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[Completed] Talia's Duffle Coat

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BYOND Key: OneOneThreeEight

Character name: Talia Varick

Item name: Frontier Duffle Coat

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Years ago, before Doctor Varick settled down and had children, Talia went on rather dangerous expeditions to the Frontier systems. Her research party was subsequently kidnapped by a large racket of slave traders upon getting a little too comfortable on a supposedly uninhabited paradise world. Rather than being sold to a prospective customer in the Frontier, Talia was unwillingly betrothed to an Unathi warlord, that happened to be running the racket. Ironically, Talia and the warlord appeared to have mutual interests, especially in bluespace theory. They ended up becoming unexpected friends, and the warlord often gave gifts of appreciation to Talia, the coat among the only remaining gifts she kept, and Talia remained with the warlord until the Sol Alliance Rangers picked up on the slave racket's trail. They chased the slaver cell out of the sector, and Talia was liberated from captivity. Talia returned to Eridani shortly after, and settled down to finalize her PhD in Bluespace Theory, and got married soon after and had a family.

Item function(s): The duffle coat is equipped with additional suit storage space. Functions as a labcoat, essentially. Can be buttoned up, or unbuttoned.

Item description: A lightweight, double-weaved duffle coat. It has a buttonable neckstrap, with four horn toggle-fastenings with rope loops attached to it. It has two large outside patch pockets with covering flaps and buttons. The coat tails reach down to the waist. There are some tears and rippings among the fabric, but this appears to be an intentional aesthetic feature. A small pin of a leopard is adorned above the left upper chest area. A row of short tassles hang from the cuffs.

Item appearance: A basic concept, a dark navy blue.

Additional Comments:

Retconned this a bit to be more interesting and intrusive, RP-wise.

The "small pin" doesn't need to directly resemble a pin of a leopard or anything ridiculously detailed. Just a gold smudge will be fine.

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Merely a vanity item.

My thoughts regarding everyone requesting clothing items as of late (coats especially.) The bulk of these that have gone through have added next to no extra roleplay value to players that got them. Why do we keep requesting these, out of curiosity? All they've provided thus far is to make your character visually different, which, last I recall, is explicitly stated that this is not what custom items are for. What's the exception here?

EDIT: Found it.

Be creative. Custom items are not about simply giving your character a unique look and to serve as visual showpieces. They can be, and should be more than that: something to tell a story, help tell a story, or help create/direct an experience.
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All items have the potential to have RP added to them. It just depends on what value you assign them in. With my custom item, Robert's Black Coat, It's the coat he uses when he runs drugs, or other unsavory activities, and will have evidence of that on the item through RP.

You can't simply dismiss an item as simply being a vanity item. This coat could show the eccentricity of Talia as a person, and what her economic position is in the wide universe.

Just my point of view.

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Edited to add a bit of functionality to it besides 'fluff for the sake of having clothes'.

In addition, I've seen a lot of applications that have been accepted (even after skull's rule on curbing custom item spam) despite being nothing but a unique look and provide zero functionality.

Why not, honestly?

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Already working on a collection of coats, longcoats and trenchcoats because I have a coat fetish that is absolutely out of my control.

I'll make you the sprite.

In my imagination (take into account that I know like, nothing about coding, whatsoever) implementing one coat with an extra pocket shouldn't be too hard after that.

Anyhow, I want to, and perhaps it will make the negotiations easier for you, or...something.

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Honestly, I think you should rework the application and make it into a different item with more significance. Go search around online for sprites, think of your characters back story and re-work the application. For example, when Talia was off on an expedition when she was young, a tribe on the frontier gifted her [insert item here]. It could even be a coat, just make it less of a piece of eye-candy.

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Tish, most of them time it's preferable for the custom items to be more than something just cosmetic, like Witt's special toolbelt. Or at least that's the impression I got from skull, otherwise that toolbelt is pretty mechanically advanced from the normal ones.


You mean the item created because of the ancient donation system that you and Chaz ran? That's a bygone artifact, Tool, and has since been removed. No similar items like that will ever be made again. Ever.

Now, Delta, I'm mostly asking because that's what you put in the item's function. My first guess was that you were expecting like, I don't know, a third pocket or something. Just so we're sure, it's function is just that of a labcoat, and nothing more, yes?

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Yes. I think I neglected to change that before I refluffed the purpose of the item, mostly because I didn't notice it.

2 slots able to hold small items, just like a labcoat.

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