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  1. Qar'ra'ble Jetn-aqz Genners--- 'The Sea Slug' Genners Qar'ra'ble Generation Ship, or just the Qar to it's contemporaries, was a generational ship originally designed for transit between the Skrellian homeworld and a small, tropical planet. It was the task of the Qar to colonize the planet using the features of the generational ship, including it's state-of-the-art vertical hydroponics bay, it's permanent nerve center, and it's prefab-drones. The Qar was filled with common citizens, but was also known to carry a large surplus of astronomers, who sought to take advantage of the high
  2. Working with Genners would likely be what I would gravitate to, just because of the sheer fascination I have with it. Working with a culture that was originally born, raised, and driven to a purpose in space is really cool. You could have a lot to work with, there--a rogue genner ship that is fanatic and attempting to recolonize another planet, a genner ship that has banded together with other genner ships to become a mobile space station, etc. etc. There are plenty of ideas to go around, so bringing interesting and canonical events/histories into the forefront of Skrell players and other spec
  3. good friends w faye prior to spaceman shenanigans and can vouch for their abilities as a roleplayer and in a leadership position. excellent roleplay and attention to detail. super cool, super pog +1
  4. So I would be most interested in expanding the existing lore on various Skrell planets, to get them to a position of how the Sol system planets are being represented. This would be to further player agency and expand background-customization options. Additionally, as I've spoken with you before, I'd really be interested in expanding Skrell cuisine and working on spriting related to that, so players could have an in-game opportunity to enjoy Skrell food references. I would also be interested in working on Skrell lore arcs, especially ones that make the Jargon Federation more ~relevant~ to other
  5. ^ also ghostspawner is the best do nymph make it happen baby
  6. +1 one time all my robotic organs got EMP’d and i got dragged in a stasis bag for 7 minutes between robotics and medical so they could try to figure out wtf was wrong w me, meanwhile it was all listed on my med recs GG i support
  7. Hey gang, just wanted to write a quick update as the nature of this post has slightly changed from Lore Dev to Lore Deputy. Most of what I have said in this application still holds true — as a Skrell Lore Deputy, I would make it my priority to continue meeting members of the Skrell community and learning what works and what does not in the Skrell Lore. In addition, I’ve recently been accepted for Skrell WL (exciting!), and I will be able to better put myself in a position to help the Skrell community with this new asset. In any reality, I am excited to be considered for a position to help Cael
  8. BYOND Key: monomyth Character Names: Jack Monroe (scientist), Davis Pratt (psychiatrist) Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Pale Blue Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I find the Skrell species extremely interesting, not only for their psionic abilities, but also their aquatic biology. I think the idea of a water-borne species
  9. I can understand the hesitation completely. I'll keep my discussion down to a minimum since it seems as though you have your mind made up, but I can assure you that first priority is interacting one to one with the Skrell playerbase OOCly and ICly (as skrell) before making any large strokes in the direction of the species. It's my understanding (true or not) that the Skrell history has already been worked on/mostly condensed now in response to the issues presented, so my mission would be largely contained to tweaks and ideas presented to the Skrell lore team before being comfortable enough to
  10. I got this question when I started introducing myself in the Skrell Lore Discord channel and tried to answer it in my Nov 16 post, but to be honest with you I didn't want to players of the Skrell community to think I was coming in too heavy handed by applying for Dev and Skrell WL in the same month. Although it will be incredibly advantageous to play as a Skrell and be more on the ground with the community as a whole, at this *exact* moment and with this application, I want to focus on proving my abilities from a managerial and creative standpoint than as a player, with priority still dedicate
  11. hey gang, I just wanted to make an addendum about my applying for this position without being Skrell WL. Naturally there might be some concerns about being disconnected from the Skrell community and not understanding some of the more specific issues that the playerbase may be facing. I want to make it a priority to familiarize myself with the Skrell players, see what they specifically want to see as far as interesting lore changes, additions to the lore, additions to the species, and any other propositions that would come my way. I want to be as transparent as possible with everyone, and let m
  12. Thanks for the comments, @melodramatize! To answer the question, honestly, I'd like to see how it goes with the broader Skrellian history first before focusing on individual planets, but those individual planets could not be more important. I think the more specific we can get with various planetary cultures, the more agency we can give player backstories. You can see a lot of that with planets in the Sol System (and individual moons in the Sol System) and I'd love to see something similar with Skrellian culture, i.e having individual lore pages for individual planets/orbiting bodies. Tha
  13. Though, with my first point, now that I think about it, why would the Skrell want to keep Dionae in orbit if they inhibit the wake? The downside of spitballing ideas quickly.
  14. Nice to meet you! So, in a perfect, uninhabited world where I was God Of Skrell And Plant, I would want to explore the exact threat of Dionae to the Skrell as mentioned. Here are some ideas I would further explore/present. Large Dionae Could Inhibit The Wake? Maybe the reason why Skrell are concerned with keeping the large Dionae Cetus orbiting around their planet and not in an uncontrolled environment is because, under specific circumstances, large numbers of Dionae working in tandem have some kind of psionic inhibition. This could be due to the sheer number of life-forms think
  15. Hey, thanks for the question. I'm reluctant to give a super-detailed answer since this involves not just the Skrell devs/playerbase, but also the Dionae dev/playerbase. That being said, I think the Skrell/Dionae relationship makes sense in it's current capacity. While Dionae can't commune with the wake, they have a ~togetherness~ biologically within their own community that I think the Skrell would recognize and appreciate. Bringing Dionae into the modern Skrell lore much more would be something I would be interested in exploring, since as of now they seem to just be vibing with th
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