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buffs protogun frames to hold more modifier slots

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The implementation of modular protoguns, while initially cool, was largely limited by the presence of firing pins in guns, and the fact it's heavily reliant on R&D being competent and mining also bringing in enough materials to mass-print a bunch of guns.

While the balance implications are obvious, I'm of the mind that it's okay to make slightly extreme changes and then dial it back if they end up too strong.

Though to be fair, some protoguns were in a perpetual state of 'suck'. The bad kind.

Slightly off-topic; something i considered was adding additional tiers of the basic components (not the modifiers) of a protogun. And rehashing the usefulness of some of the other modifiers. Out of scope for now, since I'd like to see if simply adding more modifier slots would be better.

Please just stack surge protectors on your guns.

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Ooo mmm haha yes yes.

Uh, I mean, the protogun mechanics are not explained anywhere and constantly give you a bunch of silly red text when you shoot. While this might be an extreme change, I'm sure it will get sci players more interested in this almost dead and highly underused mechanic. +1

Also remove firing pins

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