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[Implemented] Make i210 include the Research Director

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An exception would be a law reset when obviously harmful laws have been uploaded. Only the Captain, Chief Engineer, or Two Heads of Staff can authorize a law change.


Since when does the Chief Engineer have more authority over the AI than the Research Director? Science handles robotics, so it should handle the AI as well. Actually, people already expect this to be the case - I was very surprised to see corporate regulations say otherwise. Seems like an error, I don't even know if this needs a policy suggestion or just a wiki edit.

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This is a wiki-only change as it's pretty much just listed in the notes of the reg.

The Chief Engineer is still on there for now, as their job guide indicates that they are primarily responsible for the AI and Telecomms' well being, but I agree with the sentiments in this thread that the RD is qualified to authorize a law change (and is usually asked to by people anyway, even if they were not technically authorized previously.) They can build them, so they know what they're doing to some extent, presumably.

The wiki's regs page has been updated, to include the RD as originally suggested by the OP. Depending on how clear it needs to be I may slip a line into the RD guide as well.

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