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Forensic Technician Bay Re-Model

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There's a few things that aren't so great about this proposal.

- Firstly, the one that sticks out the most to me is the cramped nature of this layout, especially the huge chokepoint around where the chairs and analysis equipment are. That's not great because it makes moving around really hard. I'd know considering a similar issue is affecting chemistry now since my changes.

- A lot of the windows are missing bits, or are in odd spots, like the one under the DNA analyzer.

- The side part for the autopsy room is much larger than necessary, has an oddly placed curtain, tiles under the window grilles, and a very glaring and strange choice of tile colour. The beige, I mean.

- The entry room isn't terrible, but it doesn't seem to have much of a purpose, aside from making everything look bigger. Also, the coffee machine you put there is the special one that only the bartender has, instead of a regular one.

- From the looks of things, you've forgotten to add security cameras, as well as window tints.

- The analysis equipment just sitting around on the floor also seems a bit poor and not so good to look at.

Also importantly, what do you see this as improving upon with the current design for the FT/CSI lab? My initial guess was that the intention was to make the lab larger to allow for a two-person role, but it seems to be even more cramped instead. Also what's the reason for splitting the roles in the first place, since the Detective and FT/CSI are already supposed to be working together to investigate.

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