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[Declined] Dragos Human Lore Deputy App

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Ckey/BYOND Username: QueenOfYugoslavia


Position Being Applied For (Species Maintainer, Wiki Maintainer, Lore Developer, Deputy Lore developer): Human Lore Deputy


Past Experiences/Knowledge: DMing PnP games for about 3 years, Lorewriter for another (non ss13) server in the past. Ability to sprite, Intermediate at DM code, can do some advanced things but still learning


Examples of Past Work:


https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/5407 (Credit to BrainOS For helping with the sprite work)




















Overview of a race I made up for a project for NBT





The Procyoni are a small species, standing at a height of 5’6 at their largest, the Procyoni have renowned themselves as pirates, raiders and computer and infiltration specialists. Priding themselves as a species based on their ability to out-smart those of their own kind and foreign species, the Procyoni have earned a reputation as un-trustworthy warmongering creatures that seek to cause nothing more then trouble, however are simply curious at heart for the most part.


Procyoni population is difficult to track, however the largest amount of there kind remain on there frontier home world of Taung’Kilimar, a planet only described as a urban jungle in the most literal sense. However outside of Taung’Kilimar, Procyoni can be found working as merchents, raiders and mercenarys for hire, aswell in civilian organizations and corporations in scientific roles or in the security field (Most mercenary Procyoni are of the Taung subspecies, elsewhere they belong to the Tauli subspecies which is more common outside of Taung’Kilimar)



Procyoni belong to two different sub-species, which are the Taung and the Tauli, with noticeable differences between the two. The Taung are considered the true warriors and guardians of Procyoni culture and way of life, the Procyoni Royal Army is made up of these species of Procyoni. A major difference between the two however is the Taung’s reliance on a cybernetic neural interface to a hivemind system, all Taung have this implanted and are from a early age given a treatment of stimulants and training to grow them to become more hardy then there Tauli counterparts. Taung however due to the neutral interface and cybernetics, have had there reliance on oxygen replaced with the need for nitrogen in there system to aid with the cooling of there neutral interface, due to this, the presence of outside air on normal systems causes great damage to there internals, leading them to becoming ill and decaying, before there neutral interface dies, leaving them dead.



Procyoni as a entire species are bound by a culture of connection to the world around them, this however has become the result of the Procyoni’s ultra religious beliefs. Procyoni for the most part worship a deity named Taug, a mass of flesh and computers that sits in the Hall Of Kings, a large palace based on the Procyoni homeworld. Taug’s origin is unknown, evidence shows the origin is not original to the Procyoni but may of come from Skrell or Ancient Vox technology, however the computers instruction is law to the Procyoni, worshiping it as the final stage of life, dieing to become connecting with flesh and technology to understand the world around them. Procyoni culture encourages strong military strength as well, the Procyoni Royal Command Force or PRCF holds the homeworld of the Procyoni under a tight grasp, its navy considered one of the strongest in the frontier regions due to its expert set of fighter craft pilots who are trained for hours in Taugs simulation created, this simulation furthers the rumor of Vox origin with its details, however unconfirmed



Peoples Federations Of Srjbelka



The Peoples Federations Of Srjbelka (Known as Belka or PFS outside of the federation) is a collection of 6 planets in a system known as the Belka Strait, named after the discovery of the mega star surrounding the frontier system which was named by Cmdr. Julijanna Belka of the Belka PMC. The Belka PMC were a group consisting of mostly Eastern Asian and South-Eastern European mercenaries who settled in the system following the First Interstellar War

During this time, the ethics of these groups begin to break apart as they formed into what was a new group which consists of a mixture of the original settlers, now known as the Srjbelkans, or Belkans outside of their Tradeband language. While the group was collaborated into one group, ethnic tensions still exist and therefore the group of one people split into 6 planets.

While tensions were high, another threat loomed in the system as Sol naval force’s begin to scout their former controlled area for mining operations. The threat of Sol naval vessels in there system allowed the grandson of Julijanna Belka, Drjuskilia Belka to unite the systems under a single banner, even if be for one fight.


The people of Belka had the advantage of the mountains of the systems on their side, being able to hold out and ambush the Sol Marine scouts who set foot on the system, often times when capturing them, torturing or making examples of them to incite fear into their minds.

Following a set of skirmishes, the systems under the flag of the PFS, were able to repel the Sol forces from the system with hit and run tactics on supply lines and scout vessels in the area and repealing of the Sol marines who’s morale was low as was. Sol decided it was in its best interest to ignore the system and retreat its force’s out, thus ending the conflict

Following the “war” which was titled the “Great Struggle”, the systems voted to become a single government ruled under Drjuskilia Belka, who was titled Marshall Belka and voted as president for life…...and beyond.




In 2320, Marshall Belka is taken away from the capitol building on Belka II and is never seen in person again, to this day however he still leads the Belka system, be it from placement inside a AI or elsewise

Population and Notable Locales


The population of Belka is in the range of 1,600,889,445 range as of there 2458 Census. IPC’s in the system range in the number of 15,000, this number is however unconfirmed as it is not legally required to report IPC numbers in the Belka Federation. The amount of robots in the system is believed to be in the range of 695,998,887, the types graphed as seen below






Sarijavuko(Belka I): Considered the military capital of the system, Belka I consists of a almost inhospitable planet, the surface covered in toxic phoron gas, most of the population that lives on the planet are synthetics and military personal who live in the Belkish Costonov Vault located under the surface of the planet or the Stakovoff Control Ship that orbits the planet, which is considered the home of the Belkan Naval Force’s




Belagraudlou(Belka II-III

The political Capital of Belka, the planet’s surface consists of low land grassy plains and hills, followed by the large bustling city towards the northern region of the planet. The polar regions of the planet are generally uninhabited besides from Belkan military bases, aswell as the People's Palace, a large scale vault under the ice that is claimed to be the official residence of Marshall Belka. The planets main export is arms and phoron from the deep mines in the south polar region of the planet, the current company that operates the mine is the government owned Coruvlji Dechushe Mining, the only mining company in the Federation, its sole buyer of phoron being Nanotrasen.

Inside this system aswell is the moon, nicknamed Julijana Zvezda, or officially called Belagraulou III. Belagraulou III contains a small amount of people from Belagraulou II, mostly those wishing to live away from the eyes of the government due to the planets massive valleys and mountain ranges, aswell as the inhospitable polar regions that remain devastated from weapons testing early in the Federations history, making the moon perfect for settlers wishing for less bustle in life



Zagredlou(Belka IV-V)


Zagredlou, Considered the medical capital and epicenter for human studys on the Federation. At its main city, sits the BCB, otherwise known as the Belkan Center Of Beauty, a school dedicated to the almost lost art of facial construction and alteration. The planets climate sits at a cool average of 4.4-10 Celsius with most of the world being surrounded by oceans and rock formations along its rocky coasts.



Lubbelkaina (Belka VI)


The planet of Belka VI remains uninhabited due to a large amount of volcanic activity, this however allows the little bit of people to remain isolated from oversight of the goverment. The planet of Belka VI is home to the second major ethnic group in the Federation, The Moghs. The planet often times only has vistors from government agencies come to review the volcanic activity or trade ships docking at the phoron refueling depot








Additional Comments: I would like this held open until a human lore deputy slot is opened up please

Edited by Senpai Jackboot
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