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  1. Byond key: Herpetophilia Discord key: Herpetophilia#1638 Character Name: Suul Akhandi Item function(s): The ability to tap against the floor to make noise and do the same amount of damage as the loadout cane. I do not request it to have the same exact functions as a null staff (i.e deconverting cultists) because I want to use this outside of the Chaplain role as well, when I am playing Suul as a Visitor. The staff is pretty big IC and CAN NOT be worn in any suit storage, pocket, waist slots, or fit into any containers or bags. It CAN be worn in the back slot (where backpacks and satchels go), though. Sprites for this are included. Item name: akhanzi staff Item description: This type of staff is usually carried by shamans of the Akhanzi Order. It is made out of dark, polished wood and is curved at the end. Item appearance: Why is your character bringing this item to work? Suul is an Akhandi, a Th'akh shaman of the Akhanzi Order. He uses the staff to connect with spirits when preaching and holding services. How did your character obtain this item (1 paragraph or more please): After joining the order, Suul's first task, although seeming rudimentary and useless at the time, was to find a big, hard tree and carve a staff from it. After searching for a couple of weeks, Suul was finally rewarded with a giant oak-like tree that stood proud and old in front of him, maybe two hundred or more years old. Although sad to hurt such an ancient thing, he scaled the tree and found a thick unbroken branch, which he cut off and took to his temple. For two days he worked carving, oiling, and polishing the two meter branch until it became a smooth, hard staff with a curved end. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell? (2 paragraphs here please): When the staff was finally finished, Suul's teacher revealed it's purpose. The staff was to act as a catalyst for shamans, a joint between the material and spirit world. Using it, Suul would be able to more easily connect to the spiritual realm and communicate with spirits and ancestors. Suul was amazed with this, and carried it with him ever since, using it to preach, hold services, and carry it around as a general good luck charm. After the Maraziite Order started razing the Hegemony of all Th'akh, Suul was forced to take to the stars with his teacher aboard a smuggling shuttle. He took this staff with him, knowing that he will need the support and power of his ancestors to get through these dire times. Now that he is employed as a religious leader by NanoTrasen and is expected to hold actual sermons and the like, he keeps it on him at all times. How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? The staff will allow me to express Suul's character better, as he is a shaman and shamans use staffs to connect to spirits and to preach. Carved from hard and unbending wood, it represents his steel-hard belief in Th'akh and his ancestors. I understand there is a null staff, however I do not think it fits Suul's character or theme because it is made of obsidian and looks out of place with Suul's attire and over-all behavior, and I am not able to have that staff when playing as a visitor. Sprites: akhanzistaff.dmi Additional Comments: This is my very first custom item! This is also the first sprite that I have ever done by myself. I understand that it looks very generic, but I tried really hard, and I hope this goes through.
  2. Hey, thanks for the feedback! To answer your questions: 1. Because he was never exactly introduced to Si'akh, Aut'akh and the Tribunal, Suul looks at them with a neutral eye but is curious to find out more about them. As for Sk'akh, he despises the Mazariite Order but does not blame the normal worshippers of the religion for the things that the Order has done. 2. I would say a 6 or 7 out of 10. This is because unlike most Unathi males, Suul never had the interest of being a warrior at heart. He values words and common sense over fighting, but still believes in honor. 3. In the last paragraph of the story, I already covered this. Suul will be a religious leader (Shaman, Chaplain, Priest, call it whatever you want). A Th'akh Shaman to be precise. Your questions and criticism mean a lot to me. I hope these answers suit you.
  3. BYOND Key: Herpetophilia Character Names: Ian Peters, Ari Matz, Caleb Toe, Anton Vasiliev, Tori Deimos Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Forest-ish Green Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: After playing a round or two as a Kataphract knight and interacting with multiple Unathi, I have decided that it's a very cool species that I would like to try out. Unathi lore stands out to me in certain ways and seems to be more in-depth than some other species. Their clan-based life and system appeals to me greatly and I believe that many role-play opportunities open up from it. What appeals to me about their religion is the amount and diversity of it and how it appears to be very mystic and mysterious. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Unathi are large, carnivorous lizards. They posess clawed feet and hands, and therefore cannot wear normal shoes and gloves. They are carnivorous, and their hunger will only be satisfied with meat. Being cold-blooded reptiles, Unathi are sensitive to cold but resistant to heat, and cold environments may even hurt them. Being emotional creatures, Unathi posess many ways to express those emotions using varied body language (i. e. tail thumping, chuffing, etc). Evolved from nomadic hunters, Unathi later settled down and formed a clan system, with their lives and culture revolving around it. Honor is a huge thing for Unathi, being so that they even created a code of honor (Warrior's Code.) It guides warriors to be loyal, righteous, brave, and merciful. This in turn makes warriors celebrated and revered in Unathi culture as the pillars of tradition and examples for all men, but not all have to follow their code. Women are mostly considered property and do not have as many rights or opportunities as males, but can still achieve a name for themselves if they try. Character Name: Suul Zat'Sleez (Now Suul Akhandi) Please provide a short backstory for this character Hatched in 2441 in a small town a couple of miles north of Skalamar, Suul was introduced into a life of poverty at a very young age because of the Contact War. With food scarce on markets, Suul's father, Athu Zat'Sleez was forced to hunt to survive. This soon proved ineffective and Suul's mother, Sila bypassed the gender norms and started helping her husband. While they hunted, they left Suul to the care of one of the Th'akh shamans in the town, Zusa Akhandi. Possessing a thirst for knowledge that could not be explained at his age, Suul learnt many lessons about life from the Akhandi instead of training to fight and hunt like his father wanted him to. In turn, his understanding of Th'akh and knowledge deepened. As the war slowly closed to an end and the IAC started providing food to the survivors, Suul's parents often started returning home only to find him intensely studying and reading religious texts at only the age of 8. With the war over, Suul spent his teenage years learning more and more of Th'akh and his ancestors. As his interest deepened in the holy teachings, it waned in his parents and the path that they have laid out for him to be a warrior. Athu was maddened at the thought of his son becoming a shaman when he had the body and soul of a fighter, but was eventually coerced into allowance by Zusa and his wife. At age 16, Suul bade his family goodbye and was welcomed into the Akhanzi Order as an acolyte Akhandi. As he grew up into an adult, the state of affairs between humanity, Skrell and Unathi was revealed to him. Being raised in the lands of the Hegemony and leading a peaceful yet lacking life so far, he had a neutral look on humanity and normally never heard anything bad about it other than the ramblings of old heretical fools. He spent his time further deepening his religious knowledge with Zusa. In 2460, being 19 years old and a full adult, Suul was about to be pronounced a full shaman of the Th'akh faith by his temple when the dire news from the Elder Shaman Vuthix reached his town. The Mazariites of the Sa'akh were reaping the land of all Akhanzi temples. His one was thrown into a panic, as priests tried to scribble down as many sacred texts into copies that they could escape with or hide, but Zusa had other plans in mind. Knowing that the Mazariites probably wouldn't stop until every trace of Th'akh was ridden of in the area, he assigned a very important mission to Suul. With new opportunities opening up for Hegemony-dwelling Unathi in human space, Suul and Zusa were to escape from Moghes and to Tau Ceti to preserve and spread Th'akh. As the Maraziites reached their town, the young priest and his teacher boarded a shuttle belonging to a certain Ghusi Aska and departed to Tau Ceti, with most of the temple's funds and original religious texts in their hands. As Tau Ceti was on the other side of the Orion Spur, the journey was a long and tiresome, because the shuttle was very slow and badly built. However, it was small enough and was modified to be extremely hard to see using radars, and managed to get through the full month or so of travel without being noticed by a single pirate. Suul tried to occupy himself with reading and studying, but soon got bored of it because of the cramped and badly-lit conditions of the interior of the ship. Instead, he spent his time conversing with Aska and different bar patrons to learn the current state of the galaxy whenver they stopped somewhere to get supplies. After they finally arrived, using their money, Suul and Zusa managed to both get visitor visas and find the Akhanzi Library, led by Vuthix Akhandi, while taking Tau Ceti Basic classes meant for refugees. Suul realized that if he were to survive in this new environment, he would need to get a job. Being a weak and otherwise unskilled Unathi, he found out that the powerful human mega-corporation NanoTrasen was looking for all sorts of people, which included shamans and spiritual leaders to serve aboard their stations and ships for long-term missions. Using his knowledge of Th'akh and passable Basic, he managed to get a work visa and land a spot on the NSS Aurora, serving as a Th'akh shaman. To this day, Suul still studies and lives in the Library outside of his work hours while trying to adjust to his new way of life. What do you like about this character? What stands out to me about Suul is his smarts and passion. Even though he was supposedly "meant" to be a warrior according to his parents, he never liked violence and took no interest in it, and instead pulled through that gender expectation and became a shaman, studying and preaching instead of fighting and killing. This made Suul into a compassionate and calm Unathi, praising words and knowledge over physical strength. However, he still holds true to basic Unathi ideals and culture about honor, like every good Th'akh faithful should. How would you rate your role-playing ability? A solid 7/10 and improving, I think that I'm getting better at it by the day. With these new whitelists and roleplay opportunities, I am able to create more characters with more diverse behaviors and backstories, which are a great joy to me to flesh out and roleplay. Notes: Again thanks to my bro DeadLantern for clarifying many different points about the lore and proofreading! ❤️
  4. Two hours is an exaggeration, it never takes that long to die even with the new mechanics. Although your point still stands, if this is an adaptation of ghosting and observation, it should be noted that when you ghost you are not expected to join the round for 20 minutes or at all to prevent people from using the things they see while dead later in the round. This is a good idea, but giving players the ability to clearly see and hear things around them is a bit too much of power. What about making it so that you can't examine things or people (i.e camera view), and also limiting the amount of dialogue you hear in a similar way like when you are knocked out (i.e. "You hear something about ...Bush's Baked Beans...")?
  5. I agree that it takes a lot of time to die with the integration of BrainMed and it may be long before you either expire or get healed to continue the round. However, this sort of thing wouldn't make much IC sense. In real life, you don't just become a temporary ghost when you are unconcious and gain the ability to clearly see and understand things around you. Plus, if you are bored, you can always just tab out and do something else while waiting to die or get help.
  6. Thank you both. In future applications, I will make sure to try and use your criticism to the best of my ability.
  7. Yo, thanks! To answer the three questions you had: 1. Being as he didn't have that much money left after the incident and that he only has a pretty low-paying job, Aleksey was given a cheap living unit on the Odin thanks to his NanoTrasen-sponsored degree and contract. 2. Aleksey did not know the reason for his family's business being shut down and was infuriated at first. However seeing as he couldn't do much about it and because of his belief in Hadii ideology, Aleksey decided that it was a necessary evil of some sort done by the goverment for the good of other Tajara. He wasn't just fine with it and was still angry, however he suppressed it with that idea in order to keep himself from breaking down. As for Malik Hadii, Aleksey still supports him as a Hadiist but does not exactly love him because of the incident with his family's business. 3. Seeing the recent events of his life, Aleksey became a bit of a workaholic alongside with becoming a bit depressed. Due to this and the small amount of sleep he gets because of his shifts, he is normally easily irritated. Because he was raised in a Hadiist family, Aleksey tries to treat every Tajara comrade he meets equally regardless of their ethnicity, however he is a bit suspicious of Zhan-Khazans. Since he couldn't get his job and most of his education without the large human megacorporation NanoTrasen, he is content with humans and even is quite thankful to them. I hope these answers suit you! If not, I can still use the criticism
  8. I have had nothing but positive and fun interactions with Senate and their characters, (especially Stephen Webb). I support this whitelist, good luck Senate
  9. BYOND Key: Herpetophilia Character Names: Ian Peters, Tori Deimos, Caleb Toe, Ari Matz Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Brownish, probably Kochiba Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: For a while, I have been noticing that I've been getting tired of humans, and was also beginning to show some flaws in my roleplaying. I decided that I should mix up my experience and increase my role-playing skills by trying out a new species to play as. This turned out to be pretty hard, as I read through many race lore pages but could never really find anything that stood out to me especially. Later, I paid some closer attention to Tajara lore and discovered that they had a very interesting back-story, which included many cool artstyles that reminded me of WWI and WWII, which I enjoy talking about and studying. This, with the addition of sci-fi and fantasy elements, is what made me pick Tajara over any other species. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: First things first, it should be noted that Tajara biology is quite different from humans, being so that they evolved to live in colder environments and prefer such. They also possess claws and digitigrade limbs, which prevent them from wearing or using most human gloves and shoes. Although they bear many similarities to Terran felines, Tajarans are omnivorous and are able to gain nutrients from both meat and plants. However, their biology and mechanics don't play as much of a role in me picking them as their lore and culture does. Having multiple revolutions and civil wars, the Tajara people are now suspended in an un-easy state of peace between three large factions. Certain ethnicities of Tajara are discriminated against and most life conditions are not the best. All this opens up a gateway to interesting roleplaying opportunities between different Tajara that grew up in different factions and with different political views. I also love the current technological state, where Tajara have now only discovered space travel but still heavily depend on NanoTrasen and humanity to get accustomed to it. Character Name: Aleksey Rusirovich Please provide a short backstory for this character: Being born into a modest Hharar family living in the South of Nal'tor's in 2438, Aleksey was provided most of the tools and education needed for him to grow up by his parents. Because his family consisted of wood choppers and wood workers, he did a great deal of carrying, lifting and chopping as a kid. This allowed him to grow into a strong and fast Tajara who valued good and effective work. Although his parents believed in S'rendarr and Messa and so did Aleksey in his childhood years, he slowly became agnostic and then atheistic after his father died to unknown reasons at his workplace. Young Aleksey begged the Gods for forgiveness and the reason for his father's death, but got no answer. He participated in services less and less, and his belief faltered and dissipated as he saw no point to remain religious as the church or the Gods themselves never helped him or his family. The final nail in the coffin arrived when a corrupt priest told Aleksey to screw off after he asked them for a couple of credits to buy flowers for his father's grave. Aleksey decided that religion was unnecessary for him to work effectively and productively, and that so far it has brought nothing but grief to him. In his teenage years, he lived through the assasination of Rhagrrhuzau Hadii. Being raised in a Hadiist family and believing in most Hadii beliefs, he was shocked but however overcame it with the announcement of Njadrasanukii Hadii taking over as president. As he slowly matured and got through high school, Aleksey started noticing the decline of life conditions around him. At first he ignored it and simply thought that others were just being unlucky. But before he knew it, the said problem came to him and his family. Aleksey's family was caught in a nasty financial problem, as its wood-working business was shut down and taken over by the government. Aleksey was devastated, but never being quite the planner himself waited for his parents to decide what to do. With nowhere else to go to make a living, they turned to their son, and using their remaining money managed to get him through the Nal'tor College and into a job contract with NanoTrasen. His parents moved into a free communal apartment with multilple other families. Aleksey was grieved at the thought of leaving his kin and siblings in such conditions but went along with it because he knew that if his family was to survive, it needed money and he was its last bet. Armed with a NanoTrasen-sponsored college degree and Tau Ceti Basic fluency, he was hired by the company as a cargo technician. After a long journey aboard a NanoTrasen carrier, he received a work visa in Biesel and was deployed on the Aurora, to earn and send back money to his family as try tried to survive in the big city. What do you like about this character? What stands out to me about Aleksey is that he chose to put religion aside to focus on his life, family, and future. The way I see it, doing something like that in the current state of Adhomai would be very hard with the unstopping labor and economical state, where most of the time people don't have anything to believe in except the Gods. Although he lived through the assassination of Al'Mari, he managed to pull through without giving much thought to it only to find himself and his family affected by it, and even then he did not falter and continued to try and rescue his family out its constantly deterioting position. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Lately I've been seeing that all of my characters are extremely similar in behavior and that I've been getting worse at having fun myself and bringing fun to other people when roleplaying. I will grade myself a solid 6 or 7/10 but I believe that this whitelist is going to help me to go beyond and try out new things, which in turn will help me become a better roleplayer. Notes: Thanks to DeadLantern for helping out with some lore facts, proof-reading and the like.
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