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Mining rigs and mining equipment

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Would be nice if you could stow the thermal drill in your suit slot when your rig was deployed. It does fit on your back, but there's this unwieldy rigsuit taking up the backpack slot :^)

Seems like this'd be a nice addition for it. Makes little sense you can sling a massive laser rifle in your suit slot with a tiny stabvest, but you cant do the same with a thermal drill on a massive, whole body hardsuit.

EDIT: As I so cluelessly forgot to put in, make the slot avaialble for KA's aswell.

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You can put the thermal drill into the RIG press and install it in the Hardsuit.

But yeah, this makes sense. Would be nice to do with KAs, too, since the largest ones can't fit in an Explorer's belt.


I cant believe I forgot about the KA.. But yes, while its true that you can press both thermal drills and KA (This has possibly broken with the indroductory of the modular ones), they tend to.. Sometimes break once they're pressed, making them useless and unable to fire in some cases.

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What I didn't even know you could press the KA before. This thread is just a learning experience.

Yeah, I noticed that about the thermal. It's finicky. If you press it while it's charging, or move while it's charging, or... like, anything while it's charging, it breaks. So yeah, I see why you'd rather carry one around. And it makes sense that you should be able to sling it on your hardsuit. Worth noting that the smaller frames of the KA can fit in an explorer belt still.

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