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  1. Some catboy versions of mine and my partner's OCs Gentle reminder that I'm currently open for commissions and could really use the money right now 😌 Reply or DM me on Discord for a quote Vinni Dragon#1694
  2. Another post?! In the same week!?! Cwazy Featuring: Another WoW OC! Now with 100% MORE gravity-defying cleavage!
  3. Woohoo I haven't felt motivated to draw in a phat minute but have some pieces of my new WoW OC Portrait Painted Portrait Painting Process (sorta)
  4. Alright, I wasn't sure if I could or should post to this topic since I was not explicitly invited to, but I really felt like I should and wanted to share my piece in this situation. I play Charlotte, the IPC Xenobiologist, and was playing her during the canon round in question. I believe that the issue with this situation extends beyond just IC and OOC hated for Ian White, because myself and other scientists were also missing out. Edgar Dawnguard, when asked or referred to repeatedly over the science channel or in person, directly or indirectly, did not clearly communicate what was
  5. Xiao is such a lovely character. I can't say anything about how she's been doing as RD (yet!), but I do know that I have had many pleasant interactions with her as my own character(s) - and that can only ever translate in a positive way to how she will be as a Research Director. Good luck on your trial! Research are all rooting for you ♥
  6. Now that mans is on trial I gots MORE TA SAY ABOUT RD APRIL I've played a few rounds with RD April as my xenobiologist, and she is the most committed-to-her-job person! It's clear that both as a player on trial for command, and as a skilled role player playing your character, that you are very dedicated to playing by the books and keeping yourself in line. April ran her first expedition, and it was a mess. But, in spite of it being a huge mess, she was able to do all of the work that she set out to do, bring (almost) everyone home safely, and had the time afterwards to reprimand a roboticis
  7. Little polaroid of April Esker that Charlotte may or may not keep in her wallet. 👉👈 (With and without the little shimmer on the film.)
  8. Finished a little portrait of my IPC, Charlotte 🥺 I love her so much and I would die for her
  9. +1, I love role-playing with you and with April especially. April Esker RD would peak her character arc and I'm definitely about that
  10. April is probably my favourite one of your characters that I know. I think she's really well-written and interacting with her IC is always a load of fun. She's a big part of the reason I got so into IPCs and The Trinary Perfection. She doesn't feel gimmicky or like a one-trick-pony or two-dimensional. Talking to her IC, despite her devotion to her religion, doesn't feel like being railroaded into a conversation about said religion. She has many faces as well. (In a good way.) Over the characters I've interacted with her as, I've gotten to know different sides of her. I might be a little bia
  11. I think you're right that it might work better conceptually that Charlotte was commissioned rather than homemade, since I want her to be a perfect replica. I was considering changing it in the first place after some thought, and now I think that I for sure will. And with buying her freedom, I couldn't discern whether or not her freedom would need to be purchased or if Callum could just grant it to her, so thank you for the clarity! That certainly ties up that loose end. With the citizenship line, I think I mostly just wrote that in a confusing way. I used citizenship/freedom as if
  12. BYOND Key: Vinni.Dragon Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Shell IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character: N/A Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Extensively! Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I absolutely love the ambiguity of an IPCs sentience, and an opportunity to play with that concept has been on my mind a lot since I started playing SS13 properly
  13. April Esker, but make it actually coloured and shaded 👀 For @Hiccup121
  14. OFC!! I love her so much I could draw her forever,,,
  15. Alright I'm new to the community so I'm gonna try and hit the ground running here by startin this thread early on 'cause I expect a lot of art to come out of this hyperfixation, but 99% of my art is sketches and WIPs etc. I'm also gonna put it out there that I do, in fact, do commissions - just in case there's ever any interest in them. Best ways to reach me in order to inquire about commissions are via my Instagram (@Vinni.Dragon) or Discord (Vinni Dragon#1694) I'll be updating this thread pretty much whenever I feel like I have something(s) to post 👉 👈 HOPEFULLY there will be more SS13
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