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Phoron Salts Suggestions


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Phoron Salts exists now on the server. Currently it's only used as a weapon and nothing more, however I'm thinking of expanding its purpose into a component in other chemicals or possibly something else.

I'm not sure which direction I should go with it and wish for suggestions. I have the following ideas.

0. Do nothing.

1. Component in recipes like improved Bicardine and Dylovene. (Bicardine Plus, Dylovene Plus)

2. Component in advanced toxins that are deadlier than the currently existing ones.

3. Special chemicals that affect how your body metabolizes chemicals (double metabolism rate, half metabolism rate, all chems are twice as effective, all chems are half as effective.)

4. New, unique recipes that affect movement speed,

5. Randomly generated chemical recipes that create random chemicals with strange, almost mystical effects. (Ie, giving a random trauma or a random mutation.)

6. A mix of all of the above.

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I think ideas two through five have the most merit. I'd also like to see these salts go beyond just "I can make explosions."

You can definitely use phoron salts for a component in some of the toxins you may gather in your toxin suggestion thread. I know I've thrown out a lot of loose ideas, and phoron salts could easily be implemented in any of those ideas that people like. I think your thoughts two, four, and five are similar. It's more interesting to make toxins with effects rather than straight damage (We already have so much of that). Mix phoron salts and hyperzine, and suddenly you have something that halves your walking speed, for example. That's creative. Make something that has random effects (Mutations are good. It can be really creative. Maybe you can learn a new language, or suddenly you have meson vision, etc). That's awesome.

I think idea three is the most interesting one to me. There's a lot of potential in changing metabolism rates of medications, both for regular medical use as well as antaggery. Adjusting these is really interesting, and a concept we don't get to play around with as chemists.

You can combine the idea of speed with effectiveness. Maybe it metabolizes twice as fast, but only at 3/4 effectiveness, as an example.

As a chemist, the idea of using this new reagent to adjust metabolism rates is very exciting! It would open up a good deal of possibilities. And, of course, I'm always happy to see new toxins.

I will say that I really dislike idea one. Those medications are incredible already. We really don't need a plus version of them. Another idea, too, would be to consider the effects phoron salts could have for virology.

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Having something that changes metabolism rates would broaden up the skill ceiling massively for Chemistry, with both positive and negative effects. A chemist will be much more powerful, yet to achieve this it'd be both threatening to the user and difficult to obtain. I'm always happy to open new horizons for Chemists, but I think that some of the g o o d s h i t should be thrown at Antags (maybe toss some improved Phoron Salts into Stimulants, for example).

Still, interesting is fun and fun is interesting. +1 to metabolism shakery!

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