest distance that has a marked Bluespace Gate pair is Tau Ceti to Perispolis at 32 lightyears. To have that covered in "hours", let's assume 2 hours to be literally plural, means that the Bluespace Gates would have to be 140,160 times the speed of light, or between 390 and 584 times faster than the arrivals shuttle. And we know that is the short end of the stick because it also says it could be covered in "minutes" as well. The absolutely insane speed capable of the Bluespace Gates seems to line up, lore wise, with only having a few pairs of them around the galaxy. I mean, it makes sense that these massive gates are turbo-hella fast compared to a shuttle drives. People would cryo if they were on a bluespace drive ship on short little hops, use the gates to cover the big distances. "2147: Biesel is discovered in Tau Ceti by Sol Alliance probes... With the trip expected to take months with current warp travel technology, it is considered a one-way trip for the colonists." But wait a second, warp drives are capable of covering the gap from Sol to Tau Ceti in "months". If we assumed it took 11 months (the max number of months before you would call it a year, 335 days to keep the math simple, this would also show the absolute slowest warp can go) that would place warp drives at 9.8 times the speed of light. If you assume 60 days (two months, the minimum number of months to be plural, the fastest warp could go) would be 54.8 times the speed of light. Was the discovery of Bluespace such that you would now have basic shuttles moving people 4 times faster than a colonial warp drive, and even that gets blown away by Bluespace gates that only charge you 20 credits to pass through?! The Bluespace page says that a drive can do 100-1000 times the speed of light. That makes it between 2-100 times better than a warp drive. With all the math we have done, that makes sense... Until you look at the "Ships and Station"s page. If a freighter costs as much as a "high-end" car and a bluespace drive costs twice as much as the ship, the total cost could be well over 900,000 credits. ($100,000 car today x 3 for the dollar to credit conversion x 3 for the cost of the ship and the drive). But I could have the same thing for only 450,000 with a warp drive. And NT only charges 20 credits to go thousands of times faster through a bluespace gate? These prices and price differences in performance are too odd. Why would someone pay half as much (warp ship compared to bluespace ship) but get a product that is ultimately 2-100 times worse in quality? Warp ships should be around the price of a modern day used car (about 50 times cheaper, or 18,000 credits, or $6,000). You can't use "newness of Bluespace" as an excuse, its been 37 years since the gates got retrofit. Plenty of time to build vast fleets of Bluespace-drive having ships. And why wouldn't I want a warp ship? Warp to a gate, jump to a new system in hours, warp to the other gate, jump again. I have a 300 year old technology in my used-car-priced ship and I still got to Sol from Tau Ceti in maybe a day for 40 credits/~$13? Interstellar travel is priced like a toll booth and not international airfare? Also, no pair of gates between Sol and Tau Ceti? I mean, I get the issue of the relationship between Sol Alliance and the Republic of Biesel, but the warp-to-bluespace gate retrofit happened 27 years prior to the Republic forming. I find it hard to believe Sol wouldn't have a gate between it and one of its most prosperous colonies. Maybe Einstein Engines was encourage to shut the gate down by the Sol government in an attempt to punish growing independence concerns in Tau Ceti? Either add a gate pair or have a reason for the gate to have been shutdown. In summary, the various timelines across the wiki create a bunch of odd situations when compared with the pages describing various technologies and events. There are some more like this, but I wanted to start a discussion before trying to dig into all of them. The suggestion: Fix these weird little glitches all over the place in the timeline.
  10. The idea that you could bring a "coffee kit" in your loadout is cool. Just have it like the lunchbox: You get a thermos full of coffee, one cream, one sugar. The cream and sugar are 10u containers with 5u default pours.
  11. Viral outbreaks are most of the time a false sensor reading and when do happen, they are trivial to deal with. The character I have that should be dealing with Viro the most (Robert Barcus, Pharmacist) still almost never has to deal with it. I am all for its removal. But if removed, remove that entire section of the medical upper level. There is nothing that it needs to be replaced with. And I heard someone mentioning that psych is pretty much dead too? Hmmm... can we get a double kill and completely do away with the upper level of Medical?
  12. The post I made because this post is so good.
  13. Uncle Barcus' Pharmacy of Odds & Ends - A Chem Guide First, I was inspirationally bullied into making this by VisVirific's amazing guide. You should check that out. It's a pretty cool list, and this guide is actually inspired by: Not wanting to do that much work My own ways of getting the same thing done in a different sequence. So off the bat, I want to say that his guide is probably more "optimal". This guide is more "thrifty". You know those docs that measure all medications in doses of 15 units a shot and throw the sink at every nosebleed and boo-boo? This is the guide for telling those docs and paras to use those meds in effective, non-wasteful methods. Some CMO gets on you about it? Talk about NT budget savings. So, let's get into how to give them everything they need and maybe some stuff they didn't know they wanted. The Big Changes from VisVirific's Guide: The Basics Robert Barcus' Cryo Mix For Fun & Profit The Big Changes from VisVirific's Guide: The Specialized The Big Changes from VisVirific's Guide: The Stabilizers The Big Changes from VisVirific's Guide: The Blood Supplements The Big Changes from VisVirific's Guide: Resupply Uncle Barcus' Goofy Mixes & Assorted Medicines Conclusion
  14. My recommendation: Just apply an IC way of looking at it. Did your HoS get demoted? Because that's the only reason I should see him running around as a Warden or anything else. This should apply across all the Command roles. Unless you want me to think that your character got a big demotion, don't play them as working at a demoted position. QM now hauling ore around? Demoted. HoP is bartender? Mega demoted. HoS is a forensic tech? Who did he piss off? It makes absolutely no sense, IC, for elevated/promoted characters to play demoted/lower ranking ones. It should be considered OOC in IC if you do this, because OBVIOUSLY you are doing it because you didn't get the one you really wanted. OOC: You have 50 character slots. 50. Didn't get HoS? Load up a different character that can play Warden and then go play Warden. Same across all the other departments. This is not hard.
  15. BYOND Key: PTiberiusM Staff BYOND Key: SonicGotNuked Game ID: b4s-dnnY Reason for complaint: Removal of Warning/Remedial Education for Sonic Evidence/logs/etc: Quoting Sonic's warning: "Wordlessly sabatoged telecomms as ninja. Telecomms being a teleport location isn't an excuse." There is almost a reason for why this warning is wrongly applied for every word in it. To give some background:During this round, I was a ninja. Myself and the other ninja decided to go for a "Kidnap the Captain, hold him for ransom, maybe or maybe not actually hand him over". We plan around mostly non-lethals, wanting this to be as sneaky as possible and not lead to outright conflict. Our plan is this: SOMEHOW disable the station's ability to discern that we had grabbed the Captain. Other ninja pitched taking down the power, and I obviously say that is a bad idea (IC: Can't recharge our suits; OOC: Powergaming). Teleporting to the Bridge and grabbing the Captain in 10 minutes... IC and OOC not a fun option since "Ninja Grabs SpareID, Opens All Lootboxes" is done to death and, IC, "too easy". So we settle on taking out the Telecommunications, because it will work, isn't done to death, and hey would you look at that, its one of the default teleportation locations. After messing with the SMES to Telecomms, allowing Engineers to find out there is a problem, causing power drains to recharge our suits, hacking every door on the way into Telecomms, almost getting caught by Engineers twice, figuring out we can't just work the computers, turn off the thermal controls, and FINALLY at just over 45 minutes into the round, we manged to take apart the receivers and transmitters, and pull the wires from three pieces of hardware, disabling Telecomms. The other ninja takes the three circuit cards, goes to toss them to space, we leave the rest of the system either in place or on the floor of the Telecomms room. The three cards, all of them had replacements in the Maintenance around the corner, didn't even touch those. It's at this point the chain of messages from Sonic starts with asking me why I disabled Telecomms, telling him our plan and culminating in him saying, "There are other methods you can use to kidnap people without them screaming for help. Wordlessly sabatoging telecomms shouldn't be one of those methods. I'm going to be placing a warning on you for this." As linked in our server rules on Roleplaying High RP means "Your character is expected to act consistently with regard to past behavior, to do their job with skill, and to not interfere with the jobs of other crew members without a good reason." and in a section just above that on playing an Antag: "Your objectives are your top priority but well-done Roleplay can improve the experience not just for yourself but for your target as well." Again, that is directly linked in the Server Rules page. The word "wordlessly" is not found anywhere in any Rule or Guide, besides the one on ganking. Absolutely no ganking occurred here. The only mention of escalation in the Server Rules is: Only escalate conflict in a realistic manner - some characters might overreact... Again, your character must be motivated enough to commit to more drastic action, as they undertake it. Two ninjas try one way to disable comms, Engineers fix it, almost catch them, so they escalate to taking the receivers and broadcasters apart. The very first line under playing an Antagonist role in the Server Rules is: Firstly, refer to Antagonist Guidelines before attempting to play antagonist roles. To that end... The wiki on playing Ninja recommends in its very first tip to avoid combat. The primary goal of an antagonist is to help create a story. We were creating a Ninja story. Not a Raider story, not a Mercenary Story, not a Traitor story, a Ninja story. You know, stealth, shadowy tactics, means to be hidden, sneak-in-and-sneak-out-oh-shit-we-got-got. Not randomly killing. Not ganking. Not powergaming. All three of those no-nos are explicitly prohibited in the Server Rules. The Server rules clearly outline that "station's primary power source and atmospherics systems" are not to be touched without Uber-high-approval from on the mountains of on high-highness. So we didn't touch them. In fact, we used power sapping and turning off power output to generate some early warnings for Engineering. Who did respond. And turned it back on. If they hadn't turned it back on, power to Telecomms would have ran out over a longer period of time. And we wouldn't have had to go and... Followed literally the first example on the Telecommunications guide for cutting Comms. Didn't blow it up, didn't turn it to ash, took apart 4 machines. 45 minutes into the round. After prodding Engineering that something was wrong. And left all but three parts lying on the floor of the room. When I was able to come back later, I saw that an engineer reversed our damage in less than 20 minutes. To sum it up: Messing with Telecomms was is not prohibited in Server Rules or Antagonist Guides, Antagonist guides (for Ninja) encourage combat-less play, Server rules against powergaming and ganking were not broken as we did not break comms immediately on round start or destroy them in unrecoverable ways, follow-ed literally the Wiki suggested guide. Additional remarks: I think Sonic thinks the job of Moderator is To Make Sure A Story I Like Is Told, and it ain't. Because there is absolutely no Server Rule, Guide, or general advice that was not followed in making and executing that Ninja roleplay. Warnings are supposed to reference a rule being broken. "Wordlessly sabotaged telecomms as a ninja" is not a rule, and I would argue the Server Rules, Guides, and all the linked materials actually argue for the opposite. "Telecomms being a teleport location isn't an excuse." - I think Sonic doesn't understand that doing something that negatively impacts the station isn't bad roleplay. Why, oh why, would the lobby outside Telecomms be an option for the Ninja if they aren't allowed to touch it? That would be like saying stealing the Captain's Spare isn't acceptable, even though there is a teleport directly to the Bridge about 3 Ninja-suit teleports away from it. If the warning on this stands, remove the Telecomms location from the Ninja teleport. The SM and Atmos aren't on the list. If you want them untouchable, by Rule, then put it in the rules and take the option away from the Ninja. I do think that Sonic has engaged in OOC Chucklefucking: "...Our server is about establishing a certain atmosphere, and setting out to ruin that atmosphere, or the experience of other players in that atmosphere, is punishable." I feel I don't need to link the dictionary definition of "Ninja". Sonic seems to think there is a "right" and a "wrong" way to play a character. And if he doesn't like it, it's "wrong." If Sonic can't see that almost 45 minutes of prepping and executing cat and mouse sneaky with Engineering to get the comms offline is within the rules, I think he needs to re-learn the difference between the rules and his personal preferences.
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