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Kryostro Player Complaint

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BYOND Key: UnknownMurder

Game ID: bVq-aWCL

Player Byond Key: Kryostro

Staff involved: Garnascus

Reason for complaint:

I'm going to keep it simple. From what I was observing. While on the Emergency Shuttle. The Research Director Ob-servo played by trazz666 and Changeling played by Kyres1 were just having a conversation in the bridge but the suddenly! ERT S/Tpr. Vasilli played by ReadThisNamePlz appears and fires at changeling! Fortunately, the changeling dodged and returned fire! The director backed up away from the fight. The Chief Engineer holding a spear and keeping the door open for ERT to perform a tactical retreat. But things went wrong in here, the janitor Shane appears and walks through the door. Stepping into wave of bullets between Ling and ERT. They couldn't do much shooting now that Shane got in their way. Ling went in for melee as so did ERT, Shane gets out injured.

Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yes. After speaking to Garn a little more, Garn confused it for "Shane, Chief Engineer" which was my fault. I meant to type Shane and Chief Engineer.




Both of these were Shane suddenly getting in the crossfire and being a hinder to both. This behavior alone violates (or can violate) several rules "You must maintain character at ALL TIMES", "Avoid pain", "Generally, avoid playing hero", "Additionally, keep your character's goals in mind".





Approximate Date/Time: 1:45-ish PM CST

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I will mention earlier in the round Ob-Servo had told Shane to defend the dock with his life when he had mentioned having a weapon and volunteered help, but that was intended to stop the ling from getting on the shuttle itself. I also vaguely remember Shane mentioning something about wanting to work together to take out the ling, but there's was a lot of chaos going on.

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I'm not sure how Shane would have taken down a changeling whom have murdered at least 5 people including the Head of Security who had been immediately been decapitated in one swipe and death of Emergency Response Team Leader. To exaggerate further, this changeling alone wiped out the entire security department. These deaths should alone prove that the changeling is a force not to be reckoned with by a mere janitor. However, janitor's intervention was not necessarily needed, Emergency Response Team Specialist Member's line of sight was immediately cut off by the janitor nor does it makes sense. There was only one route into the emergency shuttle bridge as the Research Director welded the other two doors that led into the bridge. Only accessible areas was a three way door between Departures, Bridge, and General Emergency Shuttle sitting area.

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Oh! I think I remembered this, yeah, Shane was trying his best to defend the dock, and I can fully own up to the part at the combat, that I had accidentally gotten the way when I was trying to leave the command dock when I was going to try to fight it. I'm going to throw my two cents in and say that it was late at night, and my decision making isn't particularly great, but I'm willing to own up for messing up at the end. But otherwise Shane was just trying to do the right thing and help out the best he could. And Shane had felt like if there was enough people they could overwhelm the changling. I'm sorry that I might've caused trouble outside of that round.




I definitely shouldn't have gone in there, but I did, and that's what I can own up to honestly. Although the reason for Shane to do it would be that he was kind of in the rush of the moment. But rules still apply and I can still say that it's not a valid reason for him to go in there, thus I'm going to say you're right to be upset about this, from a reasonable observation.


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But, as for getting in their line of fire. I tried to leave their line of fire, as I noticed it the second it happened. And I was trying my best to get out of their line of sight seeing as they were more capable to deal with it. Honestly I was fucked over by both the small amount of space, and the hardsuit being extremely slow.




Edit: Nevermind, I realized you listed damage logs.


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Regardless of what the character was asked to do earlier in the round, the character should have felt some reasonable apprehension upon being close to a fire fight in addition to a serial killer and should have, by no means, gotten into the middle of it, for any reason. Shane's player has admitted that they've made a mistake. This will be noted on the player's account, and I'm happy to leave it at that.

This will be closed in twenty four hours unless anyone has any objections. [mention]UnknownMurder[/mention][mention]Kryostro[/mention]

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