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New Autolathe Objects

Guest Menown

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First: Glasses aren't in, I believe. I've added them however. A new oxygen tank just for the lathe has been coded, and added to the lathe. Sunglasses, pill bottles, and a bone setter also.

As for weapons, I can't see that happening, as the Protolathe requires much more than just metal and glass for weapons. However, there is a riot shield in the current hacked lathe code. I can see about porting that over, as well as maybe a claymore and katana? (AT HIGH RESOURCE COST OF COURSE)

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When in doubt, grenade casings are always good for hacked.

Those are obtainable via RnD. And you'd need chemicals for it, so that's not really... "good" for use. It requires too much to be profitable as a tator's tool.

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