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  1. My recommendation: Just apply an IC way of looking at it. Did your HoS get demoted? Because that's the only reason I should see him running around as a Warden or anything else. This should apply across all the Command roles. Unless you want me to think that your character got a big demotion, don't play them as working at a demoted position. QM now hauling ore around? Demoted. HoP is bartender? Mega demoted. HoS is a forensic tech? Who did he piss off? It makes absolutely no sense, IC, for elevated/promoted characters to play demoted/lower ranking ones. It should be considered OOC in IC if you do this, because OBVIOUSLY you are doing it because you didn't get the one you really wanted. OOC: You have 50 character slots. 50. Didn't get HoS? Load up a different character that can play Warden and then go play Warden. Same across all the other departments. This is not hard.
  2. BYOND Key: PTiberiusM Staff BYOND Key: SonicGotNuked Game ID: b4s-dnnY Reason for complaint: Removal of Warning/Remedial Education for Sonic Evidence/logs/etc: Quoting Sonic's warning: "Wordlessly sabatoged telecomms as ninja. Telecomms being a teleport location isn't an excuse." There is almost a reason for why this warning is wrongly applied for every word in it. To give some background:During this round, I was a ninja. Myself and the other ninja decided to go for a "Kidnap the Captain, hold him for ransom, maybe or maybe not actually hand him over". We plan around mostly non-lethals, wanting this to be as sneaky as possible and not lead to outright conflict. Our plan is this: SOMEHOW disable the station's ability to discern that we had grabbed the Captain. Other ninja pitched taking down the power, and I obviously say that is a bad idea (IC: Can't recharge our suits; OOC: Powergaming). Teleporting to the Bridge and grabbing the Captain in 10 minutes... IC and OOC not a fun option since "Ninja Grabs SpareID, Opens All Lootboxes" is done to death and, IC, "too easy". So we settle on taking out the Telecommunications, because it will work, isn't done to death, and hey would you look at that, its one of the default teleportation locations. After messing with the SMES to Telecomms, allowing Engineers to find out there is a problem, causing power drains to recharge our suits, hacking every door on the way into Telecomms, almost getting caught by Engineers twice, figuring out we can't just work the computers, turn off the thermal controls, and FINALLY at just over 45 minutes into the round, we manged to take apart the receivers and transmitters, and pull the wires from three pieces of hardware, disabling Telecomms. The other ninja takes the three circuit cards, goes to toss them to space, we leave the rest of the system either in place or on the floor of the Telecomms room. The three cards, all of them had replacements in the Maintenance around the corner, didn't even touch those. It's at this point the chain of messages from Sonic starts with asking me why I disabled Telecomms, telling him our plan and culminating in him saying, "There are other methods you can use to kidnap people without them screaming for help. Wordlessly sabatoging telecomms shouldn't be one of those methods. I'm going to be placing a warning on you for this." As linked in our server rules on Roleplaying High RP means "Your character is expected to act consistently with regard to past behavior, to do their job with skill, and to not interfere with the jobs of other crew members without a good reason." and in a section just above that on playing an Antag: "Your objectives are your top priority but well-done Roleplay can improve the experience not just for yourself but for your target as well." Again, that is directly linked in the Server Rules page. The word "wordlessly" is not found anywhere in any Rule or Guide, besides the one on ganking. Absolutely no ganking occurred here. The only mention of escalation in the Server Rules is: Only escalate conflict in a realistic manner - some characters might overreact... Again, your character must be motivated enough to commit to more drastic action, as they undertake it. Two ninjas try one way to disable comms, Engineers fix it, almost catch them, so they escalate to taking the receivers and broadcasters apart. The very first line under playing an Antagonist role in the Server Rules is: Firstly, refer to Antagonist Guidelines before attempting to play antagonist roles. To that end... The wiki on playing Ninja recommends in its very first tip to avoid combat. The primary goal of an antagonist is to help create a story. We were creating a Ninja story. Not a Raider story, not a Mercenary Story, not a Traitor story, a Ninja story. You know, stealth, shadowy tactics, means to be hidden, sneak-in-and-sneak-out-oh-shit-we-got-got. Not randomly killing. Not ganking. Not powergaming. All three of those no-nos are explicitly prohibited in the Server Rules. The Server rules clearly outline that "station's primary power source and atmospherics systems" are not to be touched without Uber-high-approval from on the mountains of on high-highness. So we didn't touch them. In fact, we used power sapping and turning off power output to generate some early warnings for Engineering. Who did respond. And turned it back on. If they hadn't turned it back on, power to Telecomms would have ran out over a longer period of time. And we wouldn't have had to go and... Followed literally the first example on the Telecommunications guide for cutting Comms. Didn't blow it up, didn't turn it to ash, took apart 4 machines. 45 minutes into the round. After prodding Engineering that something was wrong. And left all but three parts lying on the floor of the room. When I was able to come back later, I saw that an engineer reversed our damage in less than 20 minutes. To sum it up: Messing with Telecomms was is not prohibited in Server Rules or Antagonist Guides, Antagonist guides (for Ninja) encourage combat-less play, Server rules against powergaming and ganking were not broken as we did not break comms immediately on round start or destroy them in unrecoverable ways, follow-ed literally the Wiki suggested guide. Additional remarks: I think Sonic thinks the job of Moderator is To Make Sure A Story I Like Is Told, and it ain't. Because there is absolutely no Server Rule, Guide, or general advice that was not followed in making and executing that Ninja roleplay. Warnings are supposed to reference a rule being broken. "Wordlessly sabotaged telecomms as a ninja" is not a rule, and I would argue the Server Rules, Guides, and all the linked materials actually argue for the opposite. "Telecomms being a teleport location isn't an excuse." - I think Sonic doesn't understand that doing something that negatively impacts the station isn't bad roleplay. Why, oh why, would the lobby outside Telecomms be an option for the Ninja if they aren't allowed to touch it? That would be like saying stealing the Captain's Spare isn't acceptable, even though there is a teleport directly to the Bridge about 3 Ninja-suit teleports away from it. If the warning on this stands, remove the Telecomms location from the Ninja teleport. The SM and Atmos aren't on the list. If you want them untouchable, by Rule, then put it in the rules and take the option away from the Ninja. I do think that Sonic has engaged in OOC Chucklefucking: "...Our server is about establishing a certain atmosphere, and setting out to ruin that atmosphere, or the experience of other players in that atmosphere, is punishable." I feel I don't need to link the dictionary definition of "Ninja". Sonic seems to think there is a "right" and a "wrong" way to play a character. And if he doesn't like it, it's "wrong." If Sonic can't see that almost 45 minutes of prepping and executing cat and mouse sneaky with Engineering to get the comms offline is within the rules, I think he needs to re-learn the difference between the rules and his personal preferences.
  3. Just to throw my cents into this discussion. I have been playing a Roboticist for a week or so now and have noticed a bit of a pattern. I play just about every day, mostly in the evenings (end of med/high-pop, start of lowpop). I have yet to play Roboticist and have a Scientist on the crew, that is performing research, at the same time. There have been Scientists, but they "don't do R&D" for some reason or another and are tinkering. This locks down the progress of the Roboticist instantly. I think the happy balance here is that a Roboticist should have access to R&D and should only be performing it if there are no Scientists that are doing it. I think the parallels to Medical are strong here. An Emergency Physician/Medical Doctor should not be performing surgery, unless there are no Surgeons. In fact, this is why EPs and MDs have access to the ORs, because there are some aspects of their job that would be impossible without having access to it. For example: No Pharmacist/Biochemist on staff? Then no Bicard to use an overdose to stop internal bleeding. Or Mannitol/Alkysine/Peri for brain damage treatment. Meaning the only other option is surgery. Science is already heavily dependent on Cargo/Mining to make any of its advanced materials/toys. No other department has that. No point in having yet another blockade in Science because a light on a door flashes red on the R&D lab.
  4. Reporting Personnel: Conner Mab Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Emergency Physician Game ID: b30-amxG Personnel Involved: Captain Quintin Copperfield; Security Officer London Werry; Chief Medical Officer Fernando Gonzales Secondary Witnesses: Tsezar Oktyabrsky, Medical Doctor - Was directly involved in the situation that led to the incident Time of Incident: Unknown Real Time: Approximately 22:10 Central Standard Time Location of Incident: Medical, Brig Nature of Incident: [X] - Workplace Hazard [X] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [X] - Other: Misapplication of Corporate Regulations Overview of the Incident: A paramedic brought an already deceased corpse to the Medical Bay, the body of Ivan Krustov. This retrieval was performed after the Captain requested that medical staff respond to the disposals area. Following this body being brought to Medical, I received the body in the General Treatment Area and began making my way towards the Cloning area. Over the Medical radio channel, Paramedic Ra'mit Ma'zaira announced that the Head of Security was requesting that an autopsy be performed. I radio back on the Medical channel that I was "On it" to indicate that I was going to perform the autopsy. Dr. Tsezar Oktyabrsky accompanied me to Cloning at this time. Upon arriving at Cloning, I checked the record to confirm that there was no Do Not Clone directive on file for Ivan Krustov. Finding none, I announced over the Medical radio channel that I would begin the cloning procedure. At no time did the Captain, Chief Medical Officer, or a majority of the Heads state that this person was not to be cloned. Dr. Tsezar Oktyabrsky took over the cloning process, loading the patient, scanning, and initiating the cloning process. I returned the body to the body bag and made my way to the autopsy room in the Permanent Morgue. Upon arriving there and beginning the autopsy, I found massive damage all over the patients body, announcing over the radio that I would have to fully dissect the person to confirm where all the damage took place and how it many have occurred. It was at this time that the Medical staff on the radio claimed I had cloned a person who had committed suicide because they had, quoting Nurse Rocco DeFranco, "threw himself down the disposal chute". At this point I pointed out that without any prior psychiatric history from the patient indicating suicidal tendencies and no other evidence indicating that they had willingly killed themselves, that this should be considered a workplace accident. After the completion of the autopsy, I returned to the Top Level of Medical, where I was detained and taken to the Brig by Officer London Werry. I was informed, by Officer Werry, that I was being charged with "Malpractice" under the orders of the Captain Quintin Copperfield. I plead my case insisting to know what Corporate Regulation I violated and was told, again by Officer Werry, "Gross Neglect". I was offered the option of time in the Brig or to pay a fine. I elected to pay a fine and was charged 1,000 credits. After this I was released, and returned to Medical. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: No. At the time of the arrest, Chief Medical Officer Fernando Gonzales was the one to point me out to the officer and I was apparently charged by Captain Quintin Copperfield himself. Actions taken: My department head and Captain were in agreement with the action taken, no escalation on station was available. Additional Notes: The purpose of this Incident Report is not to insult the honor or quality of any person mentioned within it. I believe this incident has occurred because of a lack of clarity within the appropriate regulations and the facts of the incident. I contend that I am not guilty of "Gross Neglect" and put forth a three part defense against that charge: Ivan Krustov did not commit suicide. My actions were reasonable and proper, even in the event that Ivan did commit suicide. Corporate Regulation and Medical department procedures ill-define the infraction of violating Do Not Clone orders and the Cloning of person who have committed suicide, generating confusion that can only lead to future incidents of this nature, no matter how well-intended a physicians actions are. While the standard procedure in Nanotrasen for cloning states that a person who commits suicide is not to be cloned, the issue is in what constitutes a suicide. While putting your body into the disposals is incredibly dangerous and hazardous to ones health, it is clear that Ivan Krustov did not intend to kill himself. While his apparent pursuit of a bag of chips, as it was later revealed, was foolhardy, the fact that he so desired those chips proves he didn't want to die. At an extreme minimum, not before he ate those chips and likely he wanted to live to eat many more bags of chips. When a person engages in clearly dangerous conduct for their own satisfaction, and they tragically die as a result, we do not describe the death as a "suicide". It is typically referred to as a "accidental death". Much like an inexperienced Scientist tinkering with a teleportation device, we would not call an incident resulting in their death a "suicide". We would call it a tragic accident, and use all medical technology available to remedy the situation, provided they had no directives to the contrary. Additionally, for a medical doctor to comply with this requirement, they must be informed of the suicidal nature of the death. Prior to the beginning of cloning procedures, all Medical staff were aware that the Head of Security was requesting an autopsy, implying a suspicion about the cause of death, and of my actions in beginning cloning. At no time did the Chief Medical Officer or Captain state that the death was a suicide and the person should not be cloned. To the contrary, to evaluate my actions using a "reasonable person" standard, the presence of Dr. Oktyabrsky throughout this process and his actions agree with my own. Dr. Oktyabrsky, with all the same information I had and medical expertise, concurred and participated in the cloning process. This probes a number of questions, to include: If I was acting out of compliance with regulations or department procedure why did no other person on the Medical radio channel, to include Chief Medical Officer Gonzales and Captain Copperfield, express their disagreement or order me to halt my actions at the time they were occurring? If my actions constituted "Gross Neglect", implying I engaged in activities well outside of those considered reasonable, why would an equally informed and equally qualified physician come to the exact same medical decision as me. Even if described as "Malpractice", that is to imply that another equally situated and qualified professional would not make the same decision I did. This description would be contrary to the presence and actions of Dr. Oktyabrsky. Furthermore, while cloning a person who has committed suicide is against Medical department procedure, there is no Corporate Regulation that specifically handles the violation of a Do Not Clone order or the cloning of a person who has committed suicide. This could be anything from "Failure to Execute an Order" to "Neglect of Duty". The even greater charge of "Gross Negligence" specifically cites that the action would have to do harm to the station or the crew. This regulation is obviously to far, as cloning a deceased person is the opposite of causing harm to the station or crew. In fact, the only mention of cloning in the Corporate Regulations is an infraction for the impediment of a cloning procedure, "Disrespect to the Dead"! And even further, Medical department procedures also state that all haste should be given in reviving a fallen crew member. Reading these regulations and procedures, a physician is expected to both clone someone promptly and only clone in the appropriate scenario. This requires that the physician take into account all known facts to them, including those that can be researched in corporate records. The Corporate Regulations fail to clearly define what would be a violation of making a reasonable effort to make a reasonable decision in cloning. Medical department procedures insist on prompt action, negating the time for a lengthy investigation. In many cases, a cause of death can only be determined by an autopsy, a procedure that is time-consuming to the point of contravening the cloning directives on urgency. So, a physician with all the knowledge they could have could still end up cloning a suicidal person through no fault of their own, specifically because they were attempting to comply with all regulations and procedures. It is in my opinion that any one of these defenses would be sufficient to reverse my charge, and return the fine of 1,000 credits. Additionally, I would request that all efforts be made to clarify both the Corporate Regulations and Medical procedures in accordance with the outcome of this report.
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