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  1. This is an acknowledgement that I've seen this, I'm going to take a bit of time to think on it, and get back to you. It shouldn't be too long of a wait.
  2. Honestly I don't think there's a concrete method of changing this reputation other than being the outlier, and maintaining consistent activity. I can't say with certainty that I won't be pulled away on occasion by whatever's in store for the future, but I can say that I'll do my best to engage with the community wherever possible, and remain consistently active. To put it quite frankly, I don't plan on going anywhere.
  3. Truth be told I'm not terribly fond of article writing, --putting them together feels a tad dull to me,-- but I understand that it's difficult to advance the narrative of an arc without them, and can see myself putting them out as needed without trouble.
  4. I've been on the server for quite some time, I'm one of, if not the most active Skrell players in the community, and as you acknowledge in the introduction of your prior post, I'm very passionate about the lore. I think the biggest issue I'll encounter going forward if I'm given the position is satisfying my own standards. I'm aware this reads like something of a cop-out answer, but given the turbulent history of Skrell lore on Aurora, and the many changes it has been through, I plan on being very, very careful with the changes that I make. An unfortunate consequence going over every addition you make with a fine-tooth comb is that it becomes notably harder to meet the standards you set for yourself, or at least it does for me. I've no intent to delay anything to an unreasonable degree, but delays are a possibility when you're trying to ensure that your lore is well-composed, and well-received by your community.
  5. I'm comfortable with acknowledging that this doesn't look all that great. That being said, I'm also more than comfortable with my ability to work and provide lore on my lonesome leading up to the recruitment of some deputies. All that I want in a deputy is somebody that can be present on and off server with ideas, and enthusiasm. Players know better than anybody the environment of the community, and a lore team of individuals that at least semi-frequently play the game that they're writing lore for would be excellent. As per the handling of applications, I can't imagine the denying or accepting of a deputy or whitelist app giving me that much trouble. Applying for a position at all is inviting the possibility of denial, hopefully this is something that my Skrell-enthused friend would understand. I'm excited by the idea of working in close proximity to any of these teams, as I mention in one of the linked essays, a problem I've had in the past with Skrell lore is a lack of supplementary detailing of the specifics of Skrellian relations with other species. Working alongside the Human, Vaurca, or IPC teams to remedy that where possible sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I think that the way Diona are represented currently in the Federation (and Vaurca too, for that matter) is a very good start, but could benefit from a significant expansion. We're given little to work with on how either the Vaurca or Diona present in Federation space feel about their status as an exploitable labor force, or how the Federation prevents its citizens from wising up to their blatantly poor treatment of them. Diona and Vaurca within the Federation feel, as of present, like an afterthought, or like background characters. The way that they're represented in Skrell lore is interesting, but would absolutely be made better by some expansion past their surface level presence as a labor force. To avoid sounding like a broken record, I'm going to skip out for now on my usual demands for detailing to say that there's astonishingly, and somewhat disappointingly little turmoil between the remnants of the Solarian Alliance and their allies in the Federation. From what we know, zero support was offered from the Federation to either side of the recent Solarian invasion, choosing instead to remain stagnant and silent while the empire constantly parroted to be one of their greatest allies crumbled around them. I think that Solarian-Skrellian relations could use a lot more turmoil across the board, as I can't imagine many Alliance remnants, or even many warlord states would take very kindly to Federation abandonment in their time of need. An exploration of the Federation's attempts to seek allies or improve relations elsewhere in Human space would be an excellent avenue to explore at some point in the future as well. Honestly? No. I'm absolutely fine with the way Glorsh is represented in current Skrell lore, all that I'd add if given the opportunity was an expansion on what was left behind following its destruction. Perhaps some lore on the half-finished megastructures that were left behind.
  6. I don't believe that it's possible for me, or anybody to really "rehabilitate" the IC image of the Jargon Federation as it stands, too much damage has been done over too much time, and that's not something that can be changed without significant retcons. That being said, I don't have any interest in trying to change the image of the Federation too much, that type of thing is something I'd rather see ebb and flow alongside the incoming changes to the lore set up by the recent Skrell arc. An aspect of canon events I plan to play up to the best of my ability if I'm provided the opportunity is player choice. Shifting the methods of the Federation more towards quiet subterfuge in the wake of past violence would allow for significantly more engagement with the player base without the looming threat of a canon death detracting from interaction with event characters. Making it as blatantly apparent as possible that further unprovoked violence from Federation forces outside of their space won't be tolerated by the galaxy at large would provide greater opportunity for players to involve themselves with an event arc beyond running and hiding from a faceless goon clad in an invulnerable hardsuit. An ideal Fed-focused lore arc in my eyes would see the ends of the Federation sought primarily through the means of coercion and persuasion of player characters, something akin to KOTW's conspiracy arc. All that being said, we've also the option to run event chains, or single events that sidestep the Federation entirely, something in line with the Unathi cultural exchange event from earlier this year.
  7. +1 from me, I've had nothing but good interactions with this player both ICly and OOCly.
  8. First: Aside from some practical adjustments to the function of psionics, I have no plans for any major reworks or retconns within the lore, unless I happen upon a glaring inconsistency that I somehow missed. Cael and Mono left the foundation of Skrell lore in a state that I'm very happy with. The only thing I can potentially see myself retconning is Warbling the musical, though my issues with the arc's impact on lore lie in the utter lack thereof, which has the potential to be fixed. Complete retcon of the aforementioned arc is something I would need to collect a lot of player feedback on. Second: In line with my prior comments on retconning, I have no plans to drastically change the Federation's style of governance. A cop-out assassination of a player-elected official is something I've no intent to ham-fist into the lore. A degree of change is necessary in how the Federation is run, given the vanishing population of many Traverse colonies, but a change as major as that is not in the cards. Third: As of present we've not much lore to explaining the day-to-day applications of psionics, or how they're utilized in and out of Federation space aside from a tidbit on telepathy. If given the chance I want to make psionics seem less like magic powers, and more like an aspect of Skrellian biology, by playing up some of the more practical aspects of the Nlom, and outlining clear taboos for the average Skrell in regards to the use of their psionic gifts.
  9. 1. If given the opportunity I would expand upon faction, particularly megacorporate, response to prior lore arcs. Specifically the arc we recently concluded, and Warbling the musical. A clarification on how the Federation's relationship with each of the major megacorporations has evolved since their armed incursions onto a corporate-owned vessel is something I've wanted to see from Skrell lore for quite some time. Faction relations with the Lyukal are in dire need of an update as well, I can't say that the galactic perspective of the resistance wouldn't shift following the recent terror attack in Mendell City. 2. I've absolutely no opposition to working alongside the Tajara team, given the existing Federation presence on Adhomai, there's much potential. That being said, Skrell lore isn't presently in a state that allows for rational expansion of their operations in Tajaran space, given their current domestic situation following the mass exodus from the Traverse. I would use the opportunity for collaboration between teams to detail the withdrawal of Federation funding and humanitarian aid from Adhomai, the Federation citing an increased need for focus on domestic matters as their reason for withdrawal. Deciding upon the finer details of their departure would be a cross-team effort, determining what locations on Adhomai would be impacted the most, and how each of the major factions would respond would be something that'd need to be workshopped with input from both parties. 3. I'm passionate about Skrell lore, and I can see myself happily fulfilling any lore position that would allow me to actualize that passion. I've made the choice to apply for maintainer as I see it as the position that would grant me the greatest opportunity to do that. That being said, if I'm passed up, I would post a deputy app whenever the time came.
  10. Ckey/BYOND Username: MccRrib Discord username: Hugh Janus #2511 Position Being Applied For: (Wiki Maintainer, Lore Developer, Deputy Lore developer): Skrell Lore Developer. Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page?: I have. Past Experiences/Knowledge: I’ve been involved in the TTRPG scene for about ten years now, seven of which as a DM, unfortunately, I've no official experience writing for Aurora lore to date. Examples of Past Work: I don't have much to show here, unfortunately, most of the writing I've done for Aurora has been server-side, though I've been fairly active during my time here in the lore discord, and in the DMs of writers, and other players. I'd be more than happy to whip something up if requested, though. Additional Comments: As I did in my last application, I've linked a quick essay detailing one of my takes on the lore as it stands. To avoid redundancy, I'm also going to link the last essay that I wrote on a marginally related aspect of the lore. Essay 1. Essay 2.
  11. Unsure how much of this is relevant to the overall complaint, but, going to continue anyway for the sake of clearing the air and defending myself. Hello, I, for reference, played the Eridani suit of the 4 volunteers that round. I volunteered for the event after the round began, under the impression that I would be passing out animals to people, nothing more. When I spawned in, I was given the instructions seen in the screenshots. Things seemed mismanaged from the get-go: lack of universal uniform, no IDs, no access to the windoors in our own ship, being given farm animals to offer megacorporate employees. In hindsight, I should have backed out then. Things went very bad very quickly, there is no denying that. However, I retain that throughout the round, I did my best to mitigate some of that aforementioned bad-ness as best I could while sticking to the provided instructions. During the mentioned firefight, and as can be seen in the screenshots provided, I did not attack anybody, I hid in the back of the shuttle, once the ERT arrived, I surrendered non-violently. It was a bad situation from the start that got a lot worse as time went on, however, I wouldn't say that it was made any worse by my involvement, or that my behavior warrants inclusion in this complaint.
  12. I'm more than happy to place a seal of approval on this application. Desven is one of the most active, enthusiastic, and talented bug roleplayers we have on Aurora. Ideas and enthusiasm are all I really want from a lore developer, and they provide both in spades in and out of DMs. Definite +1 from me.
  13. Hello! Quick question for you, what faith does Xuul follow? How, if at all, was their faith changed by their time in the Traverse? Regardless, this application demonstrates a clear knowledge of and enthusiasm for Skrell lore, and has more than earned a +1 from me.
  14. goolies said he'd come to my house and make me eat beans on toast if I didn't vote yes +1
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