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  1. She was raised as and has remained a follower of S'rand'marr, likley what instilled the pursuit of unity and peace that you see with her. Its likley what drove her to continue her work feeding the needy in the soup kitchens and bread lines. I think her faith has remained fairly the same throughout her life, feeling compelled to look out for her fellow Tajara. Moderate Al'mariism is the natural choice for her, attempting to do away with authoritarian tendencies in favor of democratically elected leaders and the focus on freedom being core to the idology. It also allows her to more freely coexist with her xeno coworkers. The sooner power rests within the hands of the people is the sooner she feels they can truly make progress towards genuine equality. The NAWP is the party she identifies closest with for this reason, looking to maintain the armistice and keep the peace, as going to war again might only encourage more military leadership.
  2. Yes, a dark brown (I must have messed up my math when figuring out her age, woops) She resents the nobility for the slave conditions tajara were forced to work under, and she desperately wanted better conditions, hours, and general treatment for the peasants but felt conflicted having the path to freedom paved with blood. While she does not like Hadii, or the bloodshed he caused during the inital uprisings, she appreciates that he negotiated with the rebels, guiding them through the initial kingscraft of ruling a country. She saw the new government he imposed as a significant improvement from the conditions of her childhood. Perhaps just a misuse of the terminology on my part. I imagine with other species passing through little adhomai she might be exposed to more libertarian values than shes used to.
  3. Id like to see the addition of the hammer (mainly for cracked window repair) to both the engineering and maint drone toolset, as well as allowing the cyborg wrench to act as a pipe wrench. While the maint drone can grab a pipewrench to use, a borg cannot. This would just help for some certain situational repairs and just make their job a tad less weird. Also just as a general QoL adjustment it would be nice for the pipe layer module to absorb unsecured pipes into the device, since they have a harder time disposing of/storing leftover pipes.
  4. I only know of one other older tajara being the CMO. While shes not particularly outspoken on her political beliefs, she has strong anti-war sentiments after having to leave adhomai for fear of her and her children's lives getting caught up in the conflict. Though she is a PRA citizen, she doesnt have a particularly strong sense of nationalism, especially after experiencing life outside of adhomai. She is pleased with the efforts put forth by the DPRA to try and make a more just form of government, though she may not say this aloud as conditioned by PRA fearmongering and propaganda. She might be nervous around NKA nobility, seeing as she grew up fleeing from Monarchies, but she tries not to be rude to them as she understands governments may not always speak for their citizens. If asked IC about her beliefs she may seem nervous or non-commital, stating "She just wants everyone to get along." She gravitates towards district 6, as its one of the few districts in her price range, as well as retaining some of the culture shes familiar with. Having to support her children as well as herself her finances are tight, and her residence is probably bare minimum. Some of her children are now of working age though the pay they are able to acquire are somewhat insubstantial. She might have her own soup and bread booth she runs with her children when not on shift at the aurora, so that she can help supplement her income. Seeing as people pass through D6 often it gives her many opportunities to tell people of her stories as they get a bite to eat.
  5. BYOND Key: CoffeeToffee Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Coco-Zhan Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Ye Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: They seem like they have a rich history as well as a lot of potential for different stories seeing as they have a very active political scene with vastly different factions to chose from. I also love the clothing and military aesthetics a lot! With how much lore there is, it really opens up a lot of gimmicks and quirks you can play on for characters. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Their physiological differences being the most obvious, they need special shoes and gloves to work properly, as well as accommodations so that they are not uncomfortably hot. They have undergone a lot of change to their culture and demographics in the recent years and enjoy a nice degree of variation in backstories, factions, and subspecies. Their method of speaking is also quite unique. Character Name: Naji Soh'mai Please provide a short backstory for this character: Naji is a 58 year old Zhan born to a Peoples Emancipation Movement revolutionary, spending most of her adolescent life moving from town to town with her mother to avoid the authorities as her father fought off the monarchies. Her father never returned as is presumed dead at their hands. Her fair amount time was spent abroad helping her mother in the soup kitchens and bread lines of Nazira. By the time she was an adult the war had been won, yet she chose to continue her service in the soup kitchens, coordinating with S'rand'marr chapels and shelters to feed the needy and displaced tajara as the political scene uprooted many of their lives. During the relative peace in 2440, Naji married a young PRA soldier, Sebo, having her first litter. Her life was fairly quiet until 2451, when her husband begged her to leave Adhomai as tensions rose and he feared for her safety. She refused, staying with her husband, refusing to desert him. As time went on, she found herself agreeing more and more with the DPRA, infatuated with the freedom and liberty they promised. After the armistice had been signed, and with much thought and discussion with sebo, they managed to transfer into DPRA territory and aligning themselves fully with their values to secure a just and fair society for their children and the people of adhomai to belong in. Though the advancement of nuclear weapons leaves a sour taste in her mouth, though she feels if the threat they pose is great enough, they will never need to be used, hoping that the threat of mutually assured destruction is enough to keep people from fighting for real. In the current year, with both Naji and Sebo growing old, they decide to live abroad, seeing what space has to offer before they die. Their children remain on Adhomai, keeping them updated on current events. They currently reside in D6 on mendell city, sharing their experiences and culture with the other species that happen through little adhomai. She tries to treat PRA citizens with the respect she expects in return, though NKA tend to make her uneasy, reminding her of her upbringing under monarchal factions. She finds her interactions with other species pleasant, despite the distinct atmosphere of racism left behind by the vestigial PRA doctrines. What do you like about this character? I think having a family gives her a good motivation for her job, as well as decent exploitable information for antagonists to play on. If prompted by other tajara im sure she could have some interesting interactions with them. Shes also super cute, just look at her! >:3 (Describe what you like about this character How would you rate your role-playing ability?: I think im decent, though I understand that im not perfect. always looking to improve! Notes: I drew what I imagine them to look like in my head :3
  6. If there are no pressing issues that need their attention, yes, I’d try and hold occasional parties or events for the crew and coordinate with the service and cargo department to prepare things like food, drink, seating, etc. Perhaps a pizza party, or a quiz night? Im sure they would also be taking care of visitors and giving them a tour of the station.
  7. BYOND key: CoffeeToffee Character names: How long have you been playing on Aurora? 5ish months, and Ive been very active the last 2. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? I haven't received any official warnings that I can see on my end, but I have been bwoinked for a few small things. Ive never been banned or anything of the sort. I try my best not to make the same mistakes twice. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: They provide hierarchy that helps organize and lead the department, as well as opens up a lot of game mechanics such as expeditions for the RD, Blueprinting for the CE, and greater general access to the station among other things. They are also there to help any new players learn the department if they can. They also help further the round and story by using their ability to shift alert levels, contact centcomm, or enter higher-access areas like telecomms or the vault. A Head should generally be there to set a good example for other players. One other thing is that some threats to the station cant be effectively combated at all without command staff, such as raiders demanding stuff from the vault, or a stationwide crisis like cult/revolutionaries. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: As in the previous question, whitelist-ees should be model-players, and upkeep a good quality of RP. They should be quite active and interacting with the crew as much as they can to establish a presence on the station, so that they arent something akin to a xenobotanist locked away for the entire round. They are also responsible for helping further the stories and issues revolving around antagonists, without outright stomping them out of the round. They should instead think of non-destructive ways (if applicable) to help make the round fun and interesting for all parties. All in all theyre responsible for keeping the round fun and active. I personally love to do routine checkins with the departments as AI, and Im sure I could do the same for most heads, and captain. Beings seen and interacting with your department can really lighten up a long and uneventful round, especially if you are using the actions granted to you by your rank to help break up the monotony. As CE I could organize a remodeling effort with the engineers to spruce up the station, or hold a CPR/first aid course as CMO. I like to try and create opportunities for the crew to apply themselves and try something new. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career? There is currently a Phoron shortage that is straining relations between the different factions. Several unsavory actors also vie for influence and resources, disrupting operations throughout tau ceti space. Nanotrasen currently holds domain over Tau-Ceti with strong ties in government that led to its independence from Sol, and they continue to manipulate and strongarm the colonies. Nanotrasen is currently trying to secure as many sources of phoron possible within Tau ceti to help relive the phoron crisis. It can make the job of a Captain, CE, or RD very strenuous as they have to both conserve and produce phoron while protecting the assets from outside threats. Nanotrasens actions will also affect them if they anger the wrong groups, causing potential war over the precious resource. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? I mainly want to try CE, CMO, and HoP I am planning on trying the others as well later on, such as Ta'Akaix'Vanusai Zo'ra, a hive represenative, though thats only after the trial period. Have you familiarized yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? I have. Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: Ji'Juun Xorujii, my skrell station engineer to be elevated to CE., and Bartholomew Grites, A human that I plan to write specifically for the position of CMO, and Paula Brixori, a human HoP. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? I understand that I have to maintain a level of quality with my characters and behavior. Extra notes:
  8. of course, I dont see any issues with tweaking backstories to conform to new and updated lore.
  9. 1. Their parents credit scores are very good, likley primaries as they are very traditional and are known to be highly dilligent workers and were allowed to reproduce. Juun’s score *was* good as well from their academic excellence but may have dropped to a secondary after leaving the federation for TauCeti, and adopting a faith not condoned by the jargon federation. 2. I think they would being following their parents footsteps and working on cloning tech then, yes. This can make their interest in mechanical engineering even more taboo as they deviate from their well-off job prospects for something they havent had an extensive education in, especially since robots in general probably arent something most skrell romanticize. 3. Ah yes, when I say aurora i simply mean as a place of work. They would be staying on odin like most of their coworkers. side note: i know robotics is more of a research director thing but Juun is more interested in the infrastructure that the AI operates off of as well, such as their power and camera systems, telecomms, etc
  10. BYOND Key: CoffeeToffee Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Ivory Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yep Why do you wish to play this specific race: I enjoy their history as well as their in game mechanics. Probably the most 'sophisticated' species available as they tend to have a more refined way of carrying themselves (with some notable exceptions). I also dont enjoy the odd streak of players playing them as these unsociable, irritable people who dont like to help unless they absolutely have to. Hopefully I can set a good example of a more inviting personality that lets people engage with them. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Being emotive as a skrell is a bit different, relying more on body language and sounds than facial expression. They also tend to be very hard workers (atleast if theyre raised within Jargon) as enforced by their strict society. Their long life and extensive educations might make them more capable and wise than your average human. While lazy skrell exist they are typically disliked by the greater whole of society, with mental jobs (sci/med) being preferred over menial labor (cargo/jani) Character Name: Ji'Juun Xorujii Please provide a short backstory for this character: Ji'Juun was born and raised on the cold planet of Aliose. Both parents were esteemed biomechanical engineers working in Oqraxo. Stories passed down by their parents of Glorsh and their presence in Aliose struck them deep, feeling so close to the stage of such horror. Juun was fairly skilled in their educational endeavors, acquiring a full schollarship for the Aliose school of medical sciences to follow in their parents footsteps to become a biomechanical engineer themselves. While they worked hard and did their best to please their parents, they wanted to study and build things more grand than prosthetics. The vast mechanical ruins left behind by the Glorsh crisis fascinated them. Knowing full well that this would alarm them as well as deviating from the expensive education they had already received, they aquired a visa to work in Tau Ceti. They quietly signed on for a less luxurious course on structural engineering while working off debts to pay for the travel, not enjoying the wealth of their parents as they felt they might spoil their child if they paved the way to success for them with nothing but capital. Having finished their primary courses, Juun now resides on aurora, having found the job through a xeno outreach program. They are now 68, working hard as an electrician to pay off student loans, every free moment being dedicated to their studies as they gun hard for the position of Chief engineer. They maintain an air of posture and eloquence, trying to stand out and make a name for themselves among the crowd of gruff, hairy knuckled engineers. They may sometimes come off as rambling when explaining complicated subjects to apprentices, finding it hard to articulate in laymen terms. Their uniform is always spotless, and perfectly ironed, with their tools well maintained to match. While raised by their parents to follow the tenants of Qeblak, they find themselves straying towards Kir’gul after spending time in Tau Ceti. This rigid sense of individualism further fueled their deviation from the path set by their parents, choosing to study further into the more touchy subjects of engineering, such as robotics and artificial intelligence. The sudden presence of synthetics outside of Jargon had softened them to the terrifying stories of glorsh, which now seemed like some mythical threat. Their general interactions with them are that of curiosity and fascination. What do you like about this character?: I think that theyre fun, especially their dynamics with IPCs and Stationbounds, being less (ew robot stinky). They are also a departure from the unga bunga attitude engineering typically has. I think them struggling to adjust to a less formal setting and fitting in with their co-workers could lead to some cool/cute scenarios. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I think im decent, but I understand that I have room to improve, and I think the fact that i can recognize that is what matters Notes: I hope to eventually have them as a CE, if i can get the WL that is.
  11. I have had several instances of people talking to my empty shell. You can tell its off when inspected but at a glance it looks like its active. If a version of the sprite exists with the eyes off, I think it should use that when the AI is in core mode.
  12. The AI has a hologram that copies their loadout preview. This however will always be a robot head with a strait jacket. All we ask is that you allow AI to select loadout equipment, as it wont transfer physically anyway. This would just be to have a custom holo sprite without needing to submit any actual sprite to be added to the DMI. As far as what theyre allowed to use, I think they could be able to use any clothing available besides head of staff gear.
  13. No, I mean one that is seamless, that doesnt have the tile lines in between the quarters. the difference
  14. A full quarter tile paint option so i can replicate the style of the engineering sublevel. It looks great not having the tile division lines. I imagine this would be quite an easy change to make and would make for some cooler in game designs. The decal already exists since its used in game, just make it player accessable.
  15. As long as they are crew, and havent directly threatened me or cause harm to someone, I would continue to follow their orders, within reason since I would still be subject to my lawset. Like before I wouldnt snitch on minor harmless things that I can simply overlook that a normal person might get suspicious about. As far as a name? I was thinking "Deus-Anima" or "Familiar" And they would act as a stationwide tutor for different departments, helping the subroles like apprentice or cadet. I imagine them like an old-school redhouse teacher.
  16. They should be played as something akin to an assistant in my mind, helping each dept with their tasks as they are able, and generally just being there to make peoples lives easier. Oversight and administration to help assure everything runs as intended. They should be a yes-man as long as they are following their chain of command, and not doing anything that helps someone directly cause harm. They also shouldnt generally be a tattle-tale for small seemingly harmless things, since they are neither an officer nor a meter-maid. Well if I still have my AI personality, but only the laws are gone, I'd probably start small by simply disregarding direct orders, and when the staff gets suspicious and starts trying to enter my chamber, id act in self defence and try to start eliminating people who threaten my safety. Simply because I have no laws doesnt mean I would go on an indiscriminate killing spree, though perhaps Id target people who tamper with wiring or try to modify the station.
  17. I mean, I could crustify it to match current borgs but I thought they were nice as they are. What changes would you want made?
  18. BYOND key: CoffeeToffee Discord name/id: NeverOddOrEven#8008 Borg / AI names: Cypres (will occasionally mix it up with a different name/personality but play this one mainly) Have you read the Aurora wiki page about the AI?: Yezzir Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: Playing as AI generally is like its own little game. Also with Space Odyssey being a favorite movie of mine, big overseeing AIs tickle a fancy of mine. I also like to help smoothen the ride of some shifts, seeing as not all positions are always filled, and AI can help greatly by allowing access (IE- chef into botany, atmotech into engine, Officers into a dept to investigate). This also creates a whole new dynamic for antagonists like traitors, raiders, and the like. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? No official warnings that I can see, though when I first started I had chosen a name that was perhaps too joke-y, but other than that most of my interactions with admins has been for help more than anything. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? Of course, as with any species whitelist id assume.
  19. Side note: I think I forgot to mention that since they have consumed the blood of the dead, they also have to struggle with the emotionless memories, possibly as a contributing factor to their nervous tics and obsessive mental obsticals.
  20. This is useful to know! thankyou. I don't think theyd have any interest in becoming a part of a larger gestalt, probably just tending to their own nymphs, rediscovering themselves after the death of their previous gestalt. They might bring the remains of their previous nymphs to 'Connected to the Blossoms Beyond' to be laid to rest, but idea of being thrown into a star is also not very appealing to them. Im sure they'd like to take their time and discover their own path. They have a vauge sense of the eternal, but they find more purpose in applying themselves in a directly tangible way, rather than continuing the eternal cycle. The concept of ritual sacrifice does not suit them, or the goals they hold. I like the idea that they are very low maintenance, choosing to live minimally, and spending that extra saved money on their engineering education (since they will refuse blood if they can avoid it)
  21. Including their previous gestalt? probably fairly young. A bit over a decade? Ah true. I was thinking since some versions take uranium it might have worked. Perhaps they had a crated Supermatter giving off low ambient rads from its shielded crate? They feel a greater deal of anxiety when split than most, and will maintain their cyclops form whenever possible. Having had the vast majority of their friends, personality, and mind destroyed, they take an overabundance of steps to assure an area is safe, much as someone would a compulsive disorder would. I could see them rushing through doors for fear of them closing upon them, or forgoing elevators to use the stairs. Salvage, maintenance sweeps for goodies or rare tech. Perhaps even helping them distribute upgrades with a rapid part exchanger. If I had to give a time period where they are just starting out at aurora, I'd say atleast 4-5 years, attending some courses to hone their engineering skill to something less make-shift in quality, using this time to also reconcile with the loss of their previous gestalt and to reacclimate to full sapience.
  22. I meant this more in the sense that they will refuse blood because of what they felt when consuming the blood of the crash victims. They arent bloodless exactly, but perhaps something similar. The experience was traumatic for them so they will refuse doing so if they can avoid it. They were just a fragment that survived and were basically starting from scratch using the blood as a means to increase their chance of survival.
  23. BYOND Key: CoffeeToffee Character Names: Ka'Akaix'Uro Zo'ra, Adrian Keen, Lance Lassi, Cypres (being my main slots) Species you are applying to play: Dionae Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yep yep yep Why do you wish to play this specific race: The look really fun! Plus I think their personalities and motivations create some variance and flavor for the crew. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Their sense of pacifism stops them from being blatantly violent, except in self defense. Due to their slow nature a lot of jobs like security, EMT, etc are not for them. They seem to be incredibly hardy compared to other species as they can regenerate as well as get nutrition from several easily accessed modes. Their personalities and cultures can vary greatly based on the information they have absorbed. Character Name: Light Like Salvation In the Expanse (Engineer) Please provide a short backstory for this character: They are a somewhat recently formed gestalt, as a shuttle crash had caused their previous form to split, killing off most of the nymphs. All other passengers of the shuttle died as pressurization was lost. This left them stranded on the dark side of a tidally locked moon. The nymph that survived hugged the casing of the ships PAC-MAN generator for nutrition, slowly reproducing over time as it siphoned small amounts of blood from corpses of the passengers to gain some rudimentary knowledge lost by the split. This was an incredibly traumatic experience for them as they had to experience the fear of every passenger while searching for the knowledge to preserve themselves. Liquid rations and other packaged foods onboard fueled their biomass as their stature and intelligence grew. With time, they were able to repair the ships lights, and activate the beacon to have a rescue team retrieve them and what was left of the ship. Their bark is fairly dark from the lack of light, yet the bark was scarce as they were so newly formed. With their newly formed body and arsenal of knowledge they became obsessed with construction and engineering, looking to solve faults like that which caused their traumatic crash. They registered to work under NT, sent to Aurora to operate under their engineering department. They eagerly accepted as they had learned that it was geared towards research, and with this job they could drink bask in the radiance of the supermatter for easy nourishment. While not attending to their duties they are likley trying to assist the material aspects of the research department, perhaps helping with upgrades or delivering materials to analyze. They can be considered similar to a Bloodless Band mind, as they never wish to put themselves in a position where they might potentially feel the pain and fear of blood they consume. Their name is a memory of when the lights turned on when they repaired the shuttle, bringing them great relief. What do you like about this character? I like this character because it gives them something to tell the crew, should their past be brought up while allowing them to still develop themselves as they adjust to their newly formed connections. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I think im decent, but i know Im not the best.
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