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Petition to return OOC staff colors to their original state.

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As the title states, return mods to their bluish grey, devs to their dark green, admins to the reddish orange, for OOC. With the exception of admin devs, who can be any color they want. Including mindfucking yellow.

As well as laying down the guideline that Primary/Secondary admins have the reddish orange text color, and that color only.

While seeing shades of fuchsia and dark gray and red is fun and all, it's really a strain on the eyes. This change will also allow for easier classification for who is who.

Function over form. Please.

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Admins have always been able to pick their own colors. I've litterally never seen anyone complain about this except when someone decides to be an asshole and pick eyehurt yellow. Which doesn't happen here

And No. No. No. Please don't return mods, due to my colorblindness, I can't tell them apart from Players in that color

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Things are perfectly fine as they are. Unless you're epileptic and five different admins are typing at the same time at the speed of one message per second, you shouldn't really be affected by this in any way.

But what if someone is epileptic?

What then, Doomberg?

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The Issue I and probably a lot of others have is certain admins (tish and Skull) have chosen OOC colors that blend in with In game chat and it is quite difficult to keep up on it sometimes.

If you lot chose colors that weren't confusable with an IC radio frequency I'm sure we would be happy. (well happier)

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Things are perfectly fine as they are. Unless you're epileptic and five different admins are typing at the same time at the speed of one message per second, you shouldn't really be affected by this in any way.


I'm attempting to adjust to contact lenses and the new colors give me profound migraines.

20-15 vision is not pleasant.

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And, I'll be honest, I have missed attack logs before because somebody (I don't actually remember who) has the same OOC color as them. I'm not saying have a set color for everyone, that's just micromanagement for the lulz. I'm saying that we should put some light restriction on what colors can be chosen.

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Skull is the one with the LOOC colored OOC text I think.

I'm Darkish Grey (Which works fine)

Tish is Lightish Green (not eye-hurt, and different from radio text)

Vik is mid-tone orange.

No clue for anyone else

Here's a question. Instead of making this thread, did you ever consider just...asking any staff who's colors are uncomfortable/annoying to just I dunno...change it? We're not unreasonable, and I don't think anyone cares for their color THAT much.

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It's not that I don't think any of you are unreasonable. It's the fact that there's very little clarity that is to be analyzed from it. How is a new player going to respond with their OOC being flooded by a bunch of different colors with no consistency involved? What are they going to think about you all as a team, or even individually? Sure, you might not care about what they think, but that's going to be one of the defining factors for them choosing to stay on the server.

As I said, there needs to be a standard that has to be set. Function over form.

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The 'original state' I was referring to was the state of the staff's OOC color back before the midwinter months with all of the overhaul changes.

Skull and Scopes were green, Viking was orange before, Lessick, Frances, tuiee (who I saw only once) had a reddish orange. The mods back then were a light grey. Standard coders/developers/mappers/spriters were a dark green.

Either way, I'm still advocating a monochromatic scheme of OOC text color. It doesn't make any sense why the clusterfuck of random, inconsistent colors flooding in OOC is even allowed. I'm not going to pretend to understand what colors people can see or can't see, but making OOC look unattractive and otherwise not pleasant to look at isn't something we want to keep. Function over form. Free OOC from its rainbow text oppression.

500 shitposts get

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Delta. Allow me to clear a misconception you have going on here.

Admins have always been able to pick their OOC colour.

Just, the way it worked out was this:

I used Green to match my team, the Developers. The exact same reason I use blue as it stands. I am the leader of my team, ergo, I wear their colour.

Scopes used Green because, dunno.

Every other admin used some shade of red or amber/orange. Why? Don't ask me, but the colours they chose themselves, they have never been preset for them.

Now, with that out of the way, lemme point something out.

The, currently, Developer blue is not an effective means of distinguishing Moderators from normal OOC, because it is barely distinguishable. This is why Developers are now dark blue, as they have less urgency to them, and Moderators stand out with dark-khaki green. Moderators should stand out more than Developers, and this is what the current preset colour scheme has going for it.

Beyond that, the argument would be to standardize the Admin colours, because I do not want to flip the Mod/Dev colours back, for reason stated above. As for admins using colours like this and this, beyond the measure of a good joke, file and admin complaint and it will be dealt with.

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Alright, I understand the decision behind making moderators more distinguishable. And I have been aware that the text color can be changed by a secondarymin alone, I toyed with it on the test server.

I still want admins to be standardized in terms of OOC text, as you said.

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When I first got here, I had no idea who anyone was. Most servers that have coloured staff tend to have standardized colour coding, allowing for easy identification.

To be quite honest, I still have no idea who anyone is. I just learned to hide when fancy colours come around.

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I still want admins to be standardized in terms of OOC text, as you said.

I actually prefer the ability for admins to use different colors, as it makes it easier to recognize which is speaking. We obviously can't start doing this for everyone, but since the server doesn't have that many admins and we're still a small community by chatroom standards, I see little issue with it.

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